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Gaiarbau's story of the Jinibara tribe of South East Queensland (and its neighbours)

  • F1811
  • Item
  • [1957?]

This carbon copy typescript recounts the story of Gaiarbau as told to Lindsay Winterbotham. In it Gaiarbau describes the form of tribal government, details of daily life, community, and relations with others outside of the community. This copy has many handwritten emendations. Illustrations consist of black and white photographs. Preface written by Norman B. Tindale. Index of contents is available at the end of the volume. Contents, as edited: Chapter I. The tribes and their areas, -- Chapter II. The Jinibara. -- Chapter III. Jinibara Tribal Goverment. [The Bora , and] Tribal Council [and Gundir]. -- Chapter IV. Daily Life. -- Chapter V. Community life. -- Chapter VI. Story Telling. -- Chapter VII. Conduct of fights and weapons used. -- Chapter VIII. Intertribal activities. Walkabout. -- Chapter IX. Pygmies (Dinderis).

Content advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are warned that this resource contains mention of ceremony. It may contain images, transcripts or names of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples now deceased. It may also contain historically and culturally sensitive words, terms, and descriptions.

Winterbotham, L. P. (Lindsey Page)

Jackie Huggins Collection

  • UQFL468
  • Collection
  • 1968-1999

Manuscripts, correspondence, minutes, newspaper cuttings, ephemera, and photocopies from published items relating to Queensland Indigenous politics, campaigns and organisations. There is material about the Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School in Brisbane; One People of Australia League; and accounts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders events and activities around the 1982 Commonwealth Games and Musgrave Park in the 1980s.

Huggins, Jackie

Published material and ephemera

This series is mostly comprised of photocopies of journal articles. Ther are some ephemeral items. A few have marking up and/or handwritten annotations:

Box 2
Folder 7
• Art Gallery program: Burnings by Lilla Watson at Jagera Arts Centre.
• Photocopy of two chapters from: Cowan J (1989) Mysteries of the Dreaming : the spiritual life of Australian Aborigines, Prism Press, Bridport; Unity Press, Lindfield, NSW. [2001 edition held in UQL]
• Invitation to 'The Nurenderi Aboriginal Art Expo', 12 Dec 1983, featuring 'Nurenderi' the artist and 'Budger' Davidson the write. Exhibition titled 'Biamie - Father of Aboriginal Nation'.
• Photocopy of map of Australian Aboriginal language and people boundaries with text surrounding, which is from: Steele JG (1984) Aboriginal pathways in Southeast Queensland and the Richmond River, University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia ; London ; New York.
• Photocopy of article with a post it note to Muriel Langford from Ron and Sue: Trudinger, M (1996) 'Albert Namatjira, my family, racism, and me', Dulwich Centre Newsletter, no. 4, pp. 17-24; 8 leaves.
• Photocopy of a chapter 'Cicada Woman' from an unknown book; stamp of first page for the Aboriginal & Islander Independent Community School.
• Photocopy of a poem 'Peace march' by Sue Parritt, 16 Apr 1987, 1 leaf.
• Photocopy of a handwritten explanation of the Aboriginal flag, author unknown, undated, 1 leaf.
• Photocopy of a paper: Lilla Watson - Women in Labour Conference, 13-15 July, 1984. Aboriginal perspectives of Australian Feminism. 1 leaf.
• Photocopy of a paper 'Alcohol and the Aborigines : the problem in perspective' by JN Santamaria; this paper was delivered during the course of the 1975 Summer School of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. 8 leaves.
• Photocopy of handwritten notes entitled 'What is culture', undated, 1 leaf.
• Fax copy of: Holt, L (1972) 'The black woman in Australia', Identity, v.1, no. 6, pp 24-27. On reverse of pages is a handwritten letter and typescript response to letter.
• 'Aboriginal Newsletter' calling for submissions to the Review of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975; 1983, 1 leaf.
• Flyer for the lunch time meeting 'Towards a new understanding of women and work' by Sydney Brown, 31 Aug 1983, organised by Catholic, Anglican and Uniting Church Task Groups, 2 pages.
• Photocopy of two pages (numbered 56 and 57) of an article by Jackie Huggins 'Queensland : Is the clock still back 100 years?' which appears in her book Sister girl. This is not from that book and is incomplete.
• Photocopy of an article from the Courier Mail on Jacqui Payne with an typescript analysis, 2 leaves.
• Thirteen pages (first 2 pages missing) of (possibly) a newsletter from a Queensland Women's group based in West End.
• Photocopy of poem by Margaret Armstrong 'Aboriginal Women's Spirituality', 28 Sep 1993.
Bulletin, 1993, 5 Oct. This issue has an article about Oodgeroo Noonuccal.
• Part of dust jacket which mentions Waipuldanya (Phillip Roberts) from: Lockwood D (1962) I, the aboriginal., Rigby, Adelaide.
• Incomplete magazine/booklet about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, with covers and first and last page/pages missing; undated.
• Photocopy of 'Draft presentation on a covenant to the U.C.A. assembly - May 1988', 6 pages, date in top right-hand corner 27 Jan 1988.
Press conference with the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Clyde Holding and the Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Charles Perkins. 29/3/84, 2 pages, 1984.
• Brown, JP (1984?) 'Racism, migration and land rights', Supplement to the UC National News Network. 4 pages, undated. Stamp on first page 'Supplement to Queensland Friends' Newsletter'.
• Flyer: Musgrave Park National Black Unity Cultural Festival; 1 leaf, Oct 1982.
• Photocopy of an article on Lillian Holt, from ADC news, undated, p. 13. Attached is a post-it note: 'Muriel, Thought you might be interested. Cheers, Pam".
• Photocopy of article in unknown publication. Title of article: 'Oodgeroo a visionary, poet and gentlewoman' by Ken blanch. 1 leaf, undated.

Folder 8
Sydney regional newsletter of the religious society of friends, Feb 1998. Handwritten mark ups and a couple of notes.
Harambee, 6 (2), 1997.
• Photocopy from National Outlook, August 1977, pp. 12-13. Page 12 has 'An open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia' written by Pauline and George Small; page 13 has a poem by Pauline Small 'To the mother of my son'.
Queensland Friends' Newsletter, issue no. 266, March 1998.
• Pages 11 and 12, removed from a newsletter with article entitled on page 12: 'Myths about the Australian Aboriginal People'; article is from: Australia. Office of the Minister for Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Affairs (1992) Rebutting the myths : some facts about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, AGPS, Canberra.
• Photocopy of journal article: O'Connor P (1997) 'The Racial Discrimination Act and native title', AIJA briefing, Autumn, no. 36, pp. 1-4.
• Pages 9-14 of AWD Australia newsletter with includes book reviews by Noel Preston, 197?. Newsletter has name and address of Muriel Langford.
• Photocopied from Quaker News, an article on the Native Title Act, March 1997.
• Registration form for the AWP National Conference, July 1997.
• Photocopy of article: Wadjularbinna (1977) ‘My Story’, On being, March, pp. 24-27. (Removed from the TEAR Information Pack?).
• Photocopy of article: Preece, G (1977) ‘Cross out’, On being, March, pp. 18-22.
• Possible conference paper titled 'Finding our way through the fog ... Whose land is it anyway' by Neil Hockey, 2 Aug 1997. Looks to be incomplete. Handwritten in top left-hand corner: Neil Hockey.
• Faxed copy, 3 pages, of 'A Joint statement of concern : "Wik response must not undermine or contravene racial discrimination act", fax sent 1997. (Removed from the TEAR Information Pack?).
• Faxed copy, 3 pages, of 'Summary of ACF [Australian Conversation Foundation] Concerns - proposed 10-point plan on native title', fax sent 1997. (Removed from the TEAR Information Pack?).
• Incomplete faxed? copy, of 'Aboriginal 10 point plan for native title on family pastoral leases' undated. (Removed from the TEAR Information Pack?).
• Incomplete faxed? copy, from NIWG [National Indigenous Working Group on Native Title (Australia)], Tuesday 15 Apr 1977, of 'Coexistence - negotiation and certainty. Executive summary', pp. 2-3.
• Flyer, 2 pages, from ACFOA [Australian Council for Overseas Aid] (1997) 'Understanding Aboriginal Land Rights in 1997', Native Title Briefing Paper, no. 1. (Removed from the TEAR Information Pack?).
• Flyer, 2 pages, from Community Aid Abroad, WIK!: What the Wik decision means, 1997. (Removed from the TEAR Information Pack?).
• Flyer, 2 pages, Fact Sheet from NIWG [National Indigenous Working Group on Native Title (Australia)], '6. Development agreements on native title lands - 'win-win' solutions', 1997. (Removed from the TEAR Information Pack?).
• First two pages from the TEAR Native Title / Reconciliation Information pack, 1997.
• Program, 1 leaf, for the official opening of the Aboriginal and Islander Community Health Service Brisbane Ltd, undated,
• Flyer, 1 leaf, for the Blue Paper Project, undated
• Two page advertisement for the Jardine Motel on Thursday Island, early 1990s?
• Photocopy of artwork Judgement by his peers by Gordon Syron; 2 pages; handwritten on reverse 'Elaine Darling'.
• Cover page from Q'ld AWD newsletter, 1988 no. 1.
• Photocopy of a flyer 'Join in the action around EXPO', 1988.
• Photocopy of handwritten list of nine points 'Influencing public opinion' by Mark Hayes, undated.
• Photocopy (incomplete?) of: Minchin N (1997) The ten point plan : Federal Government's response to the Wik decision / prepared by Senator the Hon. Nick Minchin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, 4 June 1997.

Photographic material

This series is comprised of 38 x 35 mm colour negatives of a doll placed on a chair; 1 transparency, 8 x 5 cm, of a person with two dogs; 3 x 35 mm black and white negatives of a couples at a formal event; and 1 black and white photograph, 12 x 8 cm, of a child; 2 black and white transparencies with a note 'Nev and Heather a OPAL Conference'; 1 colour photograph with very faint writing on reverse that says 'Mrs Murphy' and in pen 'Taken by Francis [indecipherable] of London. All photographs are undated.

Correspondence with OPAL

Correspondence sent or received on behalf of OPAL, mostly to or by Muriel Langford:
Muriel Langford to Johannes Bjelke Petersen, 28 Feb 1968.
Johannes Bjelke-Petersen to Muriel Langford, 28 Feb 1968.
Johannes Bjelke-Petersen to Muriel Langford, 13 Mar 1968.
Johannes Bjelke-Petersen to David Martin, 13 Mar 1968.
Neville Bonner to Muriel Langford, 11 Dec 1969.
Muriel Langford to Neville Bonner, 17 Dec 1969.
MEL [Muriel E Langford] to PAL, undated.
Daphne Lavelle to Muriel Langford, 11 Mar 1986.
Muriel Langford to Daphne Lavelle, 20 Mar 1986 with a copy of the OPAL Memorandum of Assocation.

Langford, Muriel E., 1913-2003

Correspondence with Muriel Langford

Correspondence, mostly to or by Muriel Langford, as well as letters that seem to relate to her activist activities:
Seasons Greetings card to Muriel [Langford] and family from May, undated.
University of Queensland envelope addressed to M.E. Langford, undated.
B.L. Langford to the Editor (South Burnett Times), 30 Jul 1982 [copy] with newspaper cutting that Rev. Langford refers to in his letter.
Muriel Langford to the Editor (Courier Mail), 4 Aug 1982.
Russell Rollasoon to the Editor (South Burnett Times), 6 Aug 1982 [copy].
Letter from Helen Boyle (from the Committee to Defend Black Rights) with a copy of a letter to be sent to Gerry Hand, [1987?].
Form letter from Des Walsh, [1987?].
Form letter from Des Walsh, 30 Jul 1987 with Certificate of participation to Muriel Langford for participating in 200 unsung heroes and heroines, 30 Jul 1987.
Form letter from Wendy McCarthy, [1987].
J.F. Kirk to Muriel Langford, 20 Nov 1987 with Copyright release form (2 leaves) and copy of Nomination by Muriel Langford for Joyce Wilding, 1 Dec 1987.
J.F. Kirk to Muriel Langford, 20 Apr 1988.
Muriel Langford to Wayne Goss, 5 May 1988 [carbon copy]
Muriel Langford to Mike Ahern, 5 May 1988 [carbon copy]
Muriel Langford to J.F. Kirk, 11 Nov 1988 [carbon copy]
Letter from Elaine Darling to Muriel Langford, 21 May 1992.
Letter from John Leary-Joyce to Muriel Langford, undated.

Langford, Muriel E., 1913-2003

Mr Howard's Ten Point Plan

Four items of correspondence relating to the WIK Ten Point Plan, 1997. Correspondents include the Uniya Jesuit Society Justice Centre, the National Indigenous Working Group on Native Title (NIWG) and a letter from John Holmes (Emeritus Professor at the University of Queensland). Unsure who was the recipient of faxes.

Uniya (Organization)

Flyer for event at the Brisbane Beat

Flyer for an event at the Brisbane Beat on Sunday 10 October 1982 at Blind Hall, 12 Hubert Street, the Gabba. In the top right-hand corner is a handwritten note above a picture of Joh Bjelke-Petersen being carried by two indigenous people 'We've carried him long enough!'

One People of Australia League

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