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Lecture notes and research on landscape architecture

Folders 6-10
Typed and handwritten lecture notes and papers on topics including an introduction to landscape architecture; the history of landscape architecture; garden designs from around the world (China, Persia, France, England, Japan, Holland, Spain, Italy); elements of landscape design; botany; plant care; an ecological approach to landscape architecture; flowering times of plants common in Brisbane; and Australian plant life. The lectures were created and collected by Malcolm Bunzli during his career as the originator then coordinator and lecturer of the Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture course at the Queensland Institute of Technology (now known as the Queensland University of Technology or QUT). Many of the lecture notes are accompanied by hand-drawn designs and diagrams in pen and pencil, many colour. One pamphlet and various research articles and magazine cuttings, both originals and photocopies, are interspersed among the papers and were likely used as reference materials as some contain handwritten pen annotations. Most papers are undated but were probably compiled between 1966 to 1970; some are dated 1968 and 1969. Also included is some typed correspondence and typed and handwritten exam papers relating to Malcolm's appointment as an examiner for the Landscape Design (Architecture II) subject as part of the University of Queensland Annual Examinations between 1967 and 1969.

Folder 11
Malcolm's handwritten notes and collected course materials from his studies for the Diploma in Landscape Design course at Durham University, dated from 1961 to 1963, and possibly used by Malcolm as reference material when planning the landscape architecture graduate course in Queensland.

Bunzli, Malcolm

Harry Oakman Award

Documents relating to the Harry Oakman Award, including photocopies of newspaper cuttings announcing the establishment of the award in 1992 and the inaugural award winner; a typed report by Malcolm Bunzli, two leaves, dated 25 September 1992, about the Harry Oakman Award, the 1992 award ceremony, the 1992 award recipient Lawrence (Lawrie) Smith of Landplan Studio in Brisbane, and the winning project by the Toowoomba City Council; bi-fold brochure about the Harry Oakman Award, established to 'recognise and promote excellence in landscape planning and landscape design' by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Queensland Group and the Royal Institute of Park and Recreation and the Local Government Association, with information on nominations, judging criteria and the assessing panel; and an 18-page booklet with colour photographs titled 'Awards for excellence in landscape architecture : Queensland Group' covering the 1996 AILA Queensland Gala Awards Night, an event where Harry Oakman was a guest of honour and the Harry Oakman Award was presented to the Gladstone City Council.

Bunzli, Malcolm

Queensland landscape architecture history research projects

Correspondence, interview transcripts, photographs and drafts relating to Malcolm Bunzli's assistance with research on the history of landscape architecture in Queensland and Karl Langer.

Folder 3
Printed email correspondence and handwritten and typed interview preparation notes relating to an interview with Malcolm Bunzli and friend and fellow landscape architect George Williams, facilitated by documentarian Margaret McHugh on behalf of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), for AILA's 50th anniversary in 2016.

Typed transcript of an audio interview recorded in 2018, 104 minutes in length, with George Williams ('Male 1') and Malcolm Bunzli ('Male 2') as interviewees, and possibly Andrew Saniga as the facilitator, in which they discuss Malcolm and George's respective careers, Karl Langer, Harry Oakman, James Birrell, Roger Johnson, Neil Thyer and other architects, as well as the evolution of landscape architecture education at the Queensland University of Technology. Some handwritten annotations in pen.

Colour photograph, 10 x 16 cm, possibly taken in 2018, of Malcolm Bunzli, George Williams and Malcolm's wife Dorothy.

Printed email correspondence between Andrew Saniga and Malcolm in 2018, as well as Malcolm's typed curriculum vitae.

Typed brief biography for Malcolm Bunzli, with some corrections in pen.

Malcolm's handwritten notes in pen, possibly created in preparation for the interview with George Williams and Andrew Saniga, about various Queensland architects and their projects.

Folder 4
Printed email correspondence from 2019 between Andrew Saniga and Malcolm, as well as typed drafts of Andrew Saniga and Andrew Wilson's chapter titled 'In a league of his own : Karl Langer's landscape Australia' for 2021 publication Karl Langer : Modern Architect and Migrant in the Australian Tropics.

Bunzli, Malcolm

Harry Oakman biographical papers collected by Malcolm Bunzli

Papers relating to the life and career of Harry Oakman. Contains two colour photographs, one VHS tape.

Folder 1
Photograph, colour, 13 x 18 cm, of Harry Oakman, undated, possibly taken between 2000 and 2002.

Photocopies of biographical materials on Harry Oakman, including photocopies of undated photographs of Harry, black and white, at various ages between childhood and adulthood, and typed records of Harry's work and education history and landscape projects, with handwritten annotations in pen.

Articles and cuttings, both photocopies and originals, about Harry from magazines, newspapers and other publications from 1990 to 1997.

Photocopy of a typescript, one leaf, 30 cm, titled 'Notes of conversation with Mr H Oakman subject Queens Park Brisbane' dated 12 February 1991, written by Malcolm Bunzli and Fiona Gardiner.

Typescript, four leaves, 34 cm, undated, titled 'What kind of gardener are you?', written by Harry Oakman and, according to pencil annotations, submitted for publication to The Australian Women's Weekly.

Photocopy of a crosshatch pen illustration, 30 x 21 cm, undated, artist unknown, possibly created by Harry Oakman.

Handwritten notes, various sizes, about Harry's life and career.

Colour photograph, 10 x 15 cm, of a rainbow. Pen inscription on the verso reads 'Photo by Harry Oakman'.

Papers relating to a session at the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) National Conference 1992 held in Brisbane, in which Harry Oakman was the guest speaker, including photocopied correspondence from conference organisers to Malcolm Bunzli, a photocopy of handwritten notes intended to introduce Harry Oakman as the speaker, and two typescripts (possibly two versions) of a talk by Harry Oakman created for the conference.

Articles by Harry Oakman cut from a April 1975 issue of Queensland Garden and 1986 issues of Green Fingers.

Typed draft of an essay by Ross McKinnon, Malcolm Bunzli and Ray Steward titled 'Harry Oakman : a man for all seasons', later published in 2003 in the Queensland Review, volume 10, issue 2, under the title 'Harry Oakman (1906-2002) : a retrospective of his life and work'.

Typed correspondence, dated 30 May 2000, from the Brisbane City Council to Jeannie Sim and Malcolm Bunzli regarding a taped VHS interview with Harry Oakman. Includes a handwritten note to Malcolm asking him to show the VHS tape to Harry. Please see Item 1.

Typed correspondence from Malcolm Bunzli to the Brisbane City Council, dated 18 August 2000, with information about Harry Oakman's publications, and typed records of Harry's publication history, including prices of titles and numbers of copies sold.

Invitation, one leaf, 30 cm, from the Brisbane City Council to AILA members to attend a garden party to celebrate Harry Oakman, 'a great Brisbane garden designer', at Cathedral Square 8 October 2002.

Folder 2
Harry Oakman's 1963 application for position of Chief Landscape Architect at the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) in Canberra, three leaves, 34 cm.

Typed correspondence and draft of an obituary by Malcolm Bunzli titled 'A tribute to the life of Harry Oakman', later published in a 2002 issue of Landscape Australia, vol. 24, no. 3.

Three leaves, 34 cm, of correspondence between Harry and the Department of Works in Brisbane regarding a job offer, dated between December 1965 and January 1966.

Typescripts, two leaves, 34 cm, of Harry's work history and landscape projects, with handwritten annotations in pen and pencil.

Harry's funeral order of service, 1 leaf, 21 cm, from his funeral held 24 June 2002 at Lakeview Chapel at the Albany Creek Crematorium, along with a typed note addressed to Malcolm from 'Jennifer'.

Newspaper cuttings, original and photocopied, about Harry's death from 2002.

Photocopy of newspaper cutting collage from 1963 with articles about Harry's transfer to the NCDC in Canberra.

Typed transcripts of eulogies read at Harry's funeral, including a tribute by John Collins from The Jacaranda Press and fellow landscape architect Lawrence Smith.

Papers relating to a tree planting ceremony to honour Harry Oakman, held 23 October 2002 at Oakman Park, Taringa, arranged by the Brisbane City Council. Includes an invitation; an event program; a transcript of an address delivered by Malcolm Bunzli at the ceremony; correspondence dated 31 October 2002 from Brisbane City councillor Judy Magub to Malcolm, thanking him for attending the ceremony; newsletter or newspaper cuttings of articles about the ceremony.

Seven leaves of a printed webpage from 2002 from the Wests Juniors AFL Football Club website containing an article about Harry Oakman's biography and the history of Oakman Park.

Item 1
VHS tape of an interview with Harry Oakman, recorded in 2000 as part of a production by the Brisbane City Council on the curators and landscape designers of Brisbane parks and gardens. The tape relates to correspondence in Folder 1 between the Brisbane City Council and Malcolm Bunzli, dated 30 May 2000.

Bunzli, Malcolm

Malcolm Bunzli Papers

  • UQFL669
  • Collection
  • 1990-2002

Correspondence, ephemera, newspaper cuttings, personal papers, photographs and other documents relating to the life and career of landscape architect Harry Oakman as collected by his friend and fellow landscape architect Malcolm Bunzli; papers relating to Malcolm's assistance with research projects on Harry Oakman, Karl Langer and the history of landscape architecture in Queensland; papers relating to the Harry Oakman Award; and lecture notes and papers created and collected by Malcolm during his studies in landscape architecture at Durham University, England, as well as during his career as the originator then coordinator and lecturer of the Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture course at the Queensland Institute of Technology (now known as the Queensland University of Technology or QUT).

Papers were originally stored in three plastic spiral bound folders and one two-ring binder.

Bunzli, Malcolm

Yvonne Smith Papers

  • F3875
  • File
  • 2002

Handwritten letter from David Malouf answering three questions that Yvonne Smith had asked: how did An Imaginary Life first come to be published; how were Fly Away Peter and Child's Play published; and in writing Johnno - what was the possible influence of Peter Paul Ruben's painting The Return of the Peasants from the Fields. As the questions were not included in Malouf's response, Smith has provided a transcript of the handwritten letter with the questions included. Typed transcript of the Diary of David Malouf written while writing Child's Play, Fly Away Peter, and short stories in January / February 1981. The handwritten version of this transcript was shared with Malouf over lunch and he shared information about the content which Smith has included as footnotes.

Smith, Yvonne, 1951-

Camerata Theatre Records

  • UQFL140
  • Collection
  • 1976-1982

Playscripts, duty statements, Camerata News, programmes, press releases, posters, minutes, membership records, legal and financial documents, financial records, correspondence inwards and outwards, publicity files, photographs.

Camerata Theatre

Gwen Harwood Papers

  • UQFL45
  • Collection
  • 1919-1994

Collection of correspondence from friends and fellow writers, mostly poets, editors and critics, discussing poetry, literary journals in Australia, personal news. Also copies of poems enclosed with letters or included in them. The earliest letter is dated 31 Nov. 1933. The great bulk of letters was written in the 1960s and 1970s. In all there are over 900 letters and a large number of unsorted postcard communications. The collection also includes some of Gwen Harwood's outgoing correspondence, and mss of her poems, with some biographical material and photographs. Correspondents include: Bruce Beaver; Peter Bennie; John Beston; Kevin Bowden; Vincent Buckley; Nancy Cato; Alexander Craig; Margaret Diesendorf; R.D. Fitzgerald; Frank Green; Rodney Hall; Rex Hobcroft; A.D. Hope; Evan Jones; Frank Kellaway; James McAuley; Roger McDonald; James Penberthy; Craig Powell; Thomas Riddell; Keith Russell; Thomas Shapcott; Larry Sitsky; Vivian Smith; Norman Talbot. Includes folder of letters, with some poems, to Ann Jennings, 1959-1988. There are also some photographs and audio recordings.

Harwood, Gwen

Tony Riddell Papers

  • UQFL292
  • Collection
  • 1956-1995

Letters, cards and postcards, handwritten and typed, including Gwen Harwood's last letter to Tony Riddell (29 November 1995). Includes 4 letters from other correspondents to Gwen Harwood. Also accompanied by a handwritten libretto by Harwood, entitled "Lenz: opera in one act, after Buchner" and an audiotape recording of its performance by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Riddell, Thomas

Harry Oakman Papers

  • UQFL358
  • Collection
  • 1922-2002.

Correspondence, reports, drafts of books and articles, newspaper cuttings, photographs, plans, maps, posters and recorded interviews pertaining to Harry Oakman's career as a landscape architect.
Collection includes some nineteenth-century material: Brisbane Botanical Gardens Reports 1861-1894, older city surveys and maps.

Oakman, Harry

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