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Gubbi Gubbi people E29 1
Warumungu (Australian people)

Use for: Waramanga (Australian people), Waramungu (Australian people), Warramunga (Australian people), Warumunga (Australian people)

Warumungu people C18 1
Gubbi Gubbi (Australian people)

Use for: Dippil (Australian people), Kabi (Australian people), Kabi-Kabi (Australian people), Karbi (Australian people)

Gooreng Gooreng people E32 1
Gureng Gureng (Australian people)

Use for: Curanggurang (Australian people), Gooranggorang (Australian people), Gooreng Gooreng (Australian people), Guranggurang (Australian people), Guren Guren (Australian people), Gurenggureng (Australian people), Korenggoreng (Australian people), Korrengkorreng (Australian people)

Taribelang people E33 0
Yiman people E31

Use for: Jiman people, Emon people, Iman people, Jimun people, Nimmi people, Yimum people, Yeeman people

Jiman (Australian people)

Use for: Emon (Australian people), Iman (Australian people), Jimun (Australian people), Yeeman (Australian people)

Dalla people E25 1
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