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Spare Rooms for Refugees

Beige manila folder with contact details written on the cover containing:
Document listing refugee support contacts and list of 'Spare Rooms for Refugees' volunteers;
Printed pages from 'Spare Rooms for Refugees' website, 4 Feb 2004;
Emails to Kate Durham and Julian Burnside, 8 Feb 2002 to 11 Feb 2004, 27 leaves;
Letter to Kate Durham from Howard Glenn, A Just Australia, 28 Jan 2004, 2 leaves;
Copy of facsimile to Russell Skelton from Kate Durham, 22 Feb 2002, 1 leaf;
Original and copy of facsimile to Denis Nihil from Sr Mary Mackin, 15 Sept 2003, 7 leaves;
Printed pages of contacts for 'Spare Rooms for Refugees' volunteers;
Printed pages from document Senate Select Committee – Children Overboard Affair, 21 Aug 2002;
Copies of facsimile document regarding Topside camp, Nauru, 11 Mar 2002;
Copies of newspaper articles: 'Island of no Hope' The Dominion Post, 3 Jan 2004 and ‘Pacific Confusion’ The Australian, [undated];
Handwritten letter to Alan Montague from Kate Durham [undated];
Flyers regarding Spare Rooms for Refugees;
Invitation to welcome newest arrivals from Nauru.

Durham documents

Documents relating to Kate Durham:
Small notebook belonging to Kate Durham documenting trip to Nauru;
Letters to Kate Durham and Julian Burnside from asylum seekers [some in Farsi, with translations] various dates, 2002;
Letter to Jenny Riley from Niamatullah Khalili, 1 May 2003;
Letter to Jenny Riley from Anwar Khan Mohammadi [undated];
Letter to Naeem from Kate Durham [undated];
Letter to Mohammed [Mehdi?] from Kate Durham 15 Feb;
Letter to Mohammed Mehdi from Kate Duham 5 Feb 2002;
Letter to 'Spare Roomers' from Kate Durham, 14 Feb 2002;
Miscellaneous notes [written by Kate Durham].

Red Hot

Red manila folder labelled ‘Red Hot’ containing:
Copy of facsimile from Minister for Finance, The Republic of Nauru to the editor, Letters to the Editor, The Age, 5 Jan 2004;
Copy of facsimile from Tampa refugees to unknown , Dec 2001;
Copy of letter to DIMIA Office from asylum seekers, Nauru, 16 Apr 2003;
Handwritten letter to Noor Association from Niamatullah Khalili, 1 May 2003 [in script, possibly Farsi];
Letters and facsimile to Kate Durham from asylums seekers on Nauru, 1 May 2003 to 14 Jun 2004;
Letter to Brenton Holmes, Secretary, Select Committee on a Certain Maritime Incident regarding Submission to the Inquiry, 28 Jul 2002;
Copy of document Soldiers, Sailor sand Asylum Seekers, 12 Oct 2002;
Pamphlets from the Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office & Australian Catholic Social Justice Council;
Printed pages [with handwritten annotations] regarding Lavinya Sivapala’s story, 29 Dec 2001.

Burnside documents

Documents relating to Julian Burnside:
Printed pages – email contact list;
Printed pages – address list;
Printed pages from Burnside website 11 Feb 2002 to 2 Jun 2002, 17 leaves;
Printed pages from Burnside website Financial Analysis of Detention Centre Costs, 2 – 4 Jun 2002, 12 leaves;
Photocopied pages from Temporary Protection Visa Education Kit;
Photocopied pages from Refugee Council of Australia, Sept 2003;
Photocopied UNHCR document, Return Information Update, 15 Dec 2003;
Copy of Julian Burnside speech re Asylum Seekers, [undated];
Printed page from webpage 'Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock – Contact Details';
Copy of facsimile [correspondents unknown], of Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs form, Decision and Notification – Bridging Visa E – Subclass 050, 1 leaf;
Email to Tony Kevin from Keysar Trad regarding transcripts of interviews with boat, 11 Feb 2002, 9 leaves;
Copy of Tony Kevin’s opening statement to the Senate Select Committee Inquiry into a certain Maritime Incident, 1 May 2002;
Copy of handwritten notes on experiences of asylum seekers;
Copy of facsimile Media Release form from Republic of Nauru, Nauru Calls for Responsibility from Australian Government as Hunger Strike Worsens, 6 Jan 2004;
Photocopied map of Republic of Nauru;
Photocopied pages of letters from asylum seekers [written in script, possibly Farsi];
Newspaper cutting Afghanistan’s a mess. Iraq is... [undated];
Copies of newspaper cutting ‘No Hope Atoll’, Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 24 to 25, 2002 [with handwritten annotations] ;
Two pages of handwritten notes [undated].

Correspondence P – T

Letters between asylum seekers and Australian correspondents, including some letters in Dari. Letter writers include:
Annabel Pengilley
Yazdan Ali Quasmi
Abdul Hakim Qurbanzada
Hussein Ali Rahemi
Abdul Ahad Rezaie
Mohsen Salehi
Ghullam Hassan Sanglakhi
Hussaini Sayed Shahi
Mohammad Jawad Shirzad
Mohhamad Zahir Soltani

Collective Statements 2

Mass declarations by asylum seekers and related correspondence, including some material in Dari. The declarations follow a standard format, with each signatory declaring she or he is being detained on Nauru against their will and instructing pro bono lawyers to take legal proceedings on their behalf.

Collective Statements 3

Forms produced by Spare Rooms for Refugees and completed by asylum seekers detained on Nauru. By adding their names to the forms, asylum seekers accepted an offer by Australian volunteers to correspond with them, supply books, clothes and other goods, and act as informal guardians in dealings with government and refugee agencies.


Photocopies and prints of photographs, showing children, women and men in detention in Nauru, Kate Durham visiting the Nauru detention centre in August 2004, a family being reunited at an airport, and Philip Ruddock, Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, 2003-2004, 30 photographs. Folder also contains a satirical comic strip about the plight of asylum seekers, four copies of a satirical sketch of Prime Minister John Howard and two postcards featuring artwork by Kate Durham.

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