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Elizabeth Nesta Marks Papers

  • UQFL445
  • Collection
  • 1890-1991.

Correspondence, diaries, subject files, photographs, drawings, notebooks and scientific records related to entomology and environmental issues.

Marks, Elizabeth N.

M.W.D. White Collection

  • UQFL418
  • Collection
  • 1850-2016

Research material relating histories of the Duckett White, the Macdonald, the Nicholson and the Morisset families.

White, M. W. D.

Margriet Bonnin Papers

  • UQFL633
  • Collection
  • ca. 1970 - 1980

Material compiled in the course of researching the 1980 PhD thesis A study of Australian descriptive and travel writing, 1929-1945. Includes notes taken during conversations with Ernestine Hill, Louise Campbell, Laurie Hergenhan and others in 1972. Also includes correspondence with Robert Hill and others.
Records and ephemera relating to women in the labour movement and in the arts. Includes material relating to the Organising Committee of the Fourth Women and Labour Conference, the Feminist Film Workshop Resource Book Stage I’, and the Women & the Arts Advisory Committee’

Bonnin, Margriet

Duncan Murray Gordon Papers

  • UQFL639
  • Collection
  • 1940-1953

The papers are comprised of four diaries (1940-1943; 1950, 1953), two bound typescripts of short story collections (ca. 1944 and ca. 1947), three scrapbooks (1944-1946) and one printed publication (1945).
The first two diaries cover the period between 1940 and 1944, including his work at Broken Hill South Ltd. and his war service in Australia and New Guinea. The other two diaries are travel diaries from 1950 and 1953.
The two bound typescripts contain largely unpublished short stories, with the second typescript mainly being a redrafting of the first.
The three scrapbooks, dating from 1944 to 1946, contain among other things correspondence (including rejection letters), wartime ephemera, cuttings (including several pages of cuttings relating to the ‘Ern Malley’ hoax), list of films and more.
Also contained in the papers is a bound volume containing Gordon’s own copies of three issues of Southerly, each of which features a story by him.

Gordon, Duncan Murray, 1912-2012

Ian Ferrier Architectural Drawings

  • UQFL641
  • Collection
  • 1935-1987

Architectural drawings relating to projects undertaken by Ian Ferrier, architect, with various iterations of his architectural firm, A Ian Ferrier and Associates, generally for the Catholic Church in Queensland.

Ferrier, Alexander Ian, 1928-2000

University of Queensland Bushwalking Club Ephemera

  • FVF753
  • File
  • 1951-1965.

Circulars, notices, membership forms, handwritten notes, programmes, and related material. Circulars and programmes from 1951-1963 are dated; others have day and month listed only. Activities detailed in these papers include day hikes, camping, slide nights or sessions, rock-climbing, suppers and training sessions on bushwalking and hiking techniques, regular meetings. Rucksacks were purchased by the club and could be hired by members. Regular bushwalking routes and sites included Mount Barney, Stradbroke Island, the Glasshouse Mountains, Enoggera Reservoir in Ferny Grove, Cunningham's Gap, Binna Burra, and Mount Lindsay. Some personal information about the members was shared, such as when members left or returned, or were married. The care and maintenance of Dryden's Hut on Mount Barney also regularly featured.

University of Queensland Bushwalking Club

Paul Knobel Papers

  • F3856
  • File
  • 2010-2011

Manuscripts, publication cards and documents relating to the poetry and publications of Paul Knobel, Queensland poet and writer. One printout of An Australian Gay Chronology ; One printout of manuscript of Poems 2008-2011, removed from plastic ring-bound folder (discarded) ; One printout of _The twenty-first century: poems 2000-2007, spiral-bound, with handwritten corrections and commentary in black ink ; One copy of 'From touch to touch' published on white cardboard in A5 size ; Ten poems printed on cardboard of varying colours, ca. 8.7 x 21.7 mm, two of which are duplicates ; One printout of _Paul Knobel: Bibliography/Bio-bibliography/CV/Curriculum vitae/Vita current to 15 August 2011, clipped to one printout of _Paul Knobel: Bio-bibliography current to 9 October 2010.

Knobel, Paul, 1948-

Letters to Mary Anne Ruck from members of the Atkin family

  • F3340
  • File
  • 1865-1867.

This file is comprised of copies (handwritten and typed) of letters written by the Atkin family to Mary Anne Ruck. Newly weds, Robert and Mary Atkin, together with Robert's sister Grace Atkin and his mother Alice Atkin arrived in Brisbane on the vessel the Wansfell on 23 March 1865, from England. The vessel left on 11 November 1864. They travelled by steamer to Rockhampton and eventually settled at Herberts Creek about 100 km from Rockhampton. The letters cover the time in Central Queensland, before moving to Brisbane.

There is an exercise book of handwritten copies of the letters with the cover missing and bottom and side edges appearing to be burnt; 18 leaves of photocopies of typed copies of the letters rom 1865 to 1867 [?], with handwritten annotations in red pen; additional 5 leaves of photocopies of typed copies, no annotations with the title on the cover page 'Copies of letters written to Mrs. Ruck from Queensland 1865-1867 Mary G. [sic] Atkin, Robert L. Atkin, Grace I. [sic] Atkin'; 7 leaves handwritten notes about the letters; 'The Wansfell' (1 leaf printout from The Courier, 1865 Mar 24); 2 leaves (plus title pages) about the Wansfell (photocopies from 'Log of logs : Vol. 2' by Ian Nicholson).

Ruck, Mary Elizabeth, 1842-1920

With all Good Wishes from Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Tunley

  • F3054
  • Item
  • [19--]

Christmas card by William James Tunley and Ellen Catherine Tunley (nee Gillies) containing a score for The blessings that remain, by Annie Johnson Flint, melody by W.J. Tunley, harmonised by George Sampson.

Tunley, William J., d. 1948

Papers relating to Ada Cambridge

  • F3674
  • File
  • 1887-1911.

Material copied from the originals held in the Huntington Library. Included in this file is the photocopy of holograph inscriptions in Ada Cambridge works, formerly part of the library of James Carleton Young:

  • Photocopy of cover, library catalogue card and title page for A Happy marriage, London : Hurst and Blackett, 1906, with the inscription on the title page: Not, of course, ones ideal happy marriage - far from it - but representing, as I think, the general type of happy marriage that we actually see & know. Ada Cross ("Ada Cambridge"), March 1907.
  • Photocopy of cover, library catalogue card and title page for Fidelis : a novel, 4th ed., London : Hutchinson, n.d., with an inscription on the half title page: An illustration of a theory which a long study of human nature seems to have confirmed - that a conspicuous lack of physical attractions is (to the healthy-minded in aspiring) more helpful to character and success in life than beauty. Ada Cambridge. March 16th 1907.
  • Photocopy of cover, library catalogue card and title page for Path and Goal, London : Methuen, 1900, with an inscription on the half title page: That what is perhaps my favourite novel (of my own creation) should find its permanent home in the United States - where I have long believed that the standards of literary culture, workmanship and taste are the highest and most stable of any in the world - is to me the greatest public honour as well as personal gratification that my profession as a writer has brought me. Ada Cross ("Ada Cambridge") Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, 1907.
  • Photocopy of cover, library catalogue card and title page for Not all in vain, Melbourne : Melville, Mullen & Slade, 1892, with the inscription on the title page: The Australian edition of this book is substituted for the unwieldy 3 volumes of the original English issue. The work belongs to the full and happy earlier years of my literary life, and marks the period at which I was definitely received into the ranks of British novelists - Ada Cambridge. March 17th 1907.
  • Photocopy of cover, library catalogue card and title page for A marked man : some episodes in his life, Popular edition, London : William Heinemann, 1894, with inscription on half title page: This book laid the foundation of such literary reputation as I have enjoyed since its publication in 1891, it being my first to attract public attention in England. I think it can also claim the [indecipherable] of being amongst the first of British works to obtain copyright in the United States. The "Queenslanborougher" [? indecipherable] of the story is reminiscent of a villager - afterwards this villages, one a [?] watering-place - on the east of [?] (my native country0, where many happy summers of my childhood were spent. The "Camp" existed as described and [?] me many years ago. Its 'site' is new thickly built [?], included in the spreading [?] of suburban Sydney. Ada Cross ("Ada Cambridge") Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. March 15th 1907.
  • Photocopy of cover, library catalogue card and title page for The Three Miss Kings, London : William Heinemann, 1899, with inscription on half title page: This novel, although not my first to appear in book form, was the first written of the series published in London and New York, beginning with "A Marked Man" in 1891. It immediately followed the latter book, having been a serial in 'The Australasian' so long before [?] 1883. I considered it, by reason of its [?] ineligible for an honour. I should not myself have and might for it, but it had passed from my possession and control before "A Marked Man" established me as a British author, and I believe, it has had a larger circulation and been more generally read than any of its successors. Ada Cross ("Ada Cambridge") Williamstown, Victoria, Australia April 5th 1907.
  • Photocopy of cover, library catalogue card and title page for Unspoken thoughts, London : Kegan, Paul, Trench & Co., 1887, with inscription on fly leaf: This little work may be described as an ebullition of untempered grath [?]. Twenty years ago I published it at my own expense - merely as a relief to a brooding mind, grown morbid, apparently, from physical ill health and too much solitary meditation not intending that the [?] be [?] home to me. Of course, the carefully planned ambiguity could not be maintained, and the [?], from a professional point of view, was a failure - the absence of a [?] meant the absence of public notice and when in 1891 the bulk of the tiny edition "remained", and it was proposed to me to sell it for what it would fetch, I exercised my right as owner to have every copy destroyed. The book therefore has the merit - wh in my riper and calmer years I highly appreciate - of being extremely rare. Ada Cambridge. The Vicarage, Williamstown, Victoria. Australia. April 5th 1907.
  • Photocopy of a manuscript volume of poems, titled 'Poems by Ada Cambridge', 66 leaves, versos blank, with title page, two-page inscription to James Carleton Young, index listing poems. Poems: The souls' sanctuary, A prayer, Cui Bono, Sic vos mon vobis, Evening on the Broads, The Virgin Martyr, Mates, The winged mariners, Tomorrow, Nightfall on Australian hills, What of the Night?, Sonnets: - Influence, Despair, Faith, Peace.

Cambridge, Ada, 1844-1926

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