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Oodgeroo Noonuccal Papers
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Red album with sailing ship on cover

Small red album with sailing ship on cover. Black and white photographs of Kath Walker as a young woman, her family and friends. [194-?] - [195-?] Some captions added by family members at a later date. Images 16.66 to 16.120

Radio broadcast organisations

This file includes letters from organisations and individuals asking Oodgeroo Noonuccal to appear in programs, provide content, be interviewed, and give permissions to use her literary works for radio productions. Correspondents include: Radio 4EB, Radio 2EA.

Publishers, L to W

This file includes requests to write articles and/or review books, and reproduce literary works from publishers including: Lansdowne Press; Longman; Macmillan; McPhee Gribble; Nation Review; Penguin; Reader's Digest; Rigby; Social Alternatives; South Head Press; Thomas Nelson; University of Queensland Press; and Western Australia Department of Education.

Publishers, Jacaranda

This file includes correspondence, press releases, agreements and permission fee payments letters relating to Jacaranda Press and later, Jacaranda Wiley. Jacaranda Press published We are going, the first book of poems by Kath Walker.

Publishers, A to I

This file includes agreements, royalty statements, requests to write articles and/or review books, and reproduce literary works from publishers including: Angus & Robertson; Australian Book Review; Australian home Beautiful; Australian Illustrated Features; Blond; The Bulletin; Colorado State University; Cripac Press; Heinemann Educational Australia; Hodder and Stoughton; and Identity.

Publisher and filmakers

Included in these subject files are materials, often accompanied by correspondence, such as leaflets, newsletters, minutes of meetings, and reports of activities, that relate include some of the following: Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame, Incorporated ; Cinetel Productions; Riverside Studios; and Oxford University Press

Publications by authors: S to W

Scarborough, JC 1966, Uncle Toms wurley, Author, Adelaide.

Sergeant, H 1967, Commonwealth poems of today, Murray, London. [Signed by several people, 14 Aug 1968]

Sharpe, M 1977, Bundjalung reader. Baryulgil dialect 1 Institute of Aboriginal Community Development, Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education, [Armidale, N.S.W.]

Sherman, P 1976, Melba, University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia. [Inscribed by author, 10 Nov 1980]

Sixty years on : a commemorative publication for The Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland Section 1981, Brisbane, Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland.

Snyder, G 1960, Myths & texts, Totem Press, New York. [Inscribed by author, 21 Sep 40081]

Snyder, G, 1977, The old ways : six essays, City Lights Books, San Francisco. [Inscribed by author, 21 Sep 40081]

Spencer, B & Gillen, FJ 1927, The Arunta : a study of a stone age people, Macmillan, London. [Signed by Kath Walker; Signed by W. H. Coull 17 Apr 1944]

Stanner, WEH 1969, After the dreaming : black and white Australians : an anthropologist's view, A.B.C., Sydney.

Strano, L 1969, Una forcatella di spine, Ital-Print, Sydney. [Poem by author for Kath Walker, 26 Nov 1970]

Strano, L 1970, Mostratemi la via di gire al monte, University of Auckland, Auckland. [Signed by author]

Strehlow, TGH 1961, Nomads in no-man's-land, Aborigines Advancement League Inc. of South Australia, Adelaide.

Strehlow, TGH 1964, Assimilation problems : the Aboriginal viewpoint, Aborigines Advancement League Inc. of South Australia, Adelaide.

Stuart, D 1971, Ilbarana, Georgian House, Melbourne. [On title page ‘return to Kath Walker Moongalba via Dunwich Stradbroke Is 4163’]

Summers, HJ 1966, Ashes of the angry years : a novel, Australasian Book Society, Sydney. [Signed by author; Signed by Kath Walker]

Suradi, B 1962, Contemporary progressive Indonesian poetry, League of People's Culture, [Djakarta?] [Inscribed by Ted ?, Jun 1963]

Sutton, B 1974, The champion sticker licker : and other stories, The Communist Arts Group, Brisbane.

Sykes, B 1979, Love poems : and other revolutionary actions, Saturday Centre, Cammeray, N.S.W.

Thomson, DF 1946, 'Justice' for Aborigines, The Herald, Melbourne. [Name and address for R. G. Hill on cover]

Tomlinson, J 1900, Reflections of a fool : and other poems, s.n., S.l. [Inscribed by author, 20 Feb 1968]

Tomlinson, J 1974a, Confessions of an opiat eater, Wobbly Press, Darwin. [Inscribed by author]

Tomlinson, J 1974b, Institutionalization : a way of life in Aboriginal Australia, Amnesty International, Brisbane.

Tomlinson, J 1977, Is band-aid social work enough?, The Wobbly Press, Darwin. [Includes letter from Carl Wallace, 12 May 1977]

Tuck, A 1984, The Australian revolution 1983 : the threat to the family, the constitution, our system of law and way of life from the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Sex Discrimination Act, 3rd ed. rev. edn, The Australian revolution, The Author, Yandina, Qld.

Vleeskens, C 1979, Long hair : poems, Angus & Robertson, Sydney.

Walker, J 1960, No sunlight singing, Hutchinson, London. [Inscribed by author; Signed by Kath Waker]

Wannan, B, Allsop, J & Jack, K 1962, Baraiyo : Australian essays, stories, verse, Hawthorn Press, Melbourne. [Inscribed by Bruce ?]

Wignell, E 1981, A Boggle of bunyips, Hodder and Stoughton, Sydney. [Inscribed by author, 15 Nov 1981]

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. Gold Coast & Hinterland Branch 1980, Wildlife newsletter, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Surfers Paradise, Qld., vol. 7, no. 5, November 1980. [Article about Kath Walker as guest speaker]

Williams, J 1970, The dreaming vine : poems of peace, women & environment, Realist Publication, Sydney.

Wilson, LG 1973, A new start in a new state? : (Is an aboriginal new state movement the way towards rehabilitation of the Aboriginal people?), L.G. Wilson, Brisbane, Qld.

Wright, J 1965, The generations of men, First paperback edition edn, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Publications by authors: M to R

Publications: Maori paintings by Gottfried Lindauer : pictures from the Partridge collection of paintings, 1965, A.H. ; A.W. Reed, Wellington, N.Z. [Inscribed by Matakone, 11 Sep 1972]

Marawili, W 1977, Djet : this is a story about a boy who became a sea-eagle, Nelson Australia, West Melbourne.

McCall, TB 1957, Blood and race : a study of the colour problem, Anglican Truth Society, Sydney

McCarthy, J & Pfund, K 1973, Legends of Papua New Guinea, Rigby, Adelaide. [Inscribed by Kurt Pfund]

Mia-mia : the magazine of MU Australia, 1968, Mother's Union, Eastwood, N.S.W. [See page 71]

National Aboriginal Day, 1977, Aboriginal Resources Unit, Perth, W.A.

New times (St. Marys, N.S.W.), 1976, Alternative Press Australia., St Marys, N.S.W.

New world outlook, 1971, Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church, Education and Cultivation Division, in association with the United Presbyterian Church USA, New York, N.Y.

Newcastle Campaign against War and, R 1970, Australia's expendable babies : from dreamtime to nightmare, s.n., Newcastle.

Oke, R 1970, What now at Wattie Creek : report of the third Abschol field team which visited Wattie Creek in May-June of 1970, Abschol, Melbourne.

Olds, P 1972, 4 V8 poems, Caveman Press, Dunedin.

Orientation handbook (Deakin University. Students' Association Council), 1981, Deakin University Students' Association Council, Waurn Ponds, Vic. [Picture of Kath Walker on the cover]

Ostwald, BD 1979, Branded black, Ostwald Productions, Gladstone. [Signed by author]

Pan Africa : fortnightly review of pan-African affairs, 1965, Pan-African Press, Nairobi, Kenya. [Handwritten note on cover ‘see page 13]

Patrick, J 1966, Inapatua : a novel, Cassell, Melbourne. [Inscription not identifiable. Inscribed by Kath Walker]

Pearson, WH 1968, Henry Lawson among Maoris, Australian National University Press, Canberra. [Inscribed by author, Sep 1972]

Pi, O 1976, Street singe, the Author, Melbourne. [Inscribed by author]

Pittock, AB 1968, Toward a multi-racial society : the 1969 James Backhouse lecture, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia, Pymble [Includes marking up and annotations]

Powell, C 1966, A different kind of breathing : poems, South Head Press, Sydney. [Inscribed by author]

Queensland. Department of Education 1968, School Paper : Grade 6 and 7 volume 36 no. 1, Department of Education, Brisbane [Includes poem Corroboree]

Queensland. State Public Relations 1982, A History of Brisbane, State Public Relations Bureau, Brisbane.

Reeves, T 1972, Stones : poems, Caveman Press, Dunedin, N.Z. [Book no. 238 of 500. Signed by author]

Robinson, J 1980, Experiences from the tree of life : a journey through the timescape of my being, Sunshine Art Gallery, Boreen Point, Qld. [Inscribed by author, 1981]

Robinson, R 1958, Black-feller, white-feller, Angus and Robertson, Sydney. [Inscribed by author]

Rose, F 1968, Australia revisited : The aborigine story from stone age to space age, Seven Seas Publishers, Berlin. [Inscribed by author, 1968. Very faded]

Rose, LM 1959, Country of the dead : a novel, Angus and Robertson, Sydney. [Inscribed by author, 1963]

Ryan, JS 1964, The land of Ulitarra : early records of the aborigines of the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Mid-North Coast Regional Office, Dept. of University Extension, University of New England, Grafton.

Ryan, WM 1969, White man, Black man : the true story of a white man who was initiated into an Aboriginal tribe, Jacaranda, Milton, Q. [Signed by Kath Walker]

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