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Views of Cairns-Herberton Railways, etc., Queensland

  • F3462
  • Item
  • ca. 1890-ca. 1910

Album of twelve sepia photographs of views of North Queensland including Cairns, Herberton, Barron George, Barron Falls, Hambledon and railways in the area. Title handwritten inside album. Album is undated. A handwritten list of captions and supplied item numbers has been inserted prior to the title page with an estimate of [1990s] as the date the pictures were taken. Most photographs appear to be around the construction of the railway to Herberton which began in Cairns in 1886 and finished in Ravenshoe in 1916.

Each photo has caption, supplied information is included in square brackets: 1. Glacier Rock . -- 2. [Cairns-Herberton railway] From 28 bridge. -- 3. Surprise Creek bridge [Cairns-Herberton railway]. -- 4. Cairns end of long tunnel. -- 5. The Barron Gorge. -- 6. Herberton end of the tunnel. -- 7. Near the Barron. -- 8. Barron Falls. -- 9. Aborigines of Cairns-Herberton district. -- 10. Kanaka women working in sugar cane. -- 11. Hambledon Sugar Plantation Cairns, general views. -- 12. Hoeing weeds in young cane.

Album of Charles Kerry photographs

  • F3466
  • Item
  • 1875?-1930?

Album of 52 albumen prints, (20 x 15cm) mounted on board. Written on the images in white capital letters are captions, a photographic number and the name of the photographic studio 'Kerry, Photo, Sydney'. Handwritten on the mounting boards are pencil captions, often with less information than the captions on the images and the photographic number supplied by Kerry crossed out and alternative numbering provided. The album itself has been bound and has a handwritten spine title stuck to it "Australian Aboriginal ceremonies". It looks to have been added to the album at a later date, thus not the original title of the album.

The images are of Australian Aboriginal people in what appears to be mostly staged poses for Australian Aboriginal ceremonies, corroborees, dance, tracking, fights as well as photographs of various individuals. Some of the photographs have painted backdrops. Some of the people in the photographs were members of "Meston's Wild Australia" (also know as Archibald Meston's "Wild Australia Show"). There are some photographs that were most likely taken in Sydney in December 1892 by Charles Kerry. This is based on the beach setting and the backdrops being identical to those photographs for Archibald Meston's "Wild Australia Show".

Listed below are the contents of the album. The number corresponds to the page number in the album; the tile is what appears on the image itself; and in brackets is the Kerry Studio photograph number and the alternative number if provided. Information in square brackets is provided by the processing archivist:

  1. Aboriginal ceremony. Death of the deity (Kerry, Photograph number 2804 / 136). --
  2. Leaving the bora ceremony (Kerry, Photograph number 2616). --
  3. Crossing the mystic figures (Kerry, Photograph number 2614 / 137). --
  4. Approaching the kings ground (Kerry, Photograph number 2615 / 138). --
  5. Aboriginal ceremony "The sick warrior" (Kerry, Photograph number 2598 / 139). --
  6. Aboriginal ceremony "Lying in wait" (Kerry, Photograph number 2608 / 140). --
  7. Aboriginal ceremony "Death of the wild boar" (Kerry, Photograph number 2603 / 141). --
  8. Aboriginal ceremony "Arrival of the king" (Kerry, Photograph number 2605 / 142). --
  9. Aboriginal bora. "Waiting the decision of the king" (Kerry, Photograph number 2617 / 143). --
  10. Aboriginal ceremony. "A duel to the death" (Kerry, Photograph number 2610 / 144). --
  11. Aborigines worshiping figure of the deity (Kerry, Photograph number 2597 / 145). --
  12. Arrival of the novices [unable to decipher writing on photograph] (Kerry, Photograph number 2611 / 146). --
  13. Aboriginal ceremony "Warriors in ambush" (Kerry, Photograph number 2600). --
  14. Aboriginal ceremony "Opening the Bora" (Kerry, Photograph number 2609 / 147). --
  15. Aboriginal ceremony, "Spearing the wild bull" (Kerry, Photograph number 2599 / 148). --
  16. Aboriginal corroboree "A battle" (Kerry, Photograph number 2586 / 149). --
  17. Aboriginal ceremony "Following the footsteps of the deity" (Kerry, Photograph number 2606 / 150). --
  18. Waiting for instructions ([Kerry, Photograph number] 2612 / 151). --
  19. Aboriginals "Corroboree" (Kerry, Photograph number 2584). --
  20. Aboriginal ceremony, "The Bora tree" (Kerry, Photograph number 2607 / 152). --
  21. Aboriginal ceremony, "Spearing the Alligator" (Kerry, Photograph number 2601/ 153). --
  22. Aboriginal ceremony, "Gathering wild bird eggs" (Kerry, Photograph number 2602 / 154). --
  23. Aboriginals "Corroboree" (Kerry, Photograph number 2585 / 155). --
  24. Aboriginal corroboree "Healing the sick warrior" (Kerry, Photograph number 2588 / 156). --
  25. [Writing indecipherable] "Drafting sheep" (Kerry, Photograph number 2587 / 157). --
  26. Aboriginals tracking ([Kerry, Photograph number] 2583 / 158). --
  27. Corroboree Austn Aborigines [painted backdrop] (Kerry, Photograph number 1360 / 159). --
  28. "Wermugga Dance" Austn Aboriginals [painted backdrop] (Kerry, Photograph number 1361 / 160). --
  29. Aboriginals & Black Trackers (Kerry, Photograph number 1388 / 161). --
  30. Group fighting men [painted backdrop] (Kerry, Photograph number 1391 / 162). --
  31. Bora Corroboree (Kerry, Photograph number 1390). --
  32. Aboriginal Corroboree (Kerry, Photograph number 1367). --
  33. Fish Corroboree (Kerry, Photograph number 1393 / 163). --
  34. Aboriginals & Black Trackers (Kerry, Photograph number 1378 / 164). --
  35. Wermugga Corroboree (Kerry, Photograph number 1392 / 165). --
  36. Aboriginals & Black Tracker (Kerry, Photograph number 1389 / 166). --
  37. [Writing indecipherable on photograph] Group of Northern Territory natives (Kerry, Photograph number 1368). --
  38. An Aboriginal fight (Kerry, Photograph number 2553). --
  39. Aboriginals, upper Macleay River (Kerry, Photograph number 2162 / 167). --
  40. Aboriginals, upper Macleay River (Kerry, Photograph number 2160). --
  41. Aboriginals, upper Macleay River (Kerry, Photograph number 2161). --
  42. Darling R. natives (Kerry, Photograph number 141). --
  43. Aboriginal climbing tree (Kerry, Photograph number 2126 / 168). --
  44. Aboriginal spearing fish (Kerry, Photograph number 2125 / 169). --
  45. Native climbing with vine (Kerry, Photograph number 535). --
  46. "Wharangoo". Aboriginal, Tenterfield District [painted backdrop] (Kerry, Photograph number 1989 / 170). --
  47. "Borree", Aboriginal Chief, Jervis Bay (Kerry, Photograph number 2013). --
  48. "Yenohan". Girl, Tumut Tribe, N.S.W. (Kerry, Photograph number 1899 / 171). --
  49. Aboriginal women [painted backdrop] (Kerry, Photograph number 1914 / 172). --
  50. Aboriginal girl, Brungle [painted backdrop] (Kerry, Photograph number 1913 / 173). --
  51. Aboriginal warrior, Bellinger River (Kerry, Photograph number 2014). --
  52. Aboriginal with Derri Head dress (Kerry, Photograph number 1371 / 174).

Kerry, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1858-1928

Visit to Queensland of H.R.H. Duke of Gloucester, December 1934

  • F3474
  • Item
  • 1934

Album of 120 black and white photographs aranged chronologically.
Photographs show the Duke of Gloucester conducting official duties during his visit to Queensland in 1934. Places featured include: Wallangarra, Stanthorpe, Warwick, Clifton, Toowoomba, Gatton (including Agricultural College), Laidley, Rosewood, Ipswich, central Brisbane, Cleveland, Wynnum, R.N.A. Exhibition Grounds, University of Queensland, Bowen Park (Brisbane), Rosemount Repatriation Hospital, Archerfield Aerodrome, Dalgety's Wharf, and H.M.A.S. Australia on the Brisbane River. Photographs of Archerfield Aerodrome show the Duke dispatching the first airmail of the Australia-Great Britain Service.
Photographs are (10 x 14.5 cm and larger) mounted on boards with handwritten captions. Album bound in red leather. Cover title.

Bond, George

Gwendolyn Edith Millicent Spurgin Album

  • F3718
  • Item
  • ca. 1927-ca. 1930

Six loose leaf double-sided pages of black and white photographs from an album once belonging to Gwendolyn Edith Millicent Risson (née Spurgin). The photographs include university excursions, possibly at Townsville, Palm Island and Tweed Heads. There are also some photographs of current events, including the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York in 1927, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction.

Spurgin, Gwendolyn E. M.

Mary Montgomerie Bennett Papers

  • UQFL202
  • Collection
  • 1839-1929?

The collection comprises two bound scrapbooks of records collected by Mary Montgomerie Bennett when compiling the history of her father, Sir Robert Christison; correspondence; and glass plate negatives. The bound volumes include: newspaper cuttings, extracts of newspaper cuttings, pamphlets, photographs, reprints of articles, and typescripts written by or relating to Sir Robert Christison and the Dalleburra people who lived on the same land. Most of the material covers the period 1870 to 1910. The correspondence is that received by Mrs Bennet regarding her book Christison of Lammermoor. There are notes compiled by Mrs Bennett that accompany the 21 glass plate negatives created by Mary Christison, Mary Bennett mother. The slides are of Lammermoor Homestead and a portrait of Robert Christison, most taken by Mary Christison between the years 1896 to 1910; and of individuals in the Dalleburra Tribe, Mitchell District in North Queensland, 1870 to 1900, taken by Mary Christison.

Bennett, M. M. (Mary Montgomerie), 1881-1961

Records collected by Mrs Bennett when compiling the history of Robert Christison, 1837-1915

Two bound scrapbooks of records collected by Mary M. Bennett when compiling the history of her father, Sir Robert Christison, The bound volumes include: newspaper cuttings, extracts of newspaper cuttings, pamphlets, photographs, reprints of articles, and typescripts written by or relating to Sir Robert Christison and the Dalleburra people who lived on the same land. Most of the material covers the period 1870 to 1910.

Bennett, M. M. (Mary Montgomerie), 1881-1961

Records collected by Mrs Bennett & presented to Queensland University : Vol. 1

Scrapbook with handwritten page numbering to 138 with records collected by Mary Bennet. On page.iv "Volume I :Pamplets and notes by Robert Christison, photographs, etc." Contains photographs, reprints and typescripts written by or relating to Sir Robert Christison and also relating to the Dalleburra people who lived on the same land as him.

• a comprehensive index;
• article by S. E. Pearson (1928) 'In the tracks of the pioneers : iv. The laird of Lammermoor', The Pastoral review;
• typescript extracts from letter from C. W. Bowly to Mrs Bennett;
• 'Photograph of a korobbery [sic] of the Dalleburra tribe', taken in 1874 by C. W. Bowley;
• 'Photograph of the old Lammermoor Homestead', taken in 1874 by C. W. Bowly;
• typescript pages with title 'Dalleburra Dictionary' (8 leaves);
• typescript page with title 'Dictionary of the Dalleburras on the Upper Thomson, by R. Christison (The Australian Race, ny E. M. Curr.)' ;
• typescript page with title 'Proper names';
• typescript page with title 'Aboriginal songs';
• copy of M.M. Bennett's article 'Notes on the Dalleburra Tribe of Northern Queensland', reprinted from the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute vol. LVII, 1972;
• newspaper cuttings pasted onto pages, which include articles by M. M. Bennett, and many from the Townsville Daily Bulletin
• papers relating to Alexander Christison: biography, births days of his children, photographs of him, copy of his pamplet titled ‘Saint Paul as a tent-maker’;
• biographical information on Robert Christison;
• pamphlets by Robert Christison: ‘United Australia and Imperial Federation’ (1888); ‘Our colonies suffering a recover : a paper read by Robert Christison at Hobart on March 15th, 1894’
• pamphlets: ‘A letter from the Bishop of North Queensland to the contributors to the North Queensland Church Fund’ (1879);
• 90 b&w photographs.

The photographs are taken between 1896 and 1910 mostly by Mary Christison (nee Godsell) and include views of the Lammermoor Station, Lammermoor homestead, Lammermoor musterers, the Lammermoor herd, Robert Christison, Robert Gray, Charlotte Gray, Fanny Allingham, Dr R. L. Jack (Geologist), Mrs Jack, Mary Sympson Christison (nee Tovey), Bishop Stanton, Mary Christison (nee Godsell), and 21 portrait photographs of individual members of the Dalleburra tribe, dated 1898.

Glass plate negatives

21 glass plate negatives created by Mary Christison:

  1. ‘Mattamundukka waterhole at the Lammermoor Homestead’, published in Bennett, Mary M., ‘Records’, Vol 1, p70
  2. ‘Mattemundukka on Tower Hill Creek’
  3. ‘Lammermoor Homestead’
  4. ‘Royal Wilton Stud cows’
  5. ‘My last muster’
  6. ‘Robert Christison in 1857’
  7. Notes of race on back of photograph of R Christison
  8. ‘R Christison, 1912’
  9. ‘R Christison, 1877’ [damaged]
  10. ‘Tommy’, full portrait of a young child taken in 1898
  11. ‘Tommy’, in European dress in garden taken in 1898
  12. ‘Warmbunny’ taken in 1898
  13. ‘Charley’, portrait taken in 1898
  14. ‘Kyra’, portrait taken in 1898
  15. ‘Kyra’, portrait taken in 1898
  16. ‘Ko Bro’, portrait taken in 1896
  17. ‘Topsy’, portrait taken in 1898
  18. ‘Ko Bro’, portrait taken in 1898
  19. ‘Ko Bro’ portrait taken in 1896
  20. ‘Wyma’, portrait taken in 1898
  21. ‘Ko Bro, Wyma and friends’.

Bennett, M. M. (Mary Montgomerie), 1881-1961

Bell Family Photographs

This file has 121 items of photographic material that was previously housed loosely in the collection. Most are black and white phototgraphs. The list of photographic material:

  1. View of Jimbour head station from creek, 1869
  2. Postcard of the log cabin Isisford, ca. 1884
  3. Note on back ‘With my brother in law Dr Lorrimer Dods taken at Fenton? Sunday 3rd’, 1928?, [Lorrimer Dods knighted for world child welfare] and Colin Basil Peter Bell, [United Graziers president]
  4. Jimbour [garden]; garden being created, ca. 1890
  5. Joshua Peter Bell, knighted 1881, died 1881
  6. [Unknown place, undated]
  7. [Men in stockyards, at Westland?], most of caption on missing corner, undated
  8. Colin Basil Peter Bell, on wedding trip, [married Theodora Sybil Frances Needham of Canning Downs], taken 4 Mar 1898
  9. The late Sir Joshua Peter Bell, Take great care of this photo [initials indecipherable], Return photo to Mr Colin B. P. Bell "Westland" longreach, [undated].
  10. Jimbour about 1890. Left to right, back row: Joshua Thomas Bell, Miss Galletly, Mrs Buckland Taylor with Isabell (baby), Isabell Moffatt, Lady Bell, Colin Bell, Maida Bell. Sitting: Emma Armytage. On ground: A. P. MacDonald, Willie [William Alexander] Bell, [Baten Tale?], 1890
  11. ‘Gambetta’ [by] ‘Lord of the Hills [from] ‘Greyskin’, taken at Jimbour, ca. 1896
  12. Outside Jimbour house, [man with horse and foal], undated
  13. Mr & Mrs C B P Bell (Colin and Sybil) at Longreach show, for best pair of buggy horses, ‘Westland’ bred horses, ‘Lydia’ and ‘Foam’, ca. 1920
  14. Mr & Mrs C B P Bell (Colin and Sybil) at Longreach show, best four-in-hand, Westland Station horses, ca. 1920
  15. Coach from Jimbour house; now in Cobb & Co Museum in Toowoomba, known as ‘The Yellow Buggy’, undated
  16. Jimbour house, ca. 1880
  17. Colin Basil Peter Bell, 1889
  18. Postcard of Joshua Peter Ferguson Bell (1907-1997), son of Joshua Thomas Bell (1863-1911) at the children’s picnic on his first birthday, 3 Feb 1908, Dalby
  19. Xmas 1932: [Colin Basil Peter Bell (1867-1934), manager of Westland]. Tennis at ‘Westland’, Longreach, 1932: Back Row L-R 1. [unknown], 2. Jock Inglis (manager, Welshot), 3. Colin Basil Peter Bell (manager, Westland), 4. Holmes, 5. Alec Ramsay (manager, Tocal), 6. Francis Needham Bell (son of Colin and Sybil); Row 2: Theodora Sybil Frances Needham Bell (wife), 2. Josephine Thora Bell (daughter of Colin and Sybil) 3. Mrs Alex Ramsay, 4. Lynette Bell (daughter of Colin and Sybil); Front – 1. Dick Barnes of ‘Rivoli Downs’ 2. Arthur Taylor (nephew of Banjo Patterson) 3. Hugh Patterson (son of Banjo Patterson) 4. Les Hayward (Jackeroo), 1932
  20. Photograph of [Colin Basil] Peter Bell, receiving award, [C.B.E. in 1968?], 1968?
  21. Photograph of [Colin Basil] Peter Bell’s retirement dinner, 1971, 12 x 16 cm.
  22. Photograph of Peter Bell's retirement dinner, 1971, 8 x 13 cm.
  23. Photograph of Peter Bell's retirement dinner, 1971, 8 x 13 cm.
  24. New Year card with a photo of [Colin Basil] Peter Bell, Apr 1976.
  25. Wedding photograph of Sibyl Bell (nee Needham), 12 Mar 1989.
  26. Photograph of Colin [Basil Peter] Bell, undated.
  27. Photograph of Sybil Bell, undated.
  28. Group photograph, includes Sybil and Thora, undated.
  29. Carte-de-visite photograph of Joshua Thomas Bell, 1880.
  30. Carte-de-visite photograph of Lady Bell, 1880.
  31. Carte-de-visite photograph of Colin Basil Peter Bell, 1886.
  32. Carte-de-visite photograph of Oswald Marmaduke D'Orsey Bell, 1880.
  33. Carte-de-visite photograph of Warraba. Caption on the back of the photograph: "Warraba" with my father when he was a boy in Jimbour, originally he [rode?] on to Jimbour from N.S. Wales ... Warraba was well known in Brisbane in 1880, he stayed there while my [people?] were there at Gov. House. C. B. P. Bell.
  34. Longreach Show: C.B.P. Bell & - Allden president and secretary of C. & N. Graziers Assn.
  35. Colin Basil Peter Bell (1867-1934), undated, [in very poor condition]
  36. Unidentified photograph of men in sporting attire, undated.
  37. Bell family at Jimbour, 7 Apr 2002.
  38. Moffatt and Bell families sandstone vault, obelisk style monument with fencing surrounding the site at the Ipswich cemetary, 2003? The sandstone vault honors Thomas de Lacy Moffatt, Colonial Treasurer of Queensland who died in 1864.
  39. Close up of the Moffatt and Bell families sandstone vault at Ipswich cemetary with plaque for Gerald Kellett Moffat (1862-1894) and Thomas de Lacy Moffatt (ca. 1857-1894) , Nov 2003.
  40. Close up of the Moffatt and Bell Families vault with the plaque at the base for John Alexander Bell (ca. 1829-1901), Nov 2003.
  41. Fragment of a stone plaque for the Moffatt family vault 1864.
  42. Photograph of Thomas de Lacy Moffatt (1857-1894) [son of Thomas de Lacy Moffatt (1824-1864) and Mary Isbella Moffatt (previously MacDonald, nee Bell (1826-1866)]
  43. Photograph of Thomas de Lacy Moffatt (1857-1894), mounted on card.
  44. Photograph of Gerald Kellett Moffat (1862-1894) [son of Thomas de Lacy Moffatt (1824-1864) and Mary Isbella Moffatt (previously MacDonald, nee Bell (1826-1866)]
  45. 'Mother on Valery Longreach', 'Sibyl Frances Bell at Longreach Show Chapion HackTaken about 1926 born 4 Feb 1877 m. 1898 Mr C.B.P. Bell', ca. 1926, mounted on card, edges damaged.
  46. Photo postcard with handwritten note: 'The Morgan Parliamenary Party before the General Election 1904. I wish you a Happy New Year JTB. Graceville [?] 11-12-04.'; addressed to Hon. [indecipherable] Ferguson, London.
  47. Carte-de-visite photograph of Joshua Thomas Bell, with handwritten annotation 'JTB 1880), Artist Photographer is Albert Lomer of Queen Street, Brisbane.
  48. Photo postcard with annotation on reverse 'J.T. Bell speaking at opening of Dalby-Tara railway', very faded.
  49. Photograph of Joshua Peter Ferguson Bell (1909-1997) with note on version 'J.P.F. Bell son of Joshua Thomas (Bell) eldest son of Sir Joshua Peter and Lady Bell', mounted on card and missing sections of the photograph.
  50. Photo postcard of Joshua Thomas Bell and Joshua Peter Ferguson Bell, with annotation on reverse 'JTB & JPFB on board Q.C.S. Otter'.
  51. Photograph of ACM Alden and CBP Bell (Colin Basil Peter Bell (1902-1977)), Cattle committee meeting, Townsville, 1954.
  52. Photograph of Jimbour Station, mounted on card.
  53. Photograph of Lady Bell (wife of Sir Joshua Peter Bell) and children: from left Oswald Marmaduke D’Orsey Bell (Ossie) (1871-1942), Colin Basil Peter Bell (Colin or Collie) (1867-1934), Maida Isabella Sarah Bell (1872-1942), Lady Bell (Margaret Miller Bell) (1849-1914), Joshua Thomas Bell (Joey) (1863-1911), and William Alexander D’Orsey Bell (1865-1940) taken at Lindin, 1889 [broken in half but still connected]
  54. Photograph of five men at Arrilalah Races. CBP Bell is in the centre. Annotations on the reverse. Undated.
  55. Black and white group photograph, unidentified.
  56. Black and white photograph of a couple, unidentified.
  57. First stage of the Public Offices, viewed from corner of Queen and William Streets, North Quay, Paul L Poulsen, Photographer, 7 Queen Street, Brisbane, ca. 1889.
  58. The main street in Tanga - Tanganyika Territory [previously inserted in Joshua Peter Ferguson Album].
  59. Negative of ship at dock, [previously inserted in Joshua Peter Ferguson Album].
  60. Postcard. [previously inserted in Joshua Peter Ferguson Album].
  61. 'New Public Offices, Brisbane', mounted on card. Reverse side of card has information for Post and Telegraph Department, Queensland.
  62. Rakeevan, 1912.
  63. Jinny Maxwell, nurse to the Bell children], oval picture, mounted on card, undated.
  64. Margot Margaret Maxwell Bell, undated.
  65. My cousin Margot Bell aged 19, ca. 1927.
  66. Peter Bell holding Colin Bell at Watreley [?], Southport.
  67. Bell family relatives at Jimbour, Sunday 7 April 2002

[68 to 103.] [36 colour photographs from the opening of the Cellar Door at Jimbour House, April 2002].
[104 to 121. ] [18 colour 35mm negatives from the opening of the Cellar Door at Jimbour House, April 2002].

The tour of His Excellency the Governor through Northern & Western Queensland, 1908

Handmade photograph album with gold embossed title on cover The tour of His Excellency the Governor through Northern & Western Queensland, 1908. Cover has the top left-hand cover torn away thus first words of the inscription on the inside cover is missing: [To Colin] Bell from Ralph Verney in remembrance of a very pleasant tour. Ralph Verney was aide-de-camp to the Governor. The Governor, Frederick John Napier Thesiger, (Lord Chelmsford) accompanied by the Minister for Lands, Joshua Thomas Bell, left Brisbane on June 13 on a tour in Northern and North-western Queensland. Photographs:

  1. A change of horses
  2. Constable Dick
  3. Irvinebank
  4. Inspector Malone
  5. The native cooks at Forest Home
  6. Forest Home
  7. An Aboriginal
  8. Forest Home
  9. His Excellency’s Goat Escort at Georgetown
  10. His Excellency’s Goat escort at Georgetown
  11. Main St, Georgetown
  12. The luggage, Mr Mooney and Mr Smith
  13. Floraville Post Office
  14. Warandingo
  15. The start from Inverleigh Station
  16. Our hotel at Burketown
  17. Burketown water supply
  18. Burketown bore
  19. Gregory Downs Hotel
  20. Rocklands
  21. A Bore at Rocklands
  22. Gate in Boundary fence between Queensland and Northern Territory
  23. Boundary fence between Queensland and Northern Territory
  24. Colin Bell on the left, His Excellency, and Inspector McGrath on the right
  25. A midday meal
  26. Our Camp
  27. The Australian Gum Trees
  28. Roughing it
  29. A midday halt
  30. Colin Bell (1867-1934) on the trip with the Governor, and his brother Joshua Thomas Bell who was Minister for Lands and The Speaker
  31. Packing up in the morning
  32. On the road [in horse drawn carriage]
  33. Coming out of the Leichhardt river [in horse drawn carriage]
  34. The Leichhardt River
  35. The bath at Rocklands
  36. Harnessing up
  37. On the road
  38. The luggage buggy on the road
  39. Starting for the days journey
  40. Putting in the horses
  41. Native Trackers
  42. Native Trackers
  43. Colin Bell and Fogarty bringing the horses out

Verney, Ralph