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Cricket -- Australia -- 20th century 1
born digital
  • Describes material or content created in electronic form and saved as digital data, having had no initial or interstitial state as an analog or physical product. Usually used to refer to electronically produced drafts of text, correspondence or visual works such as photographs created with digital cameras. This material may be written or saved on personal computers, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, hard drives, or any mode of digital storage media.
Shearing sheds -- Queensland -- Isisford 1
Weipa / Napranum (Qld NW Cape York SD54-03)

Use for: Napranum (Qld NW Cape York SD54-03)

Aurukun (Qld NW Cape York SD54-07) 1
Mornington Island (Qld Gulf Wellesley Islands SE54-01) 1
Mapoon (Qld NW Cape York SC54-15, SD54-03) 1
Gananggalinda people G37 0
Yukulta / Gangalidda language G34 0
Dumadji / Doomadgee (Qld Gulf SE54-05)

Use for: Doomadgee (Qld Gulf SE54-05)

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