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Hayes and Scott Records

  • UQFL278
  • Collection
  • 1948-1989

Architectural drawings, mostly residential, with some commercial; magazine clippings; 35mm slides; photographs.

Hayes and Scott

Queensland Country Towns Student Projects

  • UQFL659
  • Collection
  • 1978-1986, 2009

1 summary file, and 93 project files.

Between 1978 and 1987 third year students in Architectural Design, working under the supervision of Michael Keniger and Brit Andresen, travelled to country towns across Queensland to observe and document the fabric of place. Students were instructed to follow a consistent methodology and particular emphasis was placed on documenting in detail the main street of each country town. Over 10 years, the built fabric of a significant number of country towns was documented and collected to form the Country Towns archive. This resource provides insight into the fabric and life of country towns in Queensland before periods of change, the result of booms in tourism in the 80s and mining in the 90s and the ongoing drought induced contraction in farming. Many changes in country towns occurred before the introduction of Heritage Legislation in Queensland and the creation of the Department of Environment and Heritage in the 1980s established a level of scrutiny.

The project file for each Country Town consists of 6 sections (not all files are complete):

  1. The Town: Description to include current data and a general history
  2. Public buildings: Description to include the location and description of public buildings through measured drawings and photographs of historical data
  3. The Main street: Description to include photographs and sketches of the main street and measured drawings of street elevation, a 'Nolli Plan', a detailed cross-section and a mapping of patterns of the occupation of the street
  4. A Street junction: A detail section through fa├žade of a key building and a plan of the junction
  5. Historical Society/Museum: This visit ensured that archival research support of other project parts was undertaken
  6. Log: Students were required to record their 5-day visit in a narrative log/sketch book.

University of Queensland Department of Architecture

Matt and Anna Leyshon Papers

  • UQFL631
  • Collection
  • 1956-2004

Architectural plans, specifications and photographs relating to Lauder house at 4 Crane Street, Newmarket.

Leyshon, Anna

Julian Burnside and Kate Durham Papers

  • UQFL430
  • Collection
  • 2001-2011

Correspondence from asylum seekers detained on Nauru; files of reports, newspaper cuttings and photographs relating to the asylum seekers; sewing projects created by the asylum seekers; paintings and relief sculptures created by Kate Durham.

Burnside, Julian

Elaine Smith Papers

  • UQFL446
  • Collection
  • 2002-2008

Correspondence and photographs from asylum seekers detained in Nauru; letters to asylum seekers, supporters, politicians and government agencies; newspaper cuttings, media commentary and reports; embroidery; publications and ephemera; artworks by asylum seekers.

Smith, Elaine


  • UQFL75
  • Collection
  • 1958-2003

Correspondence, poems, framed artwork. A large part of the correspondence is with David Malouf, as well as other prominent writers. Includes explanatory notes by Judith Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, Judith, 1936-2018

Trevor Shearston Papers

  • UQFL485
  • Collection
  • 1966-2015

Drafts, correspondence, research notes, and photographs for novels, screenplays and a short story written by Trevor Shearston. There are drafts for his radio documentary feature 'The New Guinea letters of John Green', aired in 1984. The screenplay for 'Snowdrop' (later filmed as 'Envy') had various working titles. Sticks that kill was initially preceded by a stage play call "Goaribari". A straight young back had the working titles of "The old magic touch" and the "Walk novel".

Arranged into Series :
Series A: Something in the blood [short story collection] (1979)
Series B: Sticks that kill [novel] (1983)
Series C: White lies [novel] (1986)
Series D: Correspondence with University of Queensland Press
Series E: A straight young back [novel] (2000)
Series F: Drafts for 'Walk novel'and 'The old magic touch' (A straight young back [novel])
Series G: Tinder [novel] (2002)
Series H: Dead birds [novel] (2007)
Series I: Concertinas [novel] (1988)
Series J: Snowdrop [screenplay] - filmed as Envy [motion picture] (1999)
Series K: New Guinea letters of John Green [radio documentary] (1984)
Series L: Short stories and dramatic works, published and unpublished, 1966 to 1995
Series M: Research files on Papua New Guinea
Series N: Game [screenplay]
Series O: Game [novel] (2013)
Series P: Photographs for Game [screenplay]
Series Q: Ben Hall realia

Shearston, Trevor

Susan Cochrane Papers

  • UQFL419
  • Collection
  • 1979-2005

Research material for various publications, photographs, slides, art exhibition catalogues and other miscellaneous manuscript material.

Cochrane, Susan

Provincial Newspapers (Qld.) Limited Records

  • UQFL187
  • Collection
  • 1887-1993.

Minute books, correspondence, annual reports, financial records including cash books, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, scrapbooks. Includes records of:

  1. Newspapers in which the Andrew Dunn acquired a controlling interest, 1887 - 1973.
  2. Dunn Family businesses, 1929 - 1968.
  3. Associated Press of Queensland, 1910 - 1916.
  4. Queensland Provincial Newspapers, 1937 - 1953
  5. Queensland Country Press Association 1910 - 1943.
  6. Queensland Country Press Ltd. 1914 - 1975.
  7. Regional Dailies of Australia (Qld Div.), previously Australian Provincial Daily Press Ltd (Qld Division) and Associated Dailies Information Service, 1953 - 1983.
  8. Provincial Newspapers (Qld) Ltd, 1968 - 1989.
  9. Newspapers acquired by PNQ, 1958 - 1975.
  10. Regional News Service, 1975 - 1982.
  11. Historical research papers, 1956 - ca. 1980.

The collection contains material relating to Queensland Country Press and in particular the Dunn family of Maryborough, Rockhampton and Toowoomba who initially traded as A. Dunn and Family and were incorporated in 1957 as A. Dunn and Company Pty. Ltd. They were substantial shareholders in Provincial Newspapers (Qld.) Ltd. which controlled nine regional daily newspapers.

Provincial Newspapers (Qld.) Ltd., 1968-1988

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