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' Karrala. 1967. May. Jun. Sept. Karrala House'

Karrala House formed part of the female ward of the Ipswich Mental Hospital accommodating 'wayward' and 'delinquent' girls. It was run by the Queensland State Government from 1963 to 1971 when it closed. This file contains: correspondence including carbon copies of letters to the editor of the Courier Mail from Harry Throssell; newspaper cuttings from May to December 1967; typescript copy of a 'Submission in relation to Karrala House' from the Council of Social Service Queensland, Child Welfare Standing Committe, May 1967; typescript copy of 'Some notes on Karrala House' by the Council of Social Service Queensland, Child Welfare Standing Committee, with handwritten inscription on last page 'HT Lecturer in Social Work, U. of Q. [9 Feb 1967]'. Written on cover of original folder ' Karrala. 1967. May. Jun. Sept. Karrala House'

‘Reminiscences of a Pioneer in New South Wales’

Typescript copy, with emendations in pencil and pen, of ‘Reminiscences of a Pioneer in New South Wales’ by Edmund Morey which featured in The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser from Wed 30 Oct 1907 to Wed 9 Jan 1908, 116 leaves, undated. Hand written page numbers at top of pages but pagination not in sequence.

Morely describes this firts year in Sydney, West Maitland and South-Western New South Wales in the 1840s to 1850s. Includes descriptions of Sydney in 1842, pioneering life, Australian Aboriginal peoples, station life, overlanding, bush inns, Melbourne, Adelaide, the Murray River, the steamer services by the Lady Young and the Gemini. People mentioned include: Richard Greves Macdonnell (Governor of South Australia), Ludwig Leichhhardt, James Tyson and Captain Sturt.

Chapter I - Sydney. -- Chapter II - Country life. -- Chapter III - Necessity for removing stock from Gundaroo. -- Chapter IV - Natives attack Ross's Camp. -- Chapter V - Take up a cattle station. -- Chapter VI - Unsuitability of lower Murray for cattle. -- Chapter VI - Natives make peace. -- Chapter VIII - First white woman on Lower Murray. -- Chapter IX - First visit to South Australia. -- Chapter X - Adelaide. -- Chapter XI -- New land district proclaimed. The Albert. - Chapter XII - Return to Gundaroo, and revisit Sydney. -- Chapter XIII - Looking for cattle country on the Darling. -- Chapter XIV - Take up a cattle station. -- Chapter XV - Stock the new station, Tintanallogy. -- Chapter XVI - My first visit to Melbourne. -- Chapter XVII - Rebuild head station at Euston. -- Chapter XVIII - Ride to Adelaide. -- Chapter [XIX] - The scene of a murder. -- Chapter [XX] - Leading up to the navigation of the Murrary. -- Chapter [XXI] - Disappearnace of my stockman at Tintanallogy. -- Chapter [XXII] - Surprise blacks with slaughtered cattle. -- Chapter [XXIII] - The Darling begins to run. -- Chapter [XXIV] - Another visit to South Australia. -- Chapter [XXV] - Navigatin of the Murrary. -- Chapter [XXVI] - Pass through the scrub to the north of my run into open country. -- Chapter [XXVII] - Effects following gold discovery in Victoria. -- Chapter [XXVIII] - The rebound and boom times. -- Chapter [XXIX] - Visit Monaro and purchase 10,000 wethers. -- Chapter [XXX] - Three of us pull down the Murray. -- Chapter [XXXI] - Another visit to Melbourne. -- Chapter [XXXII] - Small settlement on the banks of three navigable rivers after 50 years occupation. -- Chapter [XXXIII] - Governor Macdonnell on the Murray. -- Chapter [XXXIV] - A sailor in a tight place. -- Chapter [XXXV] - Pay a visit to the old country. -- Chapter [XXXVI] - Cruising about England and on the Continent. -- Chapter [XXXVII] - Return to Australia and land in Melbourne. -- Chapter [XXXVIII] - Sell out in Riverina and re-invest in Queensland. -- Chapter [XXXIX] - Excerpts to the Queensland Press during 1888. -- Chapter [XXXX] - Become a police magistrate in Queensland. -- Chapter [XXXXI] - A six months holiday. Visit Tasmania and New Zealand. -- Chapter [XXXXII] - Revisit the old country and return to Queensland to end our days.

Possibly in the possession of J. T. Bell.

Morey, Edmund

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