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David Malouf Papers
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'The Aspern Papers' [Libretto]

Comprised of two drafts:

  1. 'The Aspern Papers', opera in one act from the story by Henry James, typescript with extensive emendations and cut and paste inserts, 21 leaves, [David Malouf’s 2017 note: First written for the Canadian composer Owen Underhill. Commission fell through. Set by Melbourne composer Eve Duncan. Not yet commissioned for performance].
  2. 'The Aspern Papers : a chamber opera. Scene One'. Libretto by David Malouf. Based on a story by Henry James, 82 pages, with letter from Eve Duncan, 6 Aug 2013. Spiral bound.

Malouf, David, 1934-

Correspondence, 2013-2016

Correspondence, incoming, from 2013-2016:
2013 – 14 letters: Bruce Beresford (1); Eve Duncan (1); Ihab Hassan (4); Gail Jones (4); Others (4).

2014 – 8 letters: Eve Duncan (2); Ihab Hassan (1); Gail Jones (1); Others (4).

2015 – 9 letters: Eve Duncan (2, incl. one unsent letter from Malouf to Duncan); Ian Sinnamon (1); Others (6).

2016 – 4 letters: Eve Duncan (2); Others (2).

Correspondence, 2010-2012

Correspondence, incoming, from 2010-2012:
2010 – 11 letters: Peter Edwards (1 - enclosing an obituary of John Quinlem); Ihab Hassan (2); Ethel Rowbotham (1); John Ralston Saul (1); Others (6).

2011 – 10 letters: Murray Bail (1); Eve Duncan (1); Ihab Hassan (1); Others (7).

2012 – 6 letters: Eve Duncan (1); Gail Jones (1); Others (4).

Draft of Ransom [version 6]

Typescript, version 6, 111 leaves, hand-numbered, with a few handwritten emendations by an editor in the text and on two post-it notes attached to margins. Page 72 with piece of A5 paper attached with additional paragraph in manuscript in an editor’s hand.

Draft of Ransom [version 12]

Draft, version 12, 117 leaves. The first five pages in two different versions, with handwritten emendations. Accompanied by a photocopy of a three-page letter from Ihab Hassan, 20 May 2007, with feedback on the manuscript.

Draft of Ransom [version 5]

Darft, version 5, five chapters individually paginated, 16, 39, 30, 20, 8p, altogether 113 leaves, a few handwritten emendations by an editor in the text and on a few post-it notes attached to margins.

Draft of Ransom [version 8]

Typescript, version 8, pp 1 – 20 (of 113), with a few amendations and an additional paragraph inserted at page 19. The other 93p were without any amendations and have not been retained.

Draft of Ransom [version 7]

Typescript, version 7, 111 leaves, hand-numbered. A photocopy of the version 6 typescript, made before the editor’s amendations. This version with some identical and some different amendations in Malouf’s hand. A page of manuscript inserted at page 72.
It seems possible that Malouf and his editor were working alongside each other on these versions.

Draft of Ransom [version 9]

Draft, version 9, 114 leaves, with numerous amendations and manuscript additions, several post-it notes attached to margins.

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