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Glass slides

49 glass slides, mostly of Aboriginal subjects.
9 contact sheets of images from the glass slides.

Professional photographs

Album comprising 72 black and white photographs (sizes vary), 89 negatives (9.5 x 6 cm), 10 negatives (8 x 11 cm), 1 colour photograph and 18 slides (35 mm). Photographic prints, slides and negatives relate to Caroline Kelly's professional life in theatre and as an anthropologist.
Includes photographs of Margaret Mead, people at the Cherbourg community in Queensland, tobacco farming and a community gathering on the Atherton Tableland, and housing developments associated with Kelly's work for the New South Wales State Planning Authority.

Address books

Four address or contact books for Judith Rodriguez. The first may be from 1982, with leather ties to close; the second may be from the 1991 or 1992, all pages have been crossed through, the front cover and spine have come away; the third may be from about 1993, all contact pages have been crossed through, the verso and fly leaf have not been crossed through, the front cover and spine have come away; and the final address book is spiral bound with cartoons throughout, on the cover it says 'To 2004' and no pages have been crossed through.

Rodriguez, Judith, 1936-2018

Correspondence and poems, 1975 to 1982

Correspondence between Judith Rodriguez and various publishers and poets regarding lists of poets, biographical detail about poets and poems and concerned with compilation of anthologies. Correspondence including covering letters and responses, lists of poets, poems and poetry reviewed for Meanjin. Letter to Carole [Ferrier] and pen drawing of Professor F.W. Robinson. Folders have been labelled by Judith Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, Judith, 1936-2018

Correspondence, 1960 to 2017

Correspondence with writers, friends and family. Most are addressed to Judith Rodriguez. Some are to Judith Rodriguez and Tom Shapcott. Original folders have been retained where possible. Most correspondents have one folder (or less) of correspondence. Includes handwritten letters, greeting cards, letter grams, typescript letters, printouts of emails, literary works, ephemera.

Box 17, Folders 1-15: Yvonne Adams, Fleur Adcock, Adel Abdullah, David Albenda, Jean Abu Fadil (Jean Askew), Geoffrey Baird, Manya Baklanon, Yolande Barlow, Sofia Bazzo, Sofia Bazzo and Gigi Fumigalli, Peter Boyle, Muriel Bradbrook, Elsie Brimblecombe (2 folders), Graham Cadwallader.

Box 18, Folders 1- 4, Box 19 Folder 1: Ken Campbell-Dobbie (5 folders, includes some drafts of his works)

Box 19 Folders 2-20: Clem Christensen, Bryony Cosgrove, Norah Costello, Rex Cramphorn, Patrick Cruttwell, Jamil Dannaoui, Blanche d'Alpuget and Robert Hawke, Glyn Davies, letter from Tom Shapcott to Brian Dibble, Burr Dodd and Lolo Houbein, Brian Donnelly, Dunkley cousins, Roger Evans, Elizabeth Farmer and Alex Craik, Michele Field, Maureen Freer, Geoffrey Gibson (includes some drafts of his works), Bernie Goldberger, Omar Gonzalez to Fabio Rodriguez and to Judith Rodriguez (Spanish), Jean Godding
Box 20 Folders 1- 11: Letters from Judith to her parents (the Greens), Barry Green, Christopher Green, Annie Greet, Rodney Hall, Bernard Hickey, Barry Hill, Noela Hjorth, Jack Hodgins, Joan Holloway (2 folders),

Box 21 Folders 1-10: Alec, Penelope and Emily Hope, Helen Horton, Lolo Houben, Coral Hull (4 folders), Julie Hunter, Ivor Indyk, John Irving,

Box 22 Folders 1-22: Antoni Jach, Juliet Jacques, Lisa Jacobson, Hert Jaff, Subhash Haireth, Scott Jeffries (2 folders), John Jenkins, Wendy Jenkins, Kate Jennings, Beth (Caswell) Johnson, Louis Johnson, Martin R. Johnson (2 folders), Cathy Johnstone, Elizabeth Jolley, Rod Jones, Rob Jordan, Cathel Jorsss, Wendy Jospeh, Ruth Jowett, Clayton Joyce, Chris Jurewicz.

Box 23 Folders 1-28: Diana Kan, Edmund “Mike” Keeley, Antigone Kefala, Ray Kelley, Robert Kemp, Fiona Kidman (and a piece of Lauire Edmond), Virginia King, John Kinsella, Rob Knottenbolt, Shari Kocher, Paula Korboot, Subashree Krishnaswamy, Nikos Kyproios (2 folders), Susan Lackman, Ron Lawson, Sarah Lawson, Tammy Lazaroff, Karen Le Rossignol, Doris Leadbetter, Joyce Lee, Serge Liberman, Harry and Eve Lindgren, Elaine Lindsay, Kate Llewellyn, Harold Love, Wendy Lowenstein, Judith Lukin-Amundsen.

Box 24 Folders 1-31: Fiona McCallum, Frank McCathy, Lyn McCredden, Roger McDonald, Sue McDougall, Siobhan McHugh, Greg Mackie, Mark McLeod, Wendy MacLennan, Judy McMillan, Joan McNeil, Mary Mageau, Jennifer Maiden, Desanka Maksimovoc, John and Kate Manifold (copies), Chris Mansell, Peter Mardon, Philip Martin, Caz Masel, Don Maynard, Philip Mead, Maurilia Meehan, Alex Miller, Freny and Rohinton Mistry, Jenni Mitchell, Drusilla Modjeska, Anthea Moonen, Mal Morgan, Wendy Morgan, Ashlley Morgen-Shae, Evelyn Mowbray.

Box 25 Folder 1-31
Elaine Muir, Alice Munro and Gerry Fremlin, Gerald Murnane, Kevin Murray, Les Murray, Virginia Murray, Anne-Marie Mykyta, Philip Neilson, Antrina Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Michele Newman, Helen Nickas, Rosemary Nissen, Brian Nobbs, Tolulope Ogunlesi, Sharon Olinka Womack, Stephen Oliver, Carlo Olivier + poems, Peter O’Mara, Barara Orlowska-Westwood, Beverley (Evans) Ormerod, Jocelyn Ortt-Saeed, Irina Grigorescu Pana, George Papaellinas, Anne Parratt re P.E.N. Melbourne, Olive Pell, Robert Pepin-Heiken, Elizabeth Perkins, Gaylene Perry, Grace Perry (incl. John Millett), Tom Petsinis.

Box 26 Folder 1-43
Richard Philcox, Arthur Phillips, Jacki and Tod Pierce-Williams, Kelly Pilgrim, Peter Porter (copies), Wendy Poussard, John Powers - Departune/Dismissal papers, Ron Pretty, Joan Priest, Cassandra Pybus, Mara Radzyner, Abdul-Karim Rafeq, Vijeya (Murugasu) Rajendra, Greta Rana, Rochelle Ratner, Adrian Rawlins, Barrett Reid, Ian Reid, Ryk Reisner (2 folders), David Reiter, Max Richards, Caroline Richardson, Anne Richter, Betty Riddell (2 folders), John Ridland, Bev Roberts, Kevin Roberts, Philip Roberts, F.W. Robinson (2 folders), Greg Rochlin, Moreira Rubinstein, David Rowbothan (2 folders), Hazel Rowley, Anna Rutherford, Gig Ryan, Maria Judith Rodriguez and Alix Sanchez R., Ralph Schureck, Susan Schwartz, Glennis (Paddon) Shannon.

Box 27 Folder 1-17
Paul Sherman, Venetia Stanford, Peter Stuk, Katsuji Tani, Taylors, Thalia and TTO, Von Bertouch Galleries, Tony Vuletich, Joan Whalley-Benson, David White, Terry Whitebeach, Michael Williams, Judith Wright, John Atherton Young, Correspondence to Judith Rodriguez from Columbia, Russian Correspondents, School friends.

Box 31 Folder 8
Unidentified correspondents.

Rodriguez, Judith, 1936-2018

Correspondence and poems, 1960 to 1979

Various letters, postcards, telegram and poems. This folder was labelled by Judith Rodriguez: Writing "IN" (not books) Correspondence, 1960 to 1979.
Folder 1: 1979
Folder 2: 1978
Folder 3: 1977-1976
Folder 4: 1975-1974
Folder 5: 1973-1960

Rodriguez, Judith, 1936-2018

Correspondence and poems, 1960 to 1982

Correspondence in the form of letters and postcards with various authors and poets. Notes and poems. Correspondence and course booklets regarding a poetry writing course tutored by Judith Rodriguez at Stott's Technical Correspondence College Pty Ltd., between 1973 to 1981. Correspondence with University of Queensland Press regarding Nu-Plastik Fanfare Red: And Other Poems. The folders within this box have been labelled by Judith Rodriguez, and most have handwritten annotations by her. Includes loose poems (typescript and handwritten), 1970 to 1982.

Rodriguez, Judith, 1936-2018

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