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Illustrations for Statecraft

60 drawings, preliminary and final, for Statecraft magazine of the UQPPES - University of Queensland Politics, Philosophy & Economics Society

Folder 1
Illustrations for issue 2 (2019)
15 preliminary sketches

Folder 2
Illustrations for issue 3 (2020)
21 drawings, including nine preliminary sketches and 11 drawings for 2020 issue, titled as follows

'Untitled'. An inadvertent philosophical investigation (page 3)
Anthropomorphic screaming fire in a backyard
B & W edit of coloured image

'Untitled'. 'Has our economic response gone too far?' (page 4)
Two bank robbers looking into an empty vault
[Artist's note: Unpublished 'SSAF' image from Semper Floreat - 'SSAF' edited out]

'Untitled'. The new Bradfield scheme: low hanging fruit (page 9)
Elevated image of QLD with a river running downstream to a puddle

[on the same sheet]:
'Untitled'. New visa and no jobs (page 17)
Artists's Note: Redraw of 'Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden ' (Masaccio, 1424-27) with Peter Dutton as 'angel'.

'little relief'.
Artist's note: Small fire.

'Untitled'. Israel & Trump: precedents for US foreign policy (page 10)
Caricature of Trump

'Untitled'. Get off my lawn (page 16)
Fence with pail

'Untitled'. Philosophy's problems with accessibility (page 21)
Group of five images of chaise lounge, Caeser's head, microscope, magnifying lense over book, '101' book that is actually a cake, Caesar's head and apple.

Folder 3
Illustrations for issue 4 (2021)

14 drawings, including eight preliminary sketches (on six sheets) and six final drawings, titled as follows:

'Taking the long-term seriously'

'On getting to heaven'

'The chains of political identity'

'The great realignment of British politics'

'Liberalism in China'

'Australia's balancing act'

Folder 4
Illustrations for issue 5 (2022)

10 drawings, including four preliminary sketches, one page of notes, and six final drawings, titled as follows:

'Stakeholder capitalism and the revamp of terrible ideas'

'Does the market economy need government?'

'Defending Australia amidst an ailing alliance in Asia-Pacific'

'At last, a climage election'

'Looking back at Australia's hollowed-out response to the pandemic'

'Would Orwell listen to sticky fingers?'

Rebecca Kilpatrick Works of Art

  • UQFL655
  • Collection
  • 2018-2022

92 drawings, including sketches and final illustrations for the UQ Art Museum as well as UQ student publications Semper Floreat and Statecraft.

Kilpatrick, Rebecca, 1993-

John Denis Fryer Papers

  • UQFL23
  • Collection
  • 1883-2021

The collection contains correspondence, school and university records, photographs; papers, commissions and badges relating from military service in the First World War for Jack Fryer and his brothers who served in World War One. There are papers relating to the Fryer Family and the establishment of the Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature.

Fryer, John Denis, 1895-1923

Craig Munro Papers

  • UQFL253
  • Collection
  • 1928-2021.

Research material for Wild Man of Letters, Munro’s biography of P R Stephensen ; notes, typescripts, proofs, photocopied letters from D.H. Lawrence to P.R. Stephensen, subject folders, some interviews with Murray Bail, Michael Wilding, Morris Lurie and Peter Carey. Includes: Records of the Queensland Writers' Centre; academic papers; material relating to the 1991 Churchill Fellowship; research material on electronic publishing; conferences; literary festivals and programs; correspondence; editorial work; diaries and address books from 1972 to 2006; notes and research on publishing and literature in Australia; drafts and related material for Under cover : adventures in the art of editing and Literary Lion Tamers; and information on the publication and reviews of Paper Empires.

Munro, Craig, 1950-

Children by Choice Association Records

  • UQFL488
  • Collection
  • 1967-2020

This collection is comprised of the organisation records of the Brisbane based organisation, Children by Choice. It includes annual general meeting agendas and minutes, annual reports, correspondence, leaflets, media releases, papers, talks and submissions, subject files, records relating to funding, newspaper cuttings.

Children by Choice Association Qld.

Moffatt/Bell family vault at Ipswich Cemetery

Correspondence, photographs, notes, newspaper cuttings, relating to the Moffatt/Bell family vault at Ipswich Cemetery (burial site for Thomas Bell (ca. 1798-1872), Mary Isabella Moffatt (nee Bell) (1826-1866), John Alexander Bell (ca. 1829-1901), Ipswich Racecourse, and ‘Maryville’, the first home of Joshua Peter and Margaret Bell.

Bell family

John Pearn Papers

  • UQFL266
  • Collection
  • 1956-2019

Material relating to the medical career and research of Professor John Pearn. Includes speeches, papers, photographs, medals, curriculum vitae, menus, programmes and other ephemera marking special events.

Pearn, John

Illustrations for Semper Floreat

21 Illustrations for Semper Floreat, student newspaper of the University of Queensland Union.

Illustrations for edition 7 (2018)

Coloured drawing of boy with Virtual Reality device (page 3)
Faber Castell Polychromos pencil on Speedball Bienfang marker card

Party with 'no' balloons (page 6)
Waterproof pigment ink pen and watercolour on Strathmore WC medium 300gsm card

Scarlett Johanson (page 7 )
Faber Castell Polychromos pencil on bleed proof paper
Three drawings

Illustration for edition 8 (2018)

'Untitled'. GP (page 7)
Copic alcohol markers on Speedball Bienfang marker card

Illustrations for edition 9 (2018)

'Cease and desist'. Owl (page 4)
Faber Castell Polychromos pencil on cartridge paper

'Untitled'. Smoker on the bridge to UQ (page 5)
Faber Castell Polychromos pencil on printer paper
Three variants, one unpublished.

Illustrations for edition 10 (2018)

'Untitled'. UQ student election. Man in suit with 3 grey 'Rock em Sock em' figures behind. (Front cover)
Faber Castell Polychromos pencil, acrylic paint & watercolour gesso on printmaking paper (Magnani 250gsm). Varnished with Winsor & Newton Satin Artist Varnish (aerosol)

'Untitled'. Rowan (head editor of Semper Floreat) on a bench (page 5)
Waterproof pigment ink pen and watercolour on Strathmore WC medium 300gsm card

Illustrations for edition 1 (2019)

'Untitled' UQ Market day (Front cover)
Watercolour and Water soluable pencils on watercolour paper (Canson Arches - can't remember if its 'Rough 250gsm' or 'medium 300gsm'
Three sketches and one final work

Illustrations for edition 2 (2019)
'Untitled'. Line drawing of Peter Hoj (Centrefold)
Waterproof Pigment ink pen on Bleed proof paper

Illustrations for edition 4 (2019)

'Untitled'. Dodgeball to the face (page 5)
One prepatory image and one final image
Watercolour on cartridge paper and Faber Castell PITT artist brush pen on bleed proof paper

'Untitled'. How to use UQ toilets (Centrefold)
Waterproof pigment ink pen and watercolour on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm Medium watercolour card
[Artist's note: published with no context, Idea by head editor in response to campus cleaning company complaint in relation to students' misuse of the library toilets]

Illustrations for edition 5 (2019)

'Untitled'. Noir detective following paper trail of money (Cover)
Faber Castell PITT Artist markers on bleed proof paper

Les Murray State Memorial Order of Service

  • F3851
  • Item
  • 12 Jun 2019

Order of service for the State Memorial held for the poet Les Murray on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at the Mitchell Library Reading Room, State Library of New South Wales.

New South Wales. Parliament

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