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Daphne Mayo Papers Series
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Correspondence, Personal.

Correspondence from friends and family of Daphne Mayo including her parents, Bill and Lila Mayo, Lloyd Rees, some with or by his wife, Majorie Rees; Vida Lahey; Edith Lahey; Dr Christine Rivett; Walter Taylor; Nell Mary Lette Hubble; Mim Shaw; and Ina Rivers. General correspondence includes letters from government departments, the Society of Artists, exhibition organisers, galleries, lawyers, dentists, real estate agents, and others.

Correspondence, Outgoing

Draft letters, handwritten on note paper, scraps of paper, and envelopes relating to personal, business and professional activities.

Financial records

Financial records, correspondence, notes, bank records, tax records relating to the finances of Daphne Mayo relating to her artistic works, property investments, investments in bonds and shares.

Writings, notes, personal documents, memorabilia

Writings, notes, and lists by Daphne Mayo on her professional and personal activities and interests. Includes some address books, calendars, ephemera, permits, library cards, and other miscellaneous material she retained in her life.

Sculptor's tools

This series comprises: 48 tools ; a leather box with ties, titled Solid block of oil sketching paper, Winsor & Newton Artists' colour markers ; small leather box, engraved 'R.G. Rivers', with purple lining, protractor set [?] ; [File 1]: Folder with Sculptor's tool catalogues, technical information on techniques used in sculpture.

Works of art

Artworks includes paintings, sketches, and drawings. Artwork in folders has not been counted.


Books with inscriptions, annotations, or inserted letters, dated between 1916 and 1979. Comprises:

Anderson, W. (1909). The architecture of the renaissance in Italy (4th ed., rev. and enl. ed.). London: B.T. Batsford. [Inscribed: Daphne from Lloyd to welcome her home 21st May 1925]

Auden, W. (1941). I Believe : The personal philosophies of twenty-three eminent men and women of our time. London: Allen & Unwin. [Inscribed: To Miss Daphne Mayo W.F.S. The storms came and the winds blew, And he remained staunch for he was founded on a rock.]

Australian War Memorial. (1945). Guide to Australian War Memorial. (4th ed.). Canberra: S.n. [Enlosed with a notes from Edith Lahey. Signature on inside cover

Brontë, E. (1939). Wuthering Heights. New York : Pocket books. [Inscribed: Our Daphne Mayo who alas is leaving us with deep affection from Shun-Ro and Wir Bess. Nov. 22. 1939 Bon Voyage]

Carroll, L., & Tenniel, J. (1920). Alice's adventures in wonderland. London: Macmillan. [Inscribed: Xmas 1924 “Toby”! from E. B. Mills (Millie)]

D’Amico, V. (1939). Report on the educational project of the Museum of Modern Art. New York ; Museum of Modern Art.

Dante Alighieri, & Cary, Henry Francis. (1844). The vision, or, Hell, Purgatory and Paradise of Dante Alighieri : With a life of Dante, chronological view of his age, additional notes and an index (3rd ed.] ed.). London: Warne. [Front cover missing. Inscribed: To dear Tobias from his Gabriel. Xmas 1925.]

Flaxman, J. (1865). Lectures on sculpture. England: Bell & Daldy, 1865.[Bookplate: Royal Academy of Arts. Daphne Mayo. Two models of busts from life. December 9, 1922.]

Fouard, C. H. (1926). The Christ, the Son of God; a life of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Translated from the 5th ed., with the author's sanction. With an introduction by Cardinal Manning. London : Longmans, Green and Co. [Inscribed: Miss Mayo with the compliments of D M O’Keeffe.]

Good Will publishers Editors. (1955). Come unto me Gastonia, North Carolina : Good Will Publishers. [Presented to Miss Lilian Daphne Mayo … 20 May 1959. Newspaper cutting of funeral notice inserted.]

Hatton, R. G. (1910). Figure Drawing. London : Chapman and Hall. [Inscribed: Daphne Mayo 231 George St Sydney]

Lahey, E. (1953). Friendship : And other poems. Brisbane: Printed by Smith & Paterson. [Inscribed: with much love to my dear Daphne, Edith Lahey]

Lahey, V. (1940). Art for all. Brisbane: Queensland National Art Gallery for the Combined Art Committee of Queensland. [1940 written on cover, pages hand numbered 1-8]

Marshall, A., & Drysdale, R. (1962). Journey among men. Melbourne: Sun Books. [Inscribed: The Cummings wish Daphne Season’s Greetings and good health for 1979].

Percy, H. (1962). New materials in sculpture : Glass fibre polyester resins, cold casting in metals, vinamould hot melt compounds, vinagel. London: A. Tiranti. [Annotations on inside cover about polyuathane foam and back cover about acids]

Public Library of New South Wales. (1943). The Public Library of New South Wales. Sydney: The Library.

Rostand, E. (1923). Cyrano de Bergerac : An heroic comedy in five acts. New York : Henry Holt. [Inscription and letter to Miss Mayo from Robert Carson].

Ruskin, J. (1907). Selections from the writings of John Ruskin : With biographical introduction by William Sinclair. London : Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. [Inscribed: To Daphne To express my deepest & best wishes for the bif Future from Lloyd 23rd August 1919.]

Stevenson, R. (1914). Travels with a donkey in the Cevennes. London ; Chatto & Windus. [Inscribed: “To Daphne with best wishes from Lloyd Christmas 1916” and Mayo has written “Miss Daphne Mayo Rosebern St Sth Brisbane”]

Streeton, A., & Ure Smith, S. (1919). The art of Arthur Streeton. Sydney: Angus and Robertson. [Inscribed: To Daphne from Lloyd New Year 1919-1920.]

Thompson, F., & Meynell, W. (1910). The Hound of heaven (New ed.). London: Burns & Oates. [Inscribed: Many Happy Returns from Hurdle, Oct 1st 1917.]

Turner, R., & Boyce, M. (1934). Australian Aboriginal signs and symbols : For the use of Boy Scouts. Sydney: Stephensen. [Covered in possibly children’s drawings and scribbles

Van Homrigh, C. (1947). Art and craft : A handbook for students and teachers. Brisbane: A.H. Tucker, Govt. Printer for the Dept. of Public Instruction, Queensland. [Inscribed: With compliments, CMB van Homrigh. Nov, 1947.]

A voyage with the mails between Brisbane - London : Australia and Great Britain: A memento by an amateur photographer with 103 original photographs. (3rd ed.). (1914). London: The London Stereoscopic and Photographic. [Annotated, signed by fellow travellers, and two pages of handwritten notes on 'Who's who and what's what R.M.S. Ormonde']

Winton Tourist Promotion Association. (1973). The bronze swagman book of bush verse : "Gold Star" ; 1972 Award winning verse. Winton, Qld.: Winton Tourist Promotion Association. [Inscribed: With the compliments of the Winton Tourist Promotion Association]

Judith McKay photograph albums

Daphne Mayo's Sydney Studio at 231 George Street was reclaimed by the Sydney Cove Development Authority in 1981. Queensland Trustees Limited, who had power of attorney for Mayo, engaged Judith McKay to direct the sorting and dispersal of the Sydney Studio from 29 June to 8 July 1981. Mayo had been a tenant of the building since 1940 and retained this studio after her move back to Brisbane. She was the last tenant to leave the building. Photographs by Jacqueline Macnaughtan and Tim Collis-Bird.
From volume 1: "These albums were compiled for preservation with the sculptor's papers as a record of the studio and, in particular, to document sculpture and models which were not retrieved from the studio".

McKay, Judith, 1949-

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