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Aboriginal Australians -- Queensland
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Neville Bonner Papers

  • UQFL571
  • Collection
  • 1969-1979

Correspondence, scrapbook, publications.

Bonner, Neville T. (Neville Thomas), 1922-

Records collected by Mrs Bennett & presented to Queensland University : Vol. 1

Scrapbook with handwritten page numbering to 138 with records collected by Mary Bennet. On page.iv "Volume I :Pamplets and notes by Robert Christison, photographs, etc." Contains photographs, reprints and typescripts written by or relating to Sir Robert Christison and also relating to the Dalleburra people who lived on the same land as him.

• a comprehensive index;
• article by S. E. Pearson (1928) 'In the tracks of the pioneers : iv. The laird of Lammermoor', The Pastoral review;
• typescript extracts from letter from C. W. Bowly to Mrs Bennett;
• 'Photograph of a korobbery [sic] of the Dalleburra tribe', taken in 1874 by C. W. Bowley;
• 'Photograph of the old Lammermoor Homestead', taken in 1874 by C. W. Bowly;
• typescript pages with title 'Dalleburra Dictionary' (8 leaves);
• typescript page with title 'Dictionary of the Dalleburras on the Upper Thomson, by R. Christison (The Australian Race, ny E. M. Curr.)' ;
• typescript page with title 'Proper names';
• typescript page with title 'Aboriginal songs';
• copy of M.M. Bennett's article 'Notes on the Dalleburra Tribe of Northern Queensland', reprinted from the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute vol. LVII, 1972;
• newspaper cuttings pasted onto pages, which include articles by M. M. Bennett, and many from the Townsville Daily Bulletin
• papers relating to Alexander Christison: biography, births days of his children, photographs of him, copy of his pamplet titled ‘Saint Paul as a tent-maker’;
• biographical information on Robert Christison;
• pamphlets by Robert Christison: ‘United Australia and Imperial Federation’ (1888); ‘Our colonies suffering a recover : a paper read by Robert Christison at Hobart on March 15th, 1894’
• pamphlets: ‘A letter from the Bishop of North Queensland to the contributors to the North Queensland Church Fund’ (1879);
• 90 b&w photographs.

The photographs are taken between 1896 and 1910 mostly by Mary Christison (nee Godsell) and include views of the Lammermoor Station, Lammermoor homestead, Lammermoor musterers, the Lammermoor herd, Robert Christison, Robert Gray, Charlotte Gray, Fanny Allingham, Dr R. L. Jack (Geologist), Mrs Jack, Mary Sympson Christison (nee Tovey), Bishop Stanton, Mary Christison (nee Godsell), and 21 portrait photographs of individual members of the Dalleburra tribe, dated 1898.

Mary Montgomerie Bennett Papers

  • UQFL202
  • Collection
  • 1839-1929?

The collection comprises two bound scrapbooks of records collected by Mary Montgomerie Bennett when compiling the history of her father, Sir Robert Christison; correspondence; and glass plate negatives. The bound volumes include: newspaper cuttings, extracts of newspaper cuttings, pamphlets, photographs, reprints of articles, and typescripts written by or relating to Sir Robert Christison and the Dalleburra people who lived on the same land. Most of the material covers the period 1870 to 1910. The correspondence is that received by Mrs Bennet regarding her book Christison of Lammermoor. There are notes compiled by Mrs Bennett that accompany the 21 glass plate negatives created by Mary Christison, Mary Bennett mother. The slides are of Lammermoor Homestead and a portrait of Robert Christison, most taken by Mary Christison between the years 1896 to 1910; and of individuals in the Dalleburra Tribe, Mitchell District in North Queensland, 1870 to 1900, taken by Mary Christison.

Bennett, M. M. (Mary Montgomerie), 1881-1961

Should a Queensland Aborigine still beg for his own wages?, November 1970

This leaflet was part of a national campaign to abolish the Trust fund system in Queensland by having individuals request the Commonwealth Banking Corporation dissociate itself from the fund by March 21 1971 or transfer business to another bank. It was reprinted from 'The Australian', Saturday, November 7, 1970.

Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders

Trust fund should end now!

Flyer circulated by the Council for Aboriginal Affairs (Victoria) on behalf of the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders agreeing with the Country Party of Victoria that the Trust fund system in Queensland should end. Includes a resolution for 1971 that the Commonwealth Banking Corporation refuse to handle this fund. Second page has a list of people for campaigners to send their views to.

Should a Queensland Aborigine still beg for his own wages?, October 1970

In October 1970, the FCAATSI decided if the Commonwealth Banking Corporation did not dissociate itself from the Trust Fund system in Queensland they would transfer their business to another bank and called for others to do the same by filling in their details on the leaflet and / or making a donation. In Queensland an assisted Australian Aboriginal may have all or part of their wages be paid into a "trust fund" and was only available upon request to a district officer of the Department of Aboriginal and Island Affairs.

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