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Combined Unions Choir Records

  • UQFL475
  • Collection
  • 1988-2023

This collection has records relating to Combined Unions Choir performances including: administrative records, sheet music, schedules, and song lyrics. There are 564 colour photographs and 13 black and white photographs taken at Combined Unions Choir performances and events. Additional digital photographs are on three CDs and there is a folder with photocopied photographs with pencil notes identifying people. There are two VHS video cassettes, and digital video and audio recordings of their performances.

Combined Unions Choir

Videos and audio recordings

This series is comprised VHS videos, and digital video and audio recordings.

Box 1
Item 1
Gung Ho to Paradise : a community theatre pageant (copyright ACTU Queensland Branch), VHS.

Item 2
Choirs to Congress 1997, VHS.

Box 2
Folder 8
USB with 10 videos of Combined Union Choir performances, 2018 to 2023. Printout of text file listing the videos is in the folder with the USB.

Items 1-7
Seven audiocassettes of recordings of the Combined Unions Choir.

Items 8-21
Fourteen 3.5-inch computer microdisks (floppy disks) containing files possibly relating to interviews with people associated with the Combined Unions Choir.

Item 21
Combined Unions Choir at Mad Ass Folk Club, CD-R, undated.

Item 22
Gung Ho to Paradise, on DVD-R [possibly format shifted by Combined Union Choir?]

Items 23-24
Choirs to Congress, 1997, on two DVD-R discs [possibly format shifted by Combined Union Choir?]

Item 25
Union Choir movies, undated on CD-RW.

Illustrations for Statecraft

60 drawings, preliminary and final, for Statecraft magazine of the UQPPES - University of Queensland Politics, Philosophy & Economics Society

Folder 1
Illustrations for issue 2 (2019)
15 preliminary sketches

Folder 2
Illustrations for issue 3 (2020)
21 drawings, including nine preliminary sketches and 11 drawings for 2020 issue, titled as follows

'Untitled'. An inadvertent philosophical investigation (page 3)
Anthropomorphic screaming fire in a backyard
B & W edit of coloured image

'Untitled'. 'Has our economic response gone too far?' (page 4)
Two bank robbers looking into an empty vault
[Artist's note: Unpublished 'SSAF' image from Semper Floreat - 'SSAF' edited out]

'Untitled'. The new Bradfield scheme: low hanging fruit (page 9)
Elevated image of QLD with a river running downstream to a puddle

[on the same sheet]:
'Untitled'. New visa and no jobs (page 17)
Artists's Note: Redraw of 'Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden ' (Masaccio, 1424-27) with Peter Dutton as 'angel'.

'little relief'.
Artist's note: Small fire.

'Untitled'. Israel & Trump: precedents for US foreign policy (page 10)
Caricature of Trump

'Untitled'. Get off my lawn (page 16)
Fence with pail

'Untitled'. Philosophy's problems with accessibility (page 21)
Group of five images of chaise lounge, Caeser's head, microscope, magnifying lense over book, '101' book that is actually a cake, Caesar's head and apple.

Folder 3
Illustrations for issue 4 (2021)

14 drawings, including eight preliminary sketches (on six sheets) and six final drawings, titled as follows:

'Taking the long-term seriously'

'On getting to heaven'

'The chains of political identity'

'The great realignment of British politics'

'Liberalism in China'

'Australia's balancing act'

Folder 4
Illustrations for issue 5 (2022)

10 drawings, including four preliminary sketches, one page of notes, and six final drawings, titled as follows:

'Stakeholder capitalism and the revamp of terrible ideas'

'Does the market economy need government?'

'Defending Australia amidst an ailing alliance in Asia-Pacific'

'At last, a climage election'

'Looking back at Australia's hollowed-out response to the pandemic'

'Would Orwell listen to sticky fingers?'

Tania Peitzker Papers

  • UQFL310
  • Collection
  • 1970-2022

Tania Peitzker studied at the University of Queensland, undertaking a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in the 1990s. This collection is comprised of material relating to her fourth year honours project. It includes annotated copies of printouts of journal articles, notes, correspondence, drafts of her report 'Toward the construction of a lesbian history in Australia : dyke intellectuals of the liberation movements and their influence on sexual politics today' and her honours thesis 'Questions of politics in the "moment" of the Australian journal of cultural studies : a genealogy of interdisciplinary knowledge and practice in Australia" (1994). Where possible original folders have been retained; and includes material relating to Tania Peitzker's nomination for Australian Historical Association Prize for Australian History; material relating to Queer Collaborations conference, Brisbane, 2-9 July 1994; and a hard bound copy of her PhD dissertation 'Dymphna Cusack (1902-1981) : a feminist analysis of gender in her romantic realistic texts' (2000).Reports, articles, notes, correspondence, publications, dissertation on Dymphna Cusack, draft scripts and poetry. There are creative works, published and unpublished, of Tania Peitzker including her poems, plays, novels, satirical essays, journal articles and short stories. Additionally there is some correspondence, public relations and journalism work.

Peitzker, Tania, 1970-

Rebecca Kilpatrick Works of Art

  • UQFL655
  • Collection
  • 2018-2022

92 drawings, including sketches and final illustrations for the UQ Art Museum as well as UQ student publications Semper Floreat and Statecraft.

Kilpatrick, Rebecca, 1993-

John Denis Fryer Papers

  • UQFL23
  • Collection
  • 1876-2021

The collection contains correspondence, school and university records, photographs; papers, commissions and badges relating from military service in the First World War for Jack Fryer and his brothers who served in World War One. There are papers relating to the Fryer Family and the establishment of the Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature.

Fryer, John Denis, 1895-1923

Fryer Family Papers

Papers and other material donated by members of the Fryer Family which relates to John Denis Fryer or other Fryer family members.

Fryer Family

Performance records

This series is comprised of records relating to performances including: administrative records, sheet music, schedules, and song lyrics.

Box 1
Folder 1
Marco Shortez. ‘The CUC Inchoiry (working title)’, photocopied, includes score, (removed from plastic folder), 1995?

Folder 2
List of known CUC performances, 2006.
Photocopy of pages from Combined Unions Choir Tenth Anniversary Song Book , 1998.
Newspaper cuttings and articles about the Choir’s history.

Folder 3
Song book, Title unknown (Missing Cover), Forest Lodge: Newsletter Printery, undated.
Working Class and National Songs, photocopied, unknown publication details, undated.

Folders 4-13
Ephemera, articles, photocopies of photographs, Choir notices and information, musical event flyers, folk festival brochures and flyers (including Maleny Folk Festival), sheet music. 1988 to 1997.

Box 2
Folder 1
Song lyrics and planning documents for the recording an audio recording. Printed out from CD-ROM which is also in the folder.

Folder 2
Sheet music and report on the performance of Dust in 2015. Printed out from USB which is also in the folder.

Folder 3
Sheet music, programme, performance notes for the Combined Unions Choir River Works performance. undated.

Folders 4-5
Draft script, booking form, evaluation report, sheet music, travel information for the tour for the Fair Play Cabaret, 2006.

Folder 6
Rehearsal schedule, sheet music, flyers and articles about the Dust, 2013.

Folder 7
Flyers, sheet music, recording script relating to Under the cover of covid, 2021.

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