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'On turning forty one'

Two drafts. One draft has printout date from footer 5/13/95, printout title Carey / GQ, 13 May 1995. Both drafts have 2 leaves and handwritten emendations.

Drafts of Home (2002)

Drafts, complete and incomplete, of the autobiographical story that was published in book Four easy pieces (Belmont Press, London, 2002). Not all drafts have numbers and/or dates. Draft numbers are 4 to 7. Working title was 'On going home' and was on the original folder (discarded). Some drafts have printout dates in footer, 19 Apr to 21 Apr 1994.

'History and denial'

Printout of draft, 7 leaves, 13 May 1994. Begins 'When my New York friends come back from Australia....'.

'Making it up'

Three drafts of a speech entitled 'Making it up', all of which start 'You have, standing before you, the person who - well, I was a teenager, I admit but still...'. One draft is incomplete with 4 leaves, and the title in the footer says 'Literary Lunch Spech, Tax Insp. Launch'; the next has 6 unnumbered leaves; and the last has in the footer the title 'FDU Speech', page leaves numbered 1-10, 19 Oct 1992.

From an alien to his second son (1993)

Two drafts of the article From an alien to his second son, published in HQ Magazine in 1993. One has 'First draft' written above title, with handwritten emendations, 6 leaves, undated. The other draft has 7 numbered leaves and is undated.

'Dear Mum & Dad (by Peter Carey)'

Five drafts with four titles, which begins 'My mother and father are dead'. Footer from the final draft has the date 7/5/92 and the title 'Dear Mum & Dad', 10 leaves. Other titles are: 'Child's play', no footer on printout, 9 leaves, undated; 'An expatriate', no footer on printout, 10 leaves, undated; 'An expatriate', no footer on printout, with handwritten emendations, 10 leaves, undated; 'The successful five year old', footer in printout has the title 'Melb. Hyatt Speech', 10 leaves, undated.

A letter to our son [book] (1994)

Page proofs, layout design, queries, corrections for University of Queensland Press edition of A letter to our son. Letters and faxes from Rosie Fitzgibbons, University of Queensland Press, and Michael Ward Designs, August 1994.

Am I safe? (1988)

Two typescript drafts, with emendations: Yellow paper, 6 leaves; and white paper, 7 leaves. Published in Vogue Australia (August 1988) as Am I safe? Carey takes a walk on the dark side of the street.

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