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Non-habitable buildings for the Atherton Tablelands Maize Board

The Atherton Maize Board (Pool) was constituted on 31 August 1923 and was responsible for the marketing of maize produced in Atherton, Mareeba, Herberton, Chillagoe and adjacent areas. New Silos at Atherton and Tolga were completed in 1925 and by 1931 addtional storage was required. This series has plans for silo storage in Tolga, Kairi, and Atherton.

Plan of proposed hopper and elevator tower at silos, Kairi, Maize Pool Board. F.G. Winzar. Mgr.

Architectural plan of proposed hopper and elevator tower at silos in Kairi for Maize Pool Board Manger, F.G. Winzar. Scale 1/8" and 1/2" = 1'. Includes: section of hopper and pit, plan of pit and hopper, elevation of tower, plan of cut off, side elevation of tower and elevator pit, general plan, detail of slide, and section of hopper and schute to pit. Signed: "V.M. Brown. A.R.A.I.A. Architect. Atherton. 3/7/31." The Kairi Maize Silos are the only surviving cluster silo complex on the Atherton Tableland and were heritage listed in 2007.

Proposed extra storage Atherton Maize Pool Board : longitudinal section through bins and headhouse at Atherton silos

Architectural plan of proposed extra storage for Atherton Maize Pool Board at Atherton. Comprises: longitudinal section through bins and headhouse. No scale. Signed: "V.M. Brown. Architect. Atherton. 23/9/32." The plans for the extension were approved by the Public Works Department. John Doyle of Cairns was accepted for the construction of the six new silos at Atherton, which were completed in under seven days.

Vibert McKirdy Brown Architectural Drawings

  • UQFL222
  • Collection
  • 1926-1940.

Vibert McKirdy Brown worked as an architect in North Queensland in the first half of the 20th century. He drew plans for churches, schools, presbyteries, residential houses, hotels, stores, the Atherton hospital and silos for the Atherton Tablelands Maize Board. Most of the buildings were constructed. Some have since been demolished. Two have been heritage listed: the 1930s extension to the Bolands Centre in Cairns and Exchange Hotel in Mossman.

Brown, Vibert McKirdy, 1887-1957

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