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Oodgeroo Noonuccal Papers English
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Oodgeroo Noonuccal Papers

  • UQFL84
  • Collection
  • 1916-1985

This collection contains poetry, prose, speeches, and reports; correspondence; photographs, newspaper cuttings; press releases; invitations; programmes; research material; and plans.

Oodgeroo Noonuccal, 1920-1993

Assorted documents and notes

This file includes; various itineraries; leaflets and handouts regarding Expo 88; Kath Walker election material; two flyers and a ribbon with 'ALP Kath Walker for Greenslopes'; Application by Kath Walker and material for Honorary Warden with the Archaeology Branch Department of Aboriginal and Islander Advancement; 1 students notebook with handwritten notes; events and programmes; promotional material on the programme 'Roots'; handwritten shopping lists; 1980 calendar; newspaper cutting from The Telegraph from 21 Nov 1945 of returning prisoners of war, one of whom is Private E. Ruska of Dunwich; a photograph holder (photograph missing) from Lennons Hotel; and handwritten notes by an undetermined author.

Lists of English rhyming and Australian Aboriginal words

Exercise book with 'Rhymes' on cover and inside has lists of various English rhyming words. Collins Red Circle account books with Vivian Walkers' name on the front with page of words in Aboriginal language(s). Tudor Writing Pad with two pages of words in Aboriginal language(s). Small lined notebook with one page of words in Aboriginal language(s).


Publications (139) of significance to the work, activities, interests and/or life of Kath Walker. Some have inscriptions (such as messages, poems) by authors, some are signed by the author, some are where Kath has signed her name and some are without inscriptions but relate directly to her work.

Publications by authors: A to D


5 poets, 75 1975, North Brisbane College of Advanced Education, Kedron. [Inscribed by Ray Carmichael. Includes a sketch]

9 poets 80 1980, Nine poets eighty, North Brisbane College of Advanced Education, Kedron Park, Qld. [Inscribed: To Kath, Love Jan TJ. (Note the ‘Moongalba’ ref. on p 3)”]

Aboriginal Council 1979, Barambah, Cherbourg 1904-1979, The Council, Cherbourg

Aboriginal land rights : action booklet : extend the freeze! amend the Bill! : Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Bill, 1976. 1976, [Aboriginal Land Rights Campaign?], [Redfern, N.S.W.?]

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders Advancement League 1969, Social services for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, The League, Cairns, Qld.

Adler, E 1981, Justice for aboriginal Australians : report of the World Council of Churches team visit to the aborigines June 15 to July 3, 1981, Australian Council of Churches, Sydney.

Andersen, M, Neill, L & Pitt, G 1974, 3 poets 1974, North Brisbane College of Advanced Education, Kedron Park.

Angus, A 1967, Variety of verse, s.n., Bairnsdale. [Inscription from Dorothy Hilda Featerstone. Includes a letter from Dorothy and an accompanying a copy of The Poetry Lover, no.107, 1965, with handwritten note]

Answering your questions about Aborigines : with directory of Aboriginal Departments and reading guide 1969, 4th ed. edn, Aboriginal Affairs, Parkville, Vic. [‘Aboriginal & Islanders Tribal Council’ stamps]

Anti-Slavery Society For The Protection Of Human Rights 1970, The Aborigines of Australia : a report to the Committee, Anti-Slavery Society for the Protection of Human Rights, London

Australia. Department of Territories 1963, The Aborigines and you, Government Printer, Canberra.

Australia. Department of Territories 1960, The skills of our aborigines : prepared for use by the National Aborigines' Day Observance Committee and its associates in connexion with the celebration of National Aborigines' Day in Australia, 8th July, 1960, Government Printer, Canberra.

Australia. Office of the Commissioner for Community Relations. Australia. Office of the Commissioner for Community, R 1979, Let's end the slander : combating racial prejudice in teaching materials, Office of the Commissioner for Community Relations, Canberra.

Australian National Commission for Unesco 1953, Australian Aboriginal culture : an exhibition, Government Printer, Sydney.

Bamaga High School 1973, Bamaga High School magazine, [The School], [Bamaga, Qld.]. [‘Mrs K.W.’ on cover]

Barker, B & Barker, M 1979, Australian Aborigines - towards a history (trial course), Brenn Barker, South Caulfield, Vic. [Signed by Brenn Barker to Kath Walker]

Baxter, JK & Olds, P 1972, Letter to Peter Olds : poem, Caveman Press, Dunedin.

Beier, G 1976, Exhibition of batik, prints, gold leaf drawings, and welded iron sculpture, Port Moresby, 25 June 1976.

Bennett, MM 1957, Human rights for Australian aborigines : how can they learn without a teacher?, Truth and Sportsman Ltd., Brisbane.

Bennett, S 1975, Poems from the paddy wagon, Cochon, Townsville. [Limited to 50 copies. Inscribed to Kath from Steff Bennett 22 Feb 1975]

Black Resource Centre 1976, The Queensland Aborigines Act and Regulations, 1971, Black Resource Centre, Brisbane.

Blandford, PWPW 1941, Netmaking : for seamen, yachtsmen, Boy scouts and others, Brown, Son & Ferguson, Glasgow. [Handwritten on cover ‘Museum Art Gallery Moongalba’]

Boyd, D 1974, Rolling thunder: a personal exploration into the secret healing powers of an American Indian medicine man, Delta, New York, NY. [Inscribed by Riley Smith, December 1978, Bloomsburg, Penn., USA]

Buchanan, C 1974, We have bugger all! : the Kulaluk story, Race Relations Department, Australian Union of Students, Carlton.

Campbell, AH 1958, The Aborigines and Torres Islanders of Queensland, United Nations Association, Western Suburbs Branch, Brisbane.

Cato, N 1957, The dancing bough, Angus & Robertson, Sydney. [Inscribed by Nancy Cato, 27 May 1967]

Cato, N 1958, All the rivers run, Heinemann, London. [Inscribed by Nancy Cato, 1981]

Chatswood High School 1965, Punari : the annual magazine of Chatswood High School, The School, Chatswood [Handwritten on cover ‘page 15’]

Chester, L 1965, Unikara, Penpress, Brisbane. [Inscribed by Leonard Chester, 28 Oct 1965]

Chimojalmako / Soul, 1975, University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. [Inscribed by some contributors]

Church and community (Christchurch, N.Z.) 1969, 1972, National Council of Churches in New Zealand, Christchurch. [Interview with Kath Walker in vol. 29 no. 9 1972 issue; Aboriginal Charter of Rights on back cover of vol. 26 no. 3 1969]

Colliver, FS & Queensland. Dept. of Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement. Archaeology, B 1974, Some plant foods of the Queensland aborigine, Colliver, Frederick Stanley and Queensland. Dept. of Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement. Archaeology Branch, St. Lucia.

Conspiracy by the state : defend Walker, Garcia & Lacey 1975, Ad Hoc Committee for the Defence, Spring Hill, Qld.

Coreno, M 1964, Ricordanze : liriche, R. Ozola, Rome. [Inscribed by Mariano Coreno 19 Dec 1964]

Council for Aboriginal Affairs 1970, *Report on consultations with Queensland Aborigines, Council for Aboriginal Affairs, Townsville.

Dalgleish, HD 1968, Tie my swag to a rainbow, The Author, Perth. [Signed by author, 1968]

Daugavas, V 1978, Latvia and Latvians, Central Board 'Daugavas Vanagi', London. [Accompanied by letter 17 Sep 1979]

Dawe, B 1978, Sometimes gladness : collected poems, 1954-1978, Longman Cheshire, Hawthorn, Vic. [Inscribed ‘To Kath From friends at North Brisbane C.A.E., 1 Feb 1981’]

Dennis CJ [1916?], Moods of Ginger Mick, Angus and Robertson, Sydney. [Inscribed by Hilda Lane, 16 Mar 1965 with newspaper cutting, poem by Hilda Lane ‘Black Babies’ pasted to inside cover and ‘The glove tree’ pasted to inside back cover; includes a poem by Hilda Lane to Dame Mary with love inserted in book]

Dostoyevsky, F 1974, Notes From The Underground, Bantam Books, New York, NY. [Inscribed by S.S. “Smokey” Rovner, 28 Aug 1975]

Downs, I 1970, The stolen land, Jacaranda Press, Milton, Qld. [Signed Kath Walker 1979]

Publications by authors: S to W

Scarborough, JC 1966, Uncle Toms wurley, Author, Adelaide.

Sergeant, H 1967, Commonwealth poems of today, Murray, London. [Signed by several people, 14 Aug 1968]

Sharpe, M 1977, Bundjalung reader. Baryulgil dialect 1 Institute of Aboriginal Community Development, Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education, [Armidale, N.S.W.]

Sherman, P 1976, Melba, University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia. [Inscribed by author, 10 Nov 1980]

Sixty years on : a commemorative publication for The Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland Section 1981, Brisbane, Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland.

Snyder, G 1960, Myths & texts, Totem Press, New York. [Inscribed by author, 21 Sep 40081]

Snyder, G, 1977, The old ways : six essays, City Lights Books, San Francisco. [Inscribed by author, 21 Sep 40081]

Spencer, B & Gillen, FJ 1927, The Arunta : a study of a stone age people, Macmillan, London. [Signed by Kath Walker; Signed by W. H. Coull 17 Apr 1944]

Stanner, WEH 1969, After the dreaming : black and white Australians : an anthropologist's view, A.B.C., Sydney.

Strano, L 1969, Una forcatella di spine, Ital-Print, Sydney. [Poem by author for Kath Walker, 26 Nov 1970]

Strano, L 1970, Mostratemi la via di gire al monte, University of Auckland, Auckland. [Signed by author]

Strehlow, TGH 1961, Nomads in no-man's-land, Aborigines Advancement League Inc. of South Australia, Adelaide.

Strehlow, TGH 1964, Assimilation problems : the Aboriginal viewpoint, Aborigines Advancement League Inc. of South Australia, Adelaide.

Stuart, D 1971, Ilbarana, Georgian House, Melbourne. [On title page ‘return to Kath Walker Moongalba via Dunwich Stradbroke Is 4163’]

Summers, HJ 1966, Ashes of the angry years : a novel, Australasian Book Society, Sydney. [Signed by author; Signed by Kath Walker]

Suradi, B 1962, Contemporary progressive Indonesian poetry, League of People's Culture, [Djakarta?] [Inscribed by Ted ?, Jun 1963]

Sutton, B 1974, The champion sticker licker : and other stories, The Communist Arts Group, Brisbane.

Sykes, B 1979, Love poems : and other revolutionary actions, Saturday Centre, Cammeray, N.S.W.

Thomson, DF 1946, 'Justice' for Aborigines, The Herald, Melbourne. [Name and address for R. G. Hill on cover]

Tomlinson, J 1900, Reflections of a fool : and other poems, s.n., S.l. [Inscribed by author, 20 Feb 1968]

Tomlinson, J 1974a, Confessions of an opiat eater, Wobbly Press, Darwin. [Inscribed by author]

Tomlinson, J 1974b, Institutionalization : a way of life in Aboriginal Australia, Amnesty International, Brisbane.

Tomlinson, J 1977, Is band-aid social work enough?, The Wobbly Press, Darwin. [Includes letter from Carl Wallace, 12 May 1977]

Tuck, A 1984, The Australian revolution 1983 : the threat to the family, the constitution, our system of law and way of life from the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Sex Discrimination Act, 3rd ed. rev. edn, The Australian revolution, The Author, Yandina, Qld.

Vleeskens, C 1979, Long hair : poems, Angus & Robertson, Sydney.

Walker, J 1960, No sunlight singing, Hutchinson, London. [Inscribed by author; Signed by Kath Waker]

Wannan, B, Allsop, J & Jack, K 1962, Baraiyo : Australian essays, stories, verse, Hawthorn Press, Melbourne. [Inscribed by Bruce ?]

Wignell, E 1981, A Boggle of bunyips, Hodder and Stoughton, Sydney. [Inscribed by author, 15 Nov 1981]

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. Gold Coast & Hinterland Branch 1980, Wildlife newsletter, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Surfers Paradise, Qld., vol. 7, no. 5, November 1980. [Article about Kath Walker as guest speaker]

Williams, J 1970, The dreaming vine : poems of peace, women & environment, Realist Publication, Sydney.

Wilson, LG 1973, A new start in a new state? : (Is an aboriginal new state movement the way towards rehabilitation of the Aboriginal people?), L.G. Wilson, Brisbane, Qld.

Wright, J 1965, The generations of men, First paperback edition edn, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

'Unpublished poems and stories, copies only, for America'

The original folder had the title 'Unpublished poems and stories, copies only, for America'. It contains a list of stories and poems (2 copies) with handwritten details for Kath Walker. The poems: ‘Blue Crane’, ‘Mangrove Bird’, ‘Minjerriba’, ‘Butcher Bird’, ‘Moongalba Peacocks’, ‘Credit and Loss’, ‘The Golden Voice’, ‘Oration’, ‘On Trugganner’, ‘Papua New Guinea’, ‘Bluff Mountain’, ‘Little Bean’, ‘Hari Sastra’, ‘Iban Longhouse’, ‘Yussef (Hi-jacker)’, ‘Commonplace’, ‘Exile’, ‘Grey Gum’, and ‘Sister Poet’. An extra poem, not on the list is included: 'Son of a son of mine'. Short stories: ‘Wail Rock’, ‘No horses for a month’, ‘Ole Mick’, ‘The Bunyip’, ‘Black Jimmy's Crime’, ‘We Look after our Own’, ‘I feared old Kindarra’

Speeches and reports

This subseries contains speeches and reports by (or attributed to) Oodgeroo Noonuccal in the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s.

Speeches and reports, 1961 to 1969

The file consists of 13 speeches or reports made by, or attributed to, Kath Walker between 1961 and 1969. There are:

  1. Copy of Speech by Kath Walker. Advancement of Aboriginal League & University of New England, 26 to 28 May 1961 (2 drafts, one with handwritten annotations)
  2. Copy of evidence given by Mrs Kathleen Jean Mary Walker to Parliamentary Select Committee, 16 June 1961
  3. The future of Aboriginal groups : report of conference held at Grafton 22 to 24 Sep 1961 [attributed to Kath Walker] (2 copies)
  4. Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement : Situation of Aboriginal and Islanders in Queensland, 1962?
  5. Report on the history of Aboriginal Organisations, Brisbane, Queensland, 7 Jul 1963, (handwritten annotations)
  6. The following is a report covering what I consider must be done, in the interest of Aboriginals and Islanders in Queensland, 13 Jul 1964
  7. Speech delivered by Mrs. K. Walker? Q'ld State Secretary Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 5 Sep 1964, beginning "1963 was described as the …."
  8. Speech to Brisbane Rotary Club, Lennons hotel, 20 Oct 1964, beginning "Gentlemen, The Aboriginal question is a very complex one."
  9. Conference report "Aborigines - the forgotten people" given at the Anthropology and Sociology Society Conference, 22 to 23 Apr 1967
  10. Report to the Australian Council of Churches on the World Council of Churches "Consultation on Racism" held in London 19 May 1969 (with handwritten annotations)
  11. Political Rights for Aborigines, Presented to the Easter Conference of F.C.A.A.T.S.I., 5 Apr 1969 (3 copies)
  12. White Racism and White Violence, June 1969 (2 copies)
  13. Coalition of Black and White Australians, July 1969
  14. Black Australians : Speech delivered to the Journalist Club, Sydney 16 Sept. 1969 (2 drafts)

Publishers, Jacaranda

This file includes correspondence, press releases, agreements and permission fee payments letters relating to Jacaranda Press and later, Jacaranda Wiley. Jacaranda Press published We are going, the first book of poems by Kath Walker.

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