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273 painted panels, oil on composition board, each 20 x 20cm, which form three works collectively titled SIEV X.
Three additional painted panels, each 20 x 20 cm, in Box 4.

An Imaginary Life [Novel] (1978)

An Imaginary Life is a novel dealing with the last years of the Roman poet Ovid in exile and his strange relationship with a wolf-child. It was first published in 1978. Originally the title was 'Letters from Pontus'. Includes letters from George Braziller Inc., New York relating to the publication of this novel, typescript drafts of the novel, editorial markup by literary argent Curtis Brown of the final draft, and changes for final draft.

The Conversations at Curlow Creek [Novel] (1996)

'The year is 1827, and in a remote hut on the high plains of New South Wales, two strangers spend the night in talk. One, Carney, an illiterate Irishman, ex-convict and bushranger, is to be hanged at dawn. The other, Adair, also Irish, is an officer of the police who has been sent to supervise the hanging. As the night wears on, the two discover unexpected connections between their lives, and learn new truths. Outside the hut, Adair's troopers sit uneasily, reflecting on their own pasts and futures, waiting for the morning to come. With ironic humour and in prose of starkly evocative power, the novel moves between Australia and Ireland to explore questions of nature and justice, reason and un-reason. , the workings of fate, and the small measure of freedom a man may claim in the face of death.' Source: Publisher's blurb (Vintage reprint).
This sub-series contains handwritten and typescript drafts, with emendations.

Voss : Opera in Two Acts After the Novel by Patrick White [Libretto] (1980-1981)

Voss is an opera in two acts based on the novel by Patrick White. The score is by Richard Meale and the libretto by David Malouf. This subseries includes a handwritten outline of Voss, a typescript of the libretto with many handwritten corrections, and a photocopy of the music score, inscribed by Richard Meale to David Malouf.

Malouf, David, 1934-

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