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Peter Carey Papers
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Research material for The tax inspector

Research material including booklets, brochures, articles, newspaper cuttings, and notes on Campbelltown, NSW, Krishna, cars, explosives, plants, and taxation.

The unusual life of Tristan Smith [novel] (1994)

The first working title for The unusual life of Tristan Smith was 'Inside the mouse' and the second was 'The Dog, The Duck and The Mouse' (also known as 'Dog, Duck, Mouse'). It was first published in 1994 in Australia by University of Queensland Press and in the United Kingdom by Faber & Faber. The book was written with two sections: Book 1 'My life in Efica' (Chapters 1-58) and Book 2 'Travels in Voorstand' (Chapters 1-56).This subseries includes drafts, complete and incomplete, with details of drafts and versions in the footers of most. Drafts are mainly computer printouts with handwritten emendations, extensive on some drafts; also included are printouts of Carey's computer directory giving details of files which indicate his work schedule. Some folders of 5th and 6th draft material have interleaved sheets of handwritten notes by Alison Summers. The unusual life of Tristan Smith was winner of the Age Book of the Year Award in 1994.

Drafts of 'The dog, the duck, the mouse' (The unusual life of Tristan Smith)

'The dog, the duck, the mouse' (also known as 'The dog, the duck and the mouse' and 'Dog, Duck, Mouse') was the working title for The unusual life of Tristan Smith. These drafts are for the 3rd to 6th, from 1992 and 1993. Some are without a title page, some are incomplete and some have handwritten emendations and notes (typescript and handwritten).

Draft 3 of The big bazoohley, up to chapter 18

Incomplete draft, 62 leaves, ends at chapter 18, typescript leaves numbered by hand. Footer indicates all leaves are from 3rd draft, some from draft 3#1, some from draft 3#2. All leaves are dated 15 April 1994.

Page proofs of the The big bazoohley from Henry Holt and Company

First page proofs for "The big bazoohley* for the Henry Holt and Company publication in the United States, 115 leaves, with some handwritten emendations, and accompanied by a letter from Albert LaFarge, Associate Editor of John Macrae Books, 24 Apr 1995.

Drafts of Jack Maggs

Typescript drafts 1-8 of the novel, and complete copies of final manuscript with print out dates and chapter/draft numbers in the footer. There are several copies of the 7th draft some with annotations by Robert McCrum and Carey. Annotations date the 7th draft as being October and November 1996. 8th draft has annotation by Carey: "with Alison's suggestions". There is also folders of rejected material mainly from 3rd and 6th drafts labelled: "Off-cuts".

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