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Non-Australian playscripts

Box 5
Folder 1: "Scenes from Camino Real"
Folder 2: Cox, Constance, "Everyman, a new version of the famous morality play"
Folder 3: "Gild the mask again"
Folder 4: Musaphia, Joseph, "Mothers and fathers"
Folder 5: Huxley, Aldous, "The Gioconda smile"
Folder 6: Jones, Tom, "The Fantasticks"
Folder 7: Egner, Thorbjorn, "The singing town"
Folder 8: Ayckbourn, Allan, "Absurd person singular"
Folder 9: Lan, David, "Painting a wall"
Folder 10: Stott, Mike, "Midnight"
Folder 11: "Paquerette"
Folder 12: Shaw, Bernard, "Androcles and the lion"
Folder 13: "The princess with a load on her mind"
Folder 14: Chiltern, John, "Four from the end"
Folder 15: Sherness, Marsha, "Professor George"
Folder 16: O'Leary, Martin, "Spasm"

Box 6
Folder 1: "Keep your eye on Amelia"
Folder 2: Saroyan, William, "The beautiful people"
Folder 3: Brecht, Bertolt, "Trumpets and drums"
Folder 4: Spewack, Samuel, "Under the sycamore tree"
Folder 5: "Check to the Queen"
Folder 6: "The typists"
Folder 7: "Sweeny Todd scripts"
Folder 8: [Untitled, beings p 3 "The eighteenth century"]
Folder 9: Williams, Tennessee, "Summer and smoke"
Folder 10: "Cream"
Folder 11: Young, William, "Electra"
Folder 12: Murray, John, "Dry run"
Folder 13: Simpson, Evan, "The circling bird"
Folder 14: "The magic mirror"

Box 7
Folder 1: Ayckbourn, Alan, "Absurd person singluar"
Folder 2: Dumas, Alexander, "Kean", adapted by Jean-Paul Sartre, translated by Frank Hauser
Folder 3: Thomas, Robert, "Catch me if you can", adapted from the French version by Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert
Folder 4: Gray, Nicholas Stuart, "The princess and the swineherd"
Folder 5: Connelly, Marc, "The green pastures"
Folder 6: Braun, Wilbur, "Her fatal beauty; or, a shop-girl's honor"
Folder 7: Taylor, Samuel, "The happy time"
Folder 8: Goetz, Ruth and Augustus, "The heiress"
Folder 9: Brecht, Bertolt, "The threepenny opera"
Folder 10: Coppard, JAS, "Sordid story"
Folder 11: Totheroh, Dan, "The stolen prince"
Folder 12: "Snowangel"
Folder 13: "Stage door"
Folder 14: Duerrenmatt, Friedrich, "The visit" (stage manager's copy)
Folder 15: Tilt, Jan, "Vanity fair"
Folder 16: "Three sisters"

Box 8
Folder 1: "Tom Sawyer"
Folder 2: Schisgal, Murray, "The tiger"
Folder 14: "The Queen and the Rebels (La Regina e gli Insorti)" by Ugo Betti, translated by Henry Reed.
Folder 15: "The Make-Believe Doctor", by Moliere, translated from the French by Sandra Jean Gordon.

Parcel 1
Item 1: [Stoppard, Tom], “The real Inspector Hound” [photocopy]
Folder 3: Sheiness, Martha, “Stop the parade”
[McDonald, James; Vos, David; Gerlach, Robert], “Something’s afoot” – musical scores for piano and vocals
Folder 4:“Introduction of the guests”; “Marvellous weekend”; “Changing music”; “Marvellous weekend Tag”
Folder 5: “Something’s afoot”
Folder 6: “Carry on”
Folder 7: “Trust you”
Folder 8: “The man with the ginger moustache”
Folder 9: “Suspicious”
Folder 10: “I know what I’m looking for”
Folder 11: “You fell out of the sky”
Folder 12: “Problematical solution”
Folder 13: “I owe it all”
Folder 14: “New day”
Folder 15: “Bows and curtain calls”
“Something’s afoot” – other musical scores
Item 16: Piano conductor
Item 17: Bass
Item 18: Percussion I + II

Unknown playscripts

Box 8
Folder 3: [Untitled, starts at Act 2]
Folder 4: "The Frog Prince"
Folder 5: "The pigeon with the silver foot"
Folder 6: The princess and the woodcutter"
Folder 7: Brothers Capek, "And so ad infinitum (the life of the insects)" [incomplete]
Folder 8: "The prisoner" (stage manager's copy)
Folder 9: Aitken, Bill, "Money makes the world go round"
Folder 10: Aitken, Bill, "The perils of Pinky"
Folder 11: McDonald, James et al, "Something's afoot" (stage manager's copy)
Folder 12: "Epiphany"
Folder 13: "The conversion of the Anglo-Saxons"

Parcel 1
Folder 2: "The off-beat outing"

Twelfth Night Theatre Library Records

  • UQFL143
  • Collection
  • 1936-ca. 1979

Playscripts of plays (and accompanying musical scores) performed by the Twelfth Night Theatre Company. Most are typescript, many are annotated. Some correspondence; a print library catalogue.

Twelfth Night Theatre (Brisbane, Qld.)

Caroline Tennant memoir

  • F3749
  • Item
  • 2014

Print out of typed draft biography relating to Caroline Tennant, whom Claire Wagner met while working with the Cumberland County Council. Undated, possibly written in 2014.

Wagner, Claire

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