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Papua New Guinea Association of Australia Papers

  • UQFL387
  • Collection
  • 1897-2006

Photographs, typescript articles, correpondence, diaries, notes and ephemera documenting personal experiences of colonial administration and general life in Papua New Guinea. The collection was assembled by Dr Peter Cahill, from material donated by members of the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia. Some slides of the Middle East, Australia, England and Ireland.
Bulk of papers from period 1930s-1950s.
Includes explanatory notes by Dr Peter Cahill.

Papua New Guinea Association of Australia

Raphael Cilento Papers

  • UQFL44
  • Collection
  • 1913-[198-]

Personal and professional papers, including biographical material and family history, official correspondence 1927 to 1932, personal and professional correspondence 1932 to 1972, diaries 1913 to 1971, manuscripts, public lectures, radio scripts, reports, reprints, files relating to his service with UNRAA and United Nations, photographs. Interests include the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, National Trust of Australia and Australian League of Rights. Includes photographs of New Guinea from 1920s; also some papers relating to Sister Elizabeth Kenny, and indigenous people of north Queensland.

Cilento, R. W. (Raphael West), 1893-1985

Fryer Library Photograph Collection

  • UQFL477
  • Collection
  • ca. 1860-ca. 1980

Approximately 900 photographs, mostly black and white, some sepia. Photographs mostly relating to Queensland people and places, but including interstate and overseas photographs. Includes photographs of Australian authors, the 1893 Brisbane floods, and Mornington Island (Queensland). There are also a number of photographs of Papua New Guinea which were originally in the Beazley collection (UQFL271). Other photographs of Queensland people and places can be found in UQFL479.

Fryer Memorial Library

Arthur Power Lyons Papers

  • UQFL185
  • Collection
  • 1884-1977.

Photographs, diaries, correspondence, maps, journals, publications, annual reports, typescripts, articles relating to Papua New Guinea by Arthur Lyons, John Murphy, Daphne Winnifred Lyons, and others.

Lyons, A. P. (Arthur Power), 1879-1965

Guy Broad Photographs

  • UQFL272
  • Collection
  • 1928-c.1971

115 black and white photographs of Papua New Guinea, depicting Rabaul, Edie Creek goldfields, Wau, Samarai and Bulolo. 32 photographs record the eruption of Matupi volcano, Rabaul, May 1937. Handwritten identifying notes on back of each photograph.

Broad, Guy

Kathleen Vellacott-Jones Photographs

  • UQFL133
  • Collection
  • ca. 1914-1969.

This collection includes publications and slides, black and white photographs, 16mm film, taken by Kathleen Vellacott-Jones. The bulk of photographs were taken between 1954 and 1968.

Vellacott-Jones, Kathleen


1479 35mm slide mounted transparencies, most individually captioned. Slides were arranged into subject files by the creator, as outlined below. Also 39 35mm negatives.

==Album 1==
2 pages of notes
Cath Healy, 18 slides
Mrs C-D personal, 21 slides
Papua 1-400, 229 slides
Papua and New Guinea 401-800, 211 slides

==Album 2==
Brisbane, 83 slides
NSW & ACT, 118 slides
USA, 21 slides
France, 12 slides
Pacific isles, 160 slides
Mekeo agricultural development, 211 slides
Mekeo rice project, 39 negatives

==Album 3==
Black and white II [images from PNG], 276 slides
Black and white III [images from PNG], 122 slides

George D. Hawkins Photographs

  • UQFL270
  • Collection
  • ca.1925-1956.

85 photographs of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. Includes photographs of the volcanic eruptions near Rabaul in 1937.
Bulk are from 1937.

Hawkins, George D.

Loose photographs

153 photographs, black and white, most individually captioned.

Item 1: Lake Murray Patrol Post, Western District, 28 May 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 2: Patrol Officer Ted Hicks, Lake Murray, 25 Aug 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 3: A Lake Murray Man, May 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 4: Some Lake Murray People and Canoe, May 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 5: Visitors Lake Murray including Catalina Crew, May 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 6: Visitors to Lake Murray including Catalina Crew, May 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 7: Some Lake Murray Peddlers, May 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 8: Patrol Officer Ted Hicks dining room in Lake Murray…, 28 May 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 9: Patrol Officer Ted Hicks residence, Lake Murray, 28 May 1948 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 10: Bereina Agric.Station, c1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 11: Bill Cottrell-Dormer and some of the trainees, Meko, c1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 12: Trainees at Ionawaia Ag.Station (Extension), c1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 13: Thorala Sorensen (Agronomist) Dept. of Ag. Bereina, c1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 14: Young Coffee and some of the Trainees, Mekeo, c1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 15: Young Coffee, Mekeo, c1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 16: Sun drying copra - ceylon cut, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 17: Sun drying copra - ceylon cut, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 18: Plantation Building, Papua Gold Coast, c1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 19: Dept of Agric Library Konedobu Pt Moresby...At right is office of Cottrell-Dormer when he was Director, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 20: Boys Brass Band at Vunapope Catholic Mission, c1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 21: Gazelle Peninsula, 1950 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 22: Cottrell-Dormer's new house at Inawaia. Mrs Cottrell-Dormer (nee Healey) in foreground, Oct 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 23: Inawai - goodies for the feast to mark opening of Bill Cottrell-Dormer's new residence, Oct 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 24: Rolling up for feast [Inawai], [Oct 1952] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 25: Pigs for feast [Inawai], [Oct 1952] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 26: Pigs for feast at Doma Pangua (Dormer's place) Inawai, Mekeo, Oct 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 27: Food for the Feast, Inawai Mekeo, Oct 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 28: Ready for the Feast [Inawai], [Oct 1952] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 29: Inawai, Mekeo area setting up the feast at Doma Pangua (Dormer's place), Oct 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 30: Some of the dancers and feathers at the opening of Cottrell-Dormer's new residence (Doma Pangua) at Inawaia, Mekeo, 10 Oct 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 31: Inawaia - village constable at the feast with a cap of his own invention, 1952 (16.5X11.5cm)
Item 32: A medicine man from Inawabaia(?), 1952 (16.5X11.5cm)
Item 33: Mekeo Dancers, Inawaia, Oct 1952 (16.5X11.5cm)
Item 34: Roro woman with typical tattooing - near Epo, Kanuka Sub-District, May 1950 (17.5X11.5cm)
Item 35: Roro women (S.Papua) with typical tattoo, May 1950 (17.5X11.5cm)
Item 36: School children of Roro Village, Southern Papua, Feb 1951 (17.5X11.5cm)
Item 37: Stretch of rainforest along St. Josephs River (native name is Anga Bunga), Feb 1951 (17.5X11.5cm)
Item 38: Patrol post at Gaima, Fly River abandoned c1951, May 1948 (17.5X11.5cm)
Item 39: Hanuabada Village from the air during rebuilding LMS Mission House on hill middle background (Rev Uhr), May 1950 (17.5X11.5cm)
Item 40: Kikori Headquarters of Gulf Dist. Kikori R, May 1948 (17.5X11.5cm)
Item 41: Eboa Village Kairuku, sub-district of Papua. Small fish wrapped in Manta leaves, cooking on hot stones, Oct 1950 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 42: Clearing scrub for road from Epo to Mou near the barge landing at Mou, Kairuku, sub-district of Papua, Mid 1950 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 43: Bridge under construction Mou-Epo Road, Kairuku, sub-district of Papua, Oreke Creek, Sep 1950 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 44: Malcolm Wright, Asst Dist Officer, Mekeo, Papua negotiating with owners for purchase of land near Inaweia for extension stn, Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 45: Traditional fighting ground near Inawaia Village, Kairuku, sub-district Papua. People gathered to discuss with ADO Malcolm Wright, sale of portion of land for agric extension post, Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 46: Epo, Papua (Kairuku Sub-district) Airstrip and trial rice plots, May 1950 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 47: Leon Bridgeland, Jack Lamrock (Ag.Officer), Bobby Gibbs (DFC pilot) J.K.Murray (Admin of PNG) Mekeo Rice Project, Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 48: Epo-Beipa Road (Cath Mission heifer) Agric Officers Jack Lamrock (left) and Leon Bridgeland, May 1950 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 49: J.K.Murray (Admin) addressing Mekeo people during visit to Epo, 1950 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 50: Hand-operated brick making machine (from Sth.American pattern) used in Mekeo Rice Project, Feb 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 51: Preparing for fire bricks Epo Kairuku, sub-district Papua, Jun 1950 (17.5x12.5cm)
Item 52: Admin J.K.Murray inspects finished bricks. Left is Leon Bridgeland (Ag Off) Right is Bobby Gibbs DFC Pilot, Feb 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 53: Brick factory Epo, Feb 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 54: Mekeo Rice Project - packhorse belonging to Catholic Mission. Left Leon Bridgeland (Ag. Officer) Right Jack Lamrock (Ag.Officer), Feb 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 55: Epo - Admin Col.J.K.Murray talks to village natives and trainees. Jack Lamrock (Ag.Off.) back right, Feb 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 56: Prof.O.K.Spate (ANU) visiting Mekeo Rice Project, 1952 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 57: Larry Dwyer (Asst.Dir Dept of Ag.) on way to Mekeo Rice Project. W.Poggendorf (Dept.Ag NSW) at rear, Feb 1952 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 58: W.Poggendorf (rice expert NSW Dept.Ag.) on way to Mekeo Rice Project, Feb 1952 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 59: Touring mission barge (designed by Mick Vesper) in Ethel River, Mekeo. Towing boat is Elsie May, Aug 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 60: Prof.Bellfield (Uni Vancouver anthrop) at Eba Village, Kairuku, Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 61: Rice breeding plot near Inauweia, Mekeo, Sep 1952 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 62: Dwarf rice plants Epo, Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 63: Roro Pitara women in the rice field near Epo (Mekeo Rice Project), Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 64: Mekeo Rice Project - Right John Bell (Station Manager at Epo). Larry Dwyer Asst.Director Agric, Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 65: Lodged dry rice field Mekeo, Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 66: Bringing the Massey Harvester Epo - Mekeo Rice Project. Arthur Charles (Agron.) in white shirt, Jun 1951 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 67: Ricefield, Mekeo, Jun 1950 (17.5X12.5cm)
Item 68: Native garden-planting Mekeo, late 1949 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 69: Cleaning up the hulled rice Mekeo - An Inauaia girl, late 1949 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 70: Rice hand mill at Inauaia Village, end 1949 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 71: Hand hulling - Mekeo, late 1949 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 72: Threshing, Kenaf canes, Iseku Epo area of Mekeo, Nov 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 73: Threshing Kenaf, some of which is growing in b/ground Iseku, Epo, Mekeo, Nov 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 74: Oriropitana Village Mekeo, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 75: Beipa Mill shed and some of the produce ready for shipment, Jan 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 76: A "futuristic", unusual native house, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 77: Dept of Ag's Equipment shed at Beipa Extension Station, Mekeo area, Nov 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 78: Single officers quarters at Konedobu known as "Belsen No.2", [195?] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 79: House built for Baden Wales, project manager at Epo, Mekeo area, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 80: Beipa in Mekeo area. Agric Officers house and office, [195?] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 81: Rural Progress Society's rice barn, Mekeo, late 1949 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 82: New staff house building, Jun 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 83: New staff quarters going up, Jun 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 84: Aipeana Village - erecting the Rural Progress Society's barn, Nov 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 85: Beipa, Mekeo: Rural Progress Society's rice mill, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 86: Aipeana Village, native building methods using local materials, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 87: Mekeo Building Methods at Aipeana - Rural Progress Society - local materials, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 88: Back view of dancers of Inauai, Dec 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 89: Inauaia, Mekeo - young men dressed and painted for a dance, Dec 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 90: Close-up of Inauaia dancer, Dec 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 91: Close-up of Inauaia dancer, [Dec 1951] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 92: Ililaga landing, Mekeo. An Aipeana canoe taking films from Extension Studio for a show in the village. A typical Mekeo canoe, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 93: Native helpers assisting in search for suitable dam site near Rarai Village, Mekeo, Dec 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 94: Inauaia girls set for a welcoming dance, 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 95: Dancers welcome Cottrell-Dormer and his wife when they arrived at Inauaia to take up appt as District Agric Officer in charge of Mekeo Rice Project, 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 96: Native children of Inauaia, Mekeo, [195?] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 97: Inauaia women ready for welcoming dance, 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 98: Mekeo man of importance , [195?] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 99: Bonaparte returns to his village after a spell of employment, Inauaia, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 100: McCarthy, Gleeson, Allan Overstone at rice barn, Ebda Village in Mekeo, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 101: Bohuni Village near Pt Moresby A female ag. officer on extension work with the women, [195?] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 102: Jack Lamrock (Agric Officer) in his office at Epo Mekeo, [195?] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 103: Left Greg Graham and Leon Bridgeland at Jackson's Airport, Port Moresby, [195?] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 104: Ag.Officer, Jack Lamrock chats with some Rarai Village men, Dec 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 105: Jack Lamrock, Ag.Officer, Epo, Dec 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 106: Jack Lamrock with Aisa, an Agric assistant at Beipa rice shed, Jan 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 107: Mrs.Cottrell-Dormer on road between Beipa and Inawouni, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 108: Native trainees planting rice - Iesubaibua, Mekeo, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 109: Native trainees at Iesubaibua planting rice, [1952] (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 110: Mother is working in the garden, Mekeo [2 small children waiting], 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 111: Children wait while mother works in garden, Mekeo, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 112: Woman preparing ground for rice planting, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 113: Traditional meeting ground for councils, battles and trading of the local people in Mekeo area, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 114: Traditional meeting ground councils, battles etc, 1952 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 115: Dance of welcome to Mr and Mrs.Cottrell-Dormer, 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 116: Young unmarried Mekeo girls, 1951 (16.5x11.5cm)
Item 117: Agricultural Officer checking bud-grafted rubber with a New Guinean trainee at the Bisianumu Rubber Research Station, near Pt Moresby. Other annotn back, [195?] (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 118: Seed coconuts in a nursery nursery plot on Waigani plantation in Milne Bay district of Eastern Papua, [195?] (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 119: Trainees at Kuiaro Ag Centre near Samorai, Milne Bay District of Eastern Papua, [195?] (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 120: Papuans at Milne Bay village Eastern Papua meeting Senior Agric Officer, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 121: Papuan women at Robe, Milne Bay area, Eastern Papua weaving fibre mats in traditional Papuan designs, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 122: Highland native (Bena Bena) checking the curing of his tobacco. Handwritten note att to front, nd (20.5x12.5cm)
Item 123: Pulping coffee berries at Papuan owned grove on Rogeia Isl. near Sanarai, Eastern Papua. Annot. on back, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 124: Papuan farmer, Rogeia Isl. picking his first coffee crop, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 125: Rogeia Islanders examining fibre mat woven by one of their neighbours, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 126: Trainees at the Kuiaro Agric Centre, Samarai, selecting Anabica coffee seedlings for transfer from the nursery. Other annot. on back, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 127: Village leaders at informal informal meeting Milne Bay District, discussing plans for extension of cash cropping. Other annotation on back, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 128: Two mountain women in a taro and wine bean garden in a village in western highlands of New Guinea, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 129: Two Milne Bay Papuans and a Council ag.worker inspecting a Papuan-owned coffee grove, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 130: Papuan trainees, Kuiaro Ag School, Samarai, planting seedlings in a demonstration plot. Annotations on back, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 131: Ripe pods on 7 yr old cocoa tree Waigani plantation in Milne Bay, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 132: Papuan farmer and wife Rogeia Isl. picking first coffee crop, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 133: Mary's hand sorting dried peanuts. Annotation on back, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 134: Agric.officer instructing students at the Administration Oriomo Rural School on correct method of pegging land for coco-nut planting. Annotation on back, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 135: Gardening on village plots, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 136: Cutting pods from cocoa tree on plantation at Keravat. Annotations on back, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 137: Milne Bay villagers putting ripe coffee beans into fermenting vats for first stage of processing the crop for market, nd (21.5x16.5cm)
Item 138: Basket weaving. (Note attached to front.), nd (20x11.5cm)
Item 139: Rubber contour. (Note attached to front.), nd (20x12.5cm)
Item 140: Use of planting board. (Note attached to front.), nd (10.5x8.5cm)
Items 141-150: 10 photos showing natives washing(?) and drying flax(?), nd (18.5x5.5cm)
Item 151: Field of crops., nd (10.5x8cm)
Item 152: Raft-type canoe on river, nd (10.5x8cm)
Item 153: Raft-type canoe on river, nd (10.5x8cm)

R. N. Wilson Photographs

  • UQFL274
  • Collection
  • 1934-1950

50 black and white photographs of Papua New Guinea, depicting landscapes, aeroplanes and airstrips, goldmines and indigenous people. Places depicted include Rabaul, Salamaua, Wau, Lae, Bulolo, Durantina, and Watut. Photographs taken by R.N. Wilson; handwritten identifying notes on the back of each.

Wilson, R. N.

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