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Murray Island Fisheries Ltd Photographs

[Items 1-35] Fishing and fishing boats [all photographs predominantly showing indigenous Torres Strait Islander people, unless otherwise indicated] (previously housed in Box 2 Folder 1); [Items 36-77] Bagan Si Api Api (Sumatra) and Penang. Mainly photographs of fishing (previously housed in Box 2 Folder 2); [Items 78-116] Murray Islanders (Prevously housed in Box 3 Folder 1); [Items 117-127] Murray Island Fisheries owners and employees (previously housed in Box 3 Folder 2); [Items 128-167] Views of Murray Island group of islands, includes Mer Island (Maer Island), commonly known as Murray Island; Dowar Island (Dauar Island) and Wyer (Waier Island) (previously housed in Box 4 Folder 1); and [Items 168-191] Murray Island Fisheries buildings, fish drying site and fish processing (previously housed in Box 4 Folder 2). Titles in square brackets assigned by processing archivist.

  1. [Four men standing in the water with fishing net full of fish]
  2. [Close-up of the catch]
  3. [Man pulling back net to reveal catch]
  4. a & b [Group of men with net in water – two copies of photograph]
  5. [Five men in a dinghy on the water with launch in background]
  6. [Group of men on the beach offloading planks of wood from a dinghy]
  7. [Four men standing in the water with fishing net full of fish]
  8. [Beach landscape photograph]
  9. [Men in water with dinghy]
  10. [Sailing boat in full sail on the water – photograph taken from beach]
  11. [Men at dockside unloading cargo from boat]
  12. [Sailing boat “Vera” at dock side moorings]
  13. [Man in the water carrying basket of fish]
  14. [Man holding up a lobster. Non-indigenous man standing behind]
  15. [Three men pulling a fishing net out of the water into the dinghy]
  16. [Men in the water carrying baskets of fish]
  17. [Men pulling net out of the water onto the beach]
  18. [Men in the water standing near dinghy – with fishing net attached]
  19. [Five men in the dinghy, rowing]
  20. [Men in water with fishing net]
  21. [Two men pulling net up onto beach – dinghy and sailing boat in background]
  22. [Large ship at dock]
  23. [Fish washed up on beach]
  24. [Man holding three small fish in the palm of his hand]
  25. [Net with fish inside]
  26. [Men standing near dinghy loaded with cargo]
  27. [Two men carrying cargo along beach]
  28. [Men standing at the back of the dinghy using the fishing net]
  29. [Two dinghies on the beach]
  30. [Cargo in the foreground, two men in a dinghy on the water in background]
  31. [Man up the mast of sailing boat]
  32. [Man up the mast of sailing boat]
  33. [Sailing boat “Melbidir” moored at dock]
  34. [Steam boat in distance]
  35. [Men working and resting at dock]
  36. [Temple, showing intricate decoration]
  37. Terraced steps]
  38. Rice paddies in a terraced arrangement]
  39. [Rice paddies]
  40. [Women washing clothes in conduit running down the middle of a street]
  41. [Women washing clothes in canal]
  42. [Women washing clothes in canal]
  43. [Stately building]
  44. [Women washing clothes in canal]
  45. [Photograph of building behind trees]
  46. [Stately building]
  47. [Sailing boat on water. Other boats in background]
  48. [Steam boats in harbour]
  49. [Line of wooden sticks protruding from the sea]
  50. [Line of wooden sticks protruding from the sea]
  51. [Close-up of wooden sticks protruding from the sea]
  52. [Six men sitting and drinking aboard a sailing boat. Next to a pile of fish?]
  53. [Line of wooden sticks protruding from the sea]
  54. [Men at boatyard examining sail]
  55. [Sailing boats – dhow – on the ocean]
  56. [Underside of jetty with fishing net attached]
  57. [Construction site. Building materials foreground]
  58. [Two men inspecting sail]
  59. [Agricultural activity]
  60. [Agricultural activity]
  61. [Moored boats]
  62. [Moored boats. Village huts behind]
  63. [Two men standing in dinghy]
  64. [Steam ship on water]
  65. [Steam ship]
  66. [Steam ship]
  67. [Agricultural activity]
  68. [Large bundle of wicker/straw material]
  69. [Bundles of wicker/straw material]
  70. [Bundles of wicker/straw material]
  71. [Bundles being hoisted aboard ship]
  72. [Men under the jetty]
  73. [Man holding fishing net below jetty]
  74. [Man in white uniform standing beside boardwalk]
  75. [Narrow dirt road between wooden buildings]
  76. [Man standing in boat with fishing net]
  77. [Agricultural activity]
  78. [Group of Murray Islanders in traditional dress]
  79. [Group of Murray Islanders in traditional dress]
  80. [Man holding model boat]
  81. [Group of eight men, women and children]
  82. [Man holding child. Thatched shelter in background]
  83. Native Feast, Torres Straits [Postcard depicting a group of Islanders at a communal gathering]
  84. Native Dance, Torres Straits [Postcard depicting group in traditional dress]
  85. [Islanders boarding a boat and preparing to sail]
  86. [Boat – Sedney A36 – on the water with passengers on board]
  87. Wedding feast, Murray Island 1929 [Large gathering of Islanders at a meal]
  88. Welcome party on beach in front of Teacher’s Residence, Murray Island on arrival Sir Leslie Orme Wilson, Governor of Queensland on Melbidir II. Recognizable [in the photograph]:
    • Sergeant of Police Kaikai Modee (dec’d)
    • Lui Bon (in Scout Uniform) Thursday Island
    • Police Constable Mabo Mopwale (dec’d)
    • Police Constable Josiah Baud (dec’d)
    • Police Constable Benny Mabo, Murray Island
    • Meb Salee (Boy’s Scout Uniform) Murray Island
  89. King’s Birthday Sports gathering in old school grounds, Murray Island: Buildings: Left – Government Teacher’s Residence, Centre – Medical Aid Post, Right – School
  90. School children, Murray Island. Teachers –1. Alick Passi (dec’d) 2. Daisy (Ansey) Lui, Coconut Island 3. Bakoi Baud, Murray Island
  91. Girls at ball game – Las Bay, Murray Island. From right – Mena (Doboro) Bennyfather, Murray Island; Annie (Loko) Tapim, Thursday Island; Kamazi Wag (dec’d); Godai (Baruna) Williams, 76 Oxley St. Acacia Ridge, Brisbane; Mabigee (Kaumi) Bon, Thursday Island; Dalena (Barsa) Mataika (dec’d); Bakoi Baud, Murray Island; Kabay Sambo (dec’d) (Umpire); Wais (Ansey) Pearson, Yorkey’s Knob; Gagree (Bon) Sailor, Thursday Island; Emily (Agale) Ah Mat, Thursday Island; two at extreme left unrecognisable.
  92. Native women from Mer on north side of Dowar Island.
  93. Murray Island employees (except white boy sitting in front) [postcard]
  94. King’s Birthday Sports gathering on old school grounds, Murray Island. Umpire – circled in centre with white shirt sleeves and white trousers, Lage Jacob Gabey then Chief Councillor and Senior Assistant Teacher. Buildings: Left – Government Teacher’s Residence, Centre – Medical Aid Post, Right – School
  95. Two Murray Islanders. One on left is half caste [sic]
  96. [Two Islanders. One young man and one elderly man]
  97. Three Murray Islanders [two young men and one young woman]
  98. [Two men standing outside traditional hut]
  99. Two native girls employed by the company [two Islander women]
  100. Native girls employed by the company in packing etc. [From left]: Liz?, Wagi, Kamazi, Malina]
  101. [As above]
  102. Factory workers from left to right: Dalena (Barsa) Mataika (dec’d); Kamazi Wag (dec’d); Dobam (Mataika) Odo, Murray Island; Jessie (Omey) Sagigi, Murray Island; European visitor; Elizabeth (Geas) Tom, Murray Island; Wagi Tabo (dec’d), Gagree (Bon) Sailor, Thursday Island; Mobee (Tabo) Savage, Kubin, Moa Island.
  103. At Dowar Island near fisheries buildings. From left to right: Bending (unrecognisable); Alo Tapim Snr (dec’d) holding Company’s mascot “Bargain”; Geede Williams, Yorkeys Knob; Peter Tapau Snr (dec’d) white lavalava; Spear Sambo (dec’d) facing camera; Mataika Maza, Innisfail; Jack Ansey, Murray Island, white tee shirt; Tom Tapau, Murray Island, white athletic singlet & lavalava; Morey Ghee, Murray Island.
  104. At Coconut Island. Left to Right: Jalag Bob, Coconut Island Councillor; Gordon Bright, European; Lui Bon, Government Teacher Coconut Island now Thursday Island; Visitor, European, Nev Lyons; Olandi Pearson, Chief Councillor, Coconut Island.
  105. Josiah Baud (dec’d) standing by flattie on beach Dowar Island
  106. On board Troubadour. Back from left: Wagi Tabo (dec’d); David Debewale (dec’d); Sabau Dau (dec’d); Alo Tapim Snr. (dec’d); Bob Ghee (dec’d); David Williams, Thursday Island; Josiah Baud (dec’d). Front: Back to camera (unrecognisable).
  107. On board Troubadour. Background: Tetor Loko (dec’d) sitting on rails facing camera; Joe Jib, Murray Island (leaning against mast facing camera). Foreground: Dobam (Mataika) Odo, Murray Island, holding baby Mamuru Tapau (dec’d).
  108. Jack Williams – half caste – holding fish up caught in tow line.
  109. Fish caught on tow line [two men on fishing boat – one holding fish, other with back to camera]
  110. Fish caught on tow line on Troubadour
  111. Bob Ghee (dec’d) holding King Fish on deck Troubadour
  112. Sabau Dau looking for sardines Dowar Island
  113. Type of Murray Islander
  114. Gedee Williams – half caste company’s cook on Dowar Island
  115. Fisheries Employees, Dowar Island. Back row from left: Mr. Turner (European) standing; Kabere Doo, Murray Island; Sabau Dau (dec’d); Mr. Fletcher (European); Tetor Loko (dec’d); Tapim Bennyfather, Murray Island; Morey Ghee Murray Island (up coconut tree); Timothy Debewale (dec’d); Jack Ansey, Murray Island. Centre left to right: Bob Ghee (dec’d) standing; Gordon Bright (European); Fred Kropp (European) Thursday Island; Mick Tuesley (European); Jim O’Connell (European); European visitor; Kay (European); David Debewale (dec’d); Murray Islander (unrecognisable) Front row left to right: Dalena (Barsa) Mataika (dec’d) kneeling; Waid (Ansey) Pearson, Yorkey’s Knob; Kamazi Wag (dec’d); Wagi Tabo (dec’d); Geede Williams, Yorkey’s Knob, Alo Tapim Snr. (dec’d); Elizabeth (Geas) Tom, Murray Island; Daisey (Ansey) Lui, Coconut Island; Dobam Odo, Murray Island; Gagree (Bon) Sailor, Thursday Island; Jessie Sagigi, Murray Island; Bakoi Baud, Murray Island.
  116. In foreground: Akaline Bowie, Coconut Islander. Background: (in shirt sleeves and lavalava) Lui Bon then Government Teacher, Coconut Island chatting with visitor (unrecognisable) off vessel Troubadour.
  117. [Four girls standing on a verandah in background. Man in foreground]
  118. [Group of children sitting on verandah. Man standing against tree in foreground]
  119. [Four men leaning against railing on boat]
  120. [Man standing in front of hut wearing white apron and chef’s hat, carrying a bowl]
  121. “Nurmi” the captain’s steward on S.S. Pasi[?] loaned to [illegible] on voyage to Bagan Si Api Api (Chinese)
  122. [Young Islander girl wearing white dress]
  123. [Man sitting in doorway of shed]
  124. [Man (European) sitting on bench top inside building]
  125. Mr. O’Connell and Turtle. End of Spit, Dowar Island
  126. [Five men (European) sitting outside traditional shelter] (2 copies)
  127. Circa 1929 [Eight men dressed in suits standing on jetty next to steam boat]
  128. [Coastal cliff formations]
  129. [Coastal cliff formations]
  130. The coconut grove with black cliffs behind
  131. [Cliffs covered with scrub]
  132. [Coastal cliff formation, Waier Island]
  133. Rounding the end of Waier Island, to come in to the bay
  134. Portion of coastline, Dauar Island
  135. [Man leaning down to touch cormorant on beach]
  136. Company’s transport vessel
  137. Portion of coastline, Dauar Island
  138. Corrugated iron building on stumps]
  139. [Coastline from the water. Several buildings visible]
  140. A view from Tur-Paser Gardner’s resting place on hilltop overlooking Government and Mission buildings at Beur Murray Island
  141. Log on Dauar Island. Washed up from Fly River in New Guinea [man standing atop log]
  142. Murray Island Cutter Tagai at anchor, Deo Murray Island. Gelam Hill in background
  143. Mer [Island] in distance [photograph taken from shore showing dinghy in foreground and sailing boat behind]
  144. View of the company’s buildings
  145. [Elevated view of Island]
  146. [Rocky coastline]
  147. Dowar Mountain meeting sea on northern side
  148. Dowar Island showing mountain and spit, where factory stands. Eastern end of Dowar is cut out
  149. Right is Dowar Island, left is Wyer Island. Circa 1929
  150. Dowar Island as seen from Mer. Fishery sight at right end. Circa 1929
  151. Dowar Mountain meeting the sea on the south side of Dowar
  152. [View of sea through palm trees]
  153. Eastern end of Dowar Island and the whole of Wyer Island
  154. Netting fish near Wyer
  155. [Cliff rock formations]
  156. [Coastal cliff formations]
  157. Mer Island
  158. The village on Mer, seen from height on Mountain
  159. Murray Island native woman preparing a feast from sardines given them by the Company – surplus of haul
  160. Ah Mat (Singalese cook) and Gordon Bright at temporary kitchen on northern side of Dowar
  161. Fish in baskets. Baskets average 100 lbs
  162. Sun drying sardines in trays, Dowar Island. People in picture unrecognisable
  163. Canning of sardines in factory, Dowar Island. From left to right: Back to camera (unrecognisable); Kamazi Wag (dec’d); Wais Ansey) Pearson, Yorkeys Knob;
    European (visitor); Nev Lyons (European); Unrecognisable (Islander); Bob Ghee
  164. [Islander men working with fish]
  165. First batch of sardines canned at Murray Island. Packing shed showing behind [group of seven men in picture]
  166. View from top of Dowar Hill looking towards Fisheries Building at Giar Pit. Troubadour at anchor off-shore
  167. Sun drying sardines in trays at Giar Pit, Dowar Island. Murray Island in distance
  168. Laying down concrete foundations for Fisheries Buildings at Dowar Island. From left to right: Gordon Bright (European); Sabau Dau (dec’d); Mick Tuesley (European); Esaka Ghee (Murray Island); Jim O’Connell (European) In foreground (bending): David Williams, Thursday Island
  169. [Wooden stick structure on beach with island in distance.] (Photograph has been double-exposed)
  170. Old school playgrounds. Buildings: Left – Teacher’s residence; Centre – Medical Aid Post; Right - School
  171. Fish drying (Dowar) showing thicket protecting drying site, [photo taken] from factory from north western [aspect]
  172. Temporary kitchen. Mr Fletcher, acting cook. Note skeleton of factory
  173. Factory – in course of erection
  174. [Incomplete factory]
  175. [Traditional hut]
  176. Skeleton of factory. Native men at work. Mer in distance
  177. Freshly caught sardines in fisheries flattie, Dowar Island
  178. Sun dried sardines in baskets at fisheries building, Dowar Island
  179. Fish drying near the packing shed, Dowar
  180. Fish drying on trays. The ground has been levelled. Note the sea sand in foreground. The trays are on the western side of the factory. The lugger [ship] is on the Mer side
    of Dowar, i.e. the north side
  181. Clearing sight [sic] for factory from Dowar Island and looking towards thicket, which is
    a short distance from end of spit
  182. At the end of Spit, Dowar Island
  183. Preparing and cleaning of ground for drying trays at Dowar
  184. Factory – in course of erection
  185. Factory – Dowar Island
  186. [Traditional hut]
  187. [Piece of coastline showing beach and hillside]
  188. [Postcard showing interior of hut including bed and desk]
  189. [Traditional hut]
  190. Fish drying on trays
  191. Giar Pit, Dowar Island showing fisheries buildings at left and Island employees quarters to the right

Conditional pardon and doll's chest of drawers

  • F1092
  • File
  • 1842 - 1844

Conditional pardon for Thomas Clarke, signed by Governor Gipps and registered on August 8, 1843 and a set of doll's drawers made by Clarke.

Clarke, Thomas

Pearn Numismatic Collection

The Pearn Numismatic Collections consists of 16 gilded medals, most accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Medals commissioned and desgined by Professor John Pearn to promote history and heritage primarily relating to Queesland healthcare. All are gilded with 24 karat gold, 2003 to 2014. The medals are:
Pediatric and Child Health Heritage Medal;
Clinical Multimedia Heritage Medal;
Bioethics Heritage Medal;
Rehabilitation Heritage Medal;
Heritage Medal of Pediatric Healthcare;
Nursing Heritage Medal;
Healthcare Staff Tribute Medal;
Pharmacy and the Poisons Information Centre Heritage and Tribute Medal;
Department of Respiratory Medicine Heritage Medal;
Intensive Care Heritage and Tribute Medal;
Emergency Medicine Heritage and Tribute Medal;
Radiological Sciences Heritage Medal;
Hospital School Heritage and Tribute Medal;
Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Centenary Medallion;
The surgeon General John White Medal; and
Congress Medal - 10th International Congress on Medical Librarianship Brisbane - Australia 2009.

Speeches and papers, 2010 to 2016

4 speeches: 'The Human Spirit' by Georgia White Jun 2010 ; 'Diseases Come and Go' by John Pearn 4 Jul 2015 ; 'Hammurabi’s Code: Primary datum in the conjoined professions of Medicine and Law' by John Pearn 19 Apr 2016 ; and “Safety Promotion-A Late Specialty” The 2016 Kenneth Jamieson Oration 13 Sep 2016.


Two videocassettes. [Item 1] Professor John Rendle-Short interviewed by Professor Fred Leditschke in 1986; and [Item 2] Memorial Service for Dr Robert Endean on 15 Oct 1997. All were colleagues of John Pearn.

Rendle-Short, John

Speeches and papers, 1979 to 2016

Copies of speeches authored or co-authored by John Pearn:
National Symposium – Head Injuries : Handbook and Abstracts’, 26-27 Apr 1979, Sydney. Annotations.
• ‘Human Genetics Society of Australasia : Genetics in the 1980s : Scientific Programme and abstracts’, 22-24 Jun 1980, Brisbane.
• ‘On site resuscitation after drowning and near-drowning’ by John Pearn, James Nixon and Graham Morrow, presented at First International Conference on First Aid, Jun 1979, Norway.
• ‘Australasian and New Zealand Association for Medical Education’, 7th, 22-25 Aug 1979, Brisbane. Annotations.
• ‘A nexus for life : children’s health and education’ by John Pearn, 15 Aorta Conference, 2-6 Oct 2006, Brisbane. Includes Powerpoint slides.
• Powerpoint slides 'Surgeons as advocates fo children with physical disabilities' by John Pearn, May 2009.
• ‘A doctor and the community’ by John Pearn, 9 Jul 2009
• Powerpoint slides for ‘On “Officinallis”’
• ‘Firsts’ by John Pearn, 2 Jul 2015
• ‘Safety Promotion – a late specialty : the 2016 Kenneth Jamieson Oration’ by John Pearn, 13 Sep 2016.
• ‘The Fabrica : De humani corporis fabrica libri septem of Andreas Vesalius’ by John Pearn, 14 Sep 2016.
• ‘The amity : His Majesty’s Colonial Brig : her role in the European Foundation of Queensland’ by John Pearn, 29 Sep 2016.
• ‘Harm free healthcare – towards utopia : clinical governance and the healthcare chain’ by John Pearn, The Langford Oration 2016, 13 Oct 2016.
• ‘Pioneers in the pool : gender equality, women’s swimming and lifesaving’ by John Pearn, 28 Oct 2016.
• ‘Randomisation : art and science’ by John Pearn and Amanda Smith, 3 Nov 2016.

Professional documents, correspondence, 1997 to 2016

[Item 1] Printout of the The London Gazette, Tuesday 6th February 1996 where John Hemsley Pearn is named as being conferred the appointment as Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem.
[Item 2] Letter from Professor John Pearn to Mr N. W. McCaughey regarding the Medical Training Programme for the March of the "Dungarees" in April 1998., 22 Aug 1997
[Item 3] Attached to the letter is a summary of self preparation for medical and fitness requirements for the March.
[Item 4] Promotional flyer from journal Doctor Q with a speaker profile John Pearn at the 2005 AMA Queensland Conference.
[item 5] List of Life Governors and Life Members, which lists John Pearn for 2004-05, from the Royal Life Saving Society Queensland Annual Report, 2006.
[Item 6] St John Ambulance Australia, Queensland History and Heritage Committee Report 2007, listing John Pearn as Consultant to the Committee
[Item 7] Notes relating to the presentation of a ceramic flask to John Pearn, Oxford, 2012
[Item 8] Letter to the Fryer Librarian, Simon Farley, which accompanied Commemorative medal for World Congress of Medical Librarianship from 2009, 15 Sep 2016.
[Item 9] Flyer for the Surgeon General, presented to Major General John Pearn, Surgeon General of the Australian Defence Force, 1998-2000.
[Item 10] Letterhead for Colonel John Pearn, AM, RFD.

Pearn Numismatic Collection papers

Letter with details of the collection written by John Pearn, 18 Mar 2019. Certificates of Authenticity for 13 medals; information on the John White and Congress Medals are included. There is no certificate or information sheet for the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Centenary Medallion.

Non University of Queensland events, 1993 to 2009.

Ephemera such as menus, programmes, and tributes related to events.
Folder 2 includes:
• Noosa District Heritage Symposium, 30 Oct 1993
• AMA Queensland Centenary Celebrations, ‘Milestones in Medicine’, 7 May 1994 [brochures, menu, registration form, opening ceremony, seating, programme, music score. Medal has been moved to Realia Series.]
• St Andrew’s Day Dinner programme, The Society of St Andrew of Scotland (Queensland), 30 November 1994
• ‘Using the hospital’s ethics committee: a case presentation’, Weekly P/G case presentation meeting, Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, 12 Jul 1995
• The Society of St Andrew of Scotland (Queensland) 15th Annual Dinner program, 2 Nov 1996
• ‘Seeing the forest through the trees’, Ipswich Hospital Conference 1998
• ‘Health and medicine: the Irish heritage’, Queensland Irish Association Centenary Dinner, 22 Apr 1998
• Australian Medical Association (NSW) 1999 Oration and Presentation of Awards, University of Sydney, 26 Jun 1999
• Australian Health Ethics Committee Program, NHMRC Workshop Brisbane, 26 Aug [1999?]
• Royal Brisbane Hospital Research Foundation: luncheon programme: 1 Nov 1999
• ‘Broad outreach: a tribute to the contributions to military health and malaria prevention by Major J E R (“Jock”) Clarke MBE’, Army Malaria Institute, Gallipoli Barracks, 29 Nov 1999
• 16th Annual Tess Brophy Lecture, St Joseph’s College, 9 Nov 2000
• Defence Health Services Queensland, Consultant’s Dinner, 31 Mar 2001
• Queensland Branch of Australian Medical Association, Presidential Inauguration and Annual AMA Awards, 1 Jun 2000
• Dinner to honour Brigadier Paul Alexander 28 Feb 2004
• ‘AMAQ Presidential Inauguration’, 4 Jun 2004
• Royal Historical Society of Queensland Annual Clem Lack Oration 16 Aug 2007 [invitation]
• The Australian Numismatic society QLD Branch annual dinner 3 Nov 2007, Programme & menu.
• Scouts Australia Centenary Dinner The Year of the Scout 1 May 2008 [programme and menu]
• St John Ambulance Queensland Tribute Luncheon 2 March 2009
• Royal Children’s Hospital School Community Official 90th Anniversary Ceremony 15 Sept 2009 [invitation and programme]

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