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'Stories from Australia' (Stradbroke Dreamtime)

Bound typescript draft (70 leaves ; 30 cm) with annotations, layout notes and edits of 'Stories from Australia' (Stradbroke dreamtime), published in 1971 by Angus and Robertson in folder with title on cover: 'Kath Walker MS.' Included in folder are 25 line drawings by Dennis Schapel for the book.

Schapel, Dennis, 1944-

'Time of Transition' by Woonona

Cover title for this typescript booklet is 'Time of Transition' by Woonona. It contains 14 poems: ‘Assimilation--No!’, ‘Integration -- Yes!’, ‘Municipal Gum’, ‘Understand, Old One’, ‘Biami’, ‘Civilization’, ‘Bora’, ‘Sounds Beset me’, ‘The Woor Woman’, ‘Artist Son’, ‘The Child Wife’, ‘The Food Gatherers’, ‘Community Rain Song’, and ‘Briefs’. Woonona would appear to be a pseudonym of Oodgeroo Noonuccal. Inside cover reads: Xavier Society Annual Literary Prize Competition 1965 'Collection of poems' by Woonona.

'Unpublished playscripts and stories'

The original folder had two titles 'Unpublished playscripts and stories'. Some scripts have multiple copies, some have drafts, and some have annotations. It contains the following scripts: 'Bora. Initiation' (3 drafts), 'Civilised savages: one act play', 'Old Mick' (3 drafts, one incomplete), 'Playabout corroboree', 'Tail of platypus' (3 drafts), 'Tea party. Review.' (2 drafts), and 'You can't trust no one no how'. The last item is a photocopied typescript (8 leaves) with 'Tape excerpt (verbatim)' written across the top of every page. The 'interviewee' is an Australian Aboriginal giving a commentary on the 'Police' ; 'What is an Aboriginal?'; and 'Discrimination'.

'Unpublished poems and stories, copies only, for America'

The original folder had the title 'Unpublished poems and stories, copies only, for America'. It contains a list of stories and poems (2 copies) with handwritten details for Kath Walker. The poems: ‘Blue Crane’, ‘Mangrove Bird’, ‘Minjerriba’, ‘Butcher Bird’, ‘Moongalba Peacocks’, ‘Credit and Loss’, ‘The Golden Voice’, ‘Oration’, ‘On Trugganner’, ‘Papua New Guinea’, ‘Bluff Mountain’, ‘Little Bean’, ‘Hari Sastra’, ‘Iban Longhouse’, ‘Yussef (Hi-jacker)’, ‘Commonplace’, ‘Exile’, ‘Grey Gum’, and ‘Sister Poet’. An extra poem, not on the list is included: 'Son of a son of mine'. Short stories: ‘Wail Rock’, ‘No horses for a month’, ‘Ole Mick’, ‘The Bunyip’, ‘Black Jimmy's Crime’, ‘We Look after our Own’, ‘I feared old Kindarra’

A letter to our son [book] (1994)

Page proofs, layout design, queries, corrections for University of Queensland Press edition of A letter to our son. Letters and faxes from Rosie Fitzgibbons, University of Queensland Press, and Michael Ward Designs, August 1994.

A small memorial (1995)

Three drafts of A small memorial, published in New Yorker on 25 September 1995 and Four easy pieces in 2002. Printout title from footer 'Revised Draft #1', printout date 22 May 1995, 16 leaves, plus one page of handwritten notes; Printout title from footer 'Author's corrected draft', 25 May 1995, 16 leaves, with handwritten emendations; Printout title from footer 'Corrected draft #2', 2 Jul 1995, 14 leaves. This is a memoir about his first wife's abortion and miscarriages.

Am I safe? (1988)

Two typescript drafts, with emendations: Yellow paper, 6 leaves; and white paper, 7 leaves. Published in Vogue Australia (August 1988) as Am I safe? Carey takes a walk on the dark side of the street.

An interview with Peter Carey (1997)

Copy of Peter Carey's profile by Lisa Meyer and her interview questions and answers, 25 leaves, with handwritten emendations. Accompanying by letter (dated 21 Aug 1995). Published as An interview with Peter Carey in the Chicago Review in 1997.

Meyer, Lisa

Bliss [screenplay] schedule, project report, amendments

Includes Bliss Schedule 8 October- -15 December 1984. (31 leaves, typescript); Progress report time (4 leaves, typescript). Progressive time amended timing 'Bliss' as at 8/10/84. (1 leaf, mss). Bliss schedule amendments 5/10/84. (2 leaves, typescript on yellow paper); (p 139, 73-89, 96-97 amended 24/10/84; Script amendments "Bliss" 30/10/84 (19 leaves, typescript on pink paper)).

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