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Murray Island trip

Photographs taken by Stephen Trotter on a trip to Murray Island, in eastern Torres Strait, between Cape York Peninsula and Papua New Guinea.

Trotter, Stephen R.

Stephen Trotter Papers

  • UQFL637
  • Collection
  • 1962-1999

1,052 35mm colour slides and original bound manuscript relating to Trotter's publication 'Cities in the Sun', which were taken while he undertook his Sisalcraft travelling scholarship in 1962. An additional 147 35mm colour slides are included, which relate to architecture and design in Australia and the Torres Strait.

Trotter, Stephen R.

Sisalcraft travelling scholarship

2 albums of 1052 35mm colour slides taken by Stephen Trotter during his Sisalcraft travelling scholarship.

Album 1: Singapore (31 slides), Kuala Lumpur (41 slides), Hong Kong (40 slides), Bangkok (22 slides), India (83 slides), Agra (9 slides), Tehran and Istanbul (32 slides), Athens (29 slides), Rome and Milan (43 slides), Venice and Switzerland (44 slides), Hamburg and Copenhagen (28 slides), Malmo and Paris (34 slides), London and Fareham (38 slides), Salisbury to Wells (18 slides), Stratford-upon-Avon and Coventry (3 slides), Wells to Maryport, West England, Eireland (30 slides), Scotland (27 slides).

Album 2: Oxford and Cambridge (22 slides), Madrid and Toledo (33 slides), Lisbon (43 slides), New York (29 slides), Miami (5 slides), Kingston (3 slides), Caracus (35 slides), Brasilia (11 slides), Rio (4 slides), Sao Paulo (25 slides), Lima (13 slides), Mexico (33 slides), USA (23 slides), Los Angeles (19 slides), San Francisco (11 slides), Honolulu (3 slides), Tahiti (8 slides), Unidentified (180 slides).

Trotter, Stephen R.

Cities in the Sun manuscript

Manuscript book of paste-ups for Cities in the Sun, which was published as a book in 1963. This was the result of the Sisalcraft travelling scholarship in 1962, in which Trotter used to spend three months in subtropical regions of the world to develop knowledge relevant for Brisbane architecture and climate.

Trotter, Stephen R.

Greg Berkman Architectural Drawings

  • UQFL447
  • Collection
  • ca. 1927-1985

171 architectural plans and drawings relating to the work of Greg Berkman. He frequently completed work for Harry and Ann Garms. Drawings from his architectural degree are also included.

Berkman, Greg

Richard Sylvan Papers

  • UQFL291
  • Collection
  • 195?-2003.

Correspondence, manuscripts, publications, research material compiled on various philosophical subjects.

Sylvan, Richard

Alan Harkness Papers

  • F3808
  • File
  • 1928-1952.

This file comprises 4 paintings and 1 folder.
[Item 1] Landscape (chickens in paddock), oil on board, 28 x 25 cm (Art no. 00499);
[Item 2] China figurine and vase (figure study on verso), oil on board, 39 x 27 cm (Art no. 00500);
[Item 3] Country house, signed "Alan Harkness 1922", watercolour on board with mount, 15 x 17 cm (Art no. 00501);
[Item 4] Shell, oil on board, 25 x 35 cm (Art no. 00502).
The folder [Item 5] includes: a typescript memoir titled 'About Alan : for his son Markus Crispin', written by Doris Christie (sister of Alan Harkness), 11 b&w photographs, (81 leaves ; 26 cm), with two negatives, black and white of of Mechthild and Alan Harkness inserted at beginning of book. -- Chekhov Theatre Players, Repertory for season 1941-42, 1941. -- Santa Barbara Civic Theatre presents Alan Harkness and Mechthild Johannsen in ‘Great Moments from Shakespeare : King Lear’. -- The playbill for the little theatre. The Chekhov Theatre Players present ‘Twelfth Night or, what you will’. -- Lobero Theatre, April 9, 1952. ‘Alan Harkness Memorial performance. -- 'Notes about the aim in our performances' by Alan Harkness, Sept 1951. -- Newspaper cuttings, 26 Apr 1938 to c1952. -- Four black and white photographs of Mechthild and Alan Harkness from 3 plays.

Harkness, Alan, 1908-1952

Correspondence from 1992 to 1997.

Correspondence from publishers, journals, literary organisations, readers, school children about The big bazoohley, book covers, invitations, literary agents, other writers, reviews (sent by agents and publishers), personal letters.

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