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Job no. 335 University of Queensland Architecture Music & Planning Building

Seventeen drawings for the Achitecture Music & Planning Building (now the Sir Zelman Cowen Building), drawn in 1973, for Job no. 335 of Nutter Stevenson & Partners. All signed off by the Office of the Univeristy Architect. Includes:
Drawing no. 2, Issue B, Site plan, drawn by AHG, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 4, Issue I, Level 3, drawn by AHG, Jan 1973. --
Drawing no. 5, Issue D, Level 4, drawn by AHG, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 6, Issue F, Level 5, drawn by AHG, Jan 1973. --
Drawing no. 7, Issue B, Roof & plant room plans, drawn by AHG, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 8, Issue B, North & East elevations, drawn by [AHG], Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 9, Issue C, South & West elevations, drawn by AHG, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 10, Issue A, Section C & W. Elevation, drawn by AHG, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 11, Issue C, Sections 'A' & 'B', drawn by AHG, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 14, Issue A, Detail sections, drawn by CH, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 15, Issue B, Detail sections, drawn by CH, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 16, Issue A, Detail sections, drawn by CH, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 17, Issue A, Large scale details, drawn by CH, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 18, Issue B, Miscellaneous details, drawn by DAN, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 19, Issue C, Room 434 details, drawn by CH, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 20, Issue C, Room 434 details, drawn by CH, Jun 1973. --
Drawing no. 25, Issue A, Stair 3 details, drawn by DB, Jun.

University of Queensland Inauguration

Copy of the booklet Inauguration of the University of Queensland on Queensland’s Jubilee Day, 10 Dec 1909, Cumming, Govt. Printer, Brisbane; with a facsimile of admission card for the Hon. J. T. & Mrs Bell. Inserted are loose hand written notes for the speech in the booklet by the Hon. Joshua Thomas Bell (Speaker of the Legislative Assembly)

Bell, Joshua Thomas, 1863-1911

Spencer Routh Medals

  • F3804
  • File
  • 1949-2010.

Six medals awarded to Spencer Routh for his academic achievements. They are: Who’s Who Keyring, 2008. -- TJ Ryan Memorial Medal, [engraved] 1949, 28 mm diameter. -- Lilley Memorial Medal, [engraved], 1949, 16 mm diameter. -- Byrnes Memorial Medal, [engraved], 33 mm diameter. -- Australian Dictionary of Biography Medal, [engraved], 2000, 63 mm diameter. -- University of Queensland Centenary Commemorative Medallion, 2010, 60 mm diameter.

Routh, Spencer

Angela Hannan Photographs

  • F3751
  • File
  • 2014

Photographs of storm damage and fallen trees at The University of Queensland St Lucia campus. On 27 November 2014 Brisbane experienced an extreme storm event which significantly damaged the central business district and many inner suburbs, including St Lucia. Angela Hannan, a librarian at the University of Queensland Library, took photographs of the campus the day after the event.

Hannan, Angela

Walde Gerard Fisher degree certificate and dance cards

  • F3836
  • File
  • 1913-1926

Original University of Queensland degree certificate awarded to Walde Gerard Fisher for a Bachelor of Arts with first class honours in the School of Classics, 10 May 1916. Fisher's name has been amended: the end of his first name, 'mar', has been scratched off, the 'h' in his middle name has been blacked out, and the 'c' has been covered in his surname.

Ten original dance program cards relating to dances Walde Fisher attended. Most include handwritten recordings of dance partners by Walde Fisher, and some have coloured pencils attached with coloured cotton yarn. The dance cards are all small booklets made of lightweight card with the schedule of dances printed on inside the booklet on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side of the booklet there is a space to write, with the pencil provided, the name of dance partner for each dance. Occassionally the dance cards are a double-sided card rather than a booklet. There are three spare pencils with yarn, two cards with no pencil attached and one incomplete card. The dance card details are: 18 Jun 1913, UQSU (University of Queensland Student Union). -- 26 Jun 1913, St John’s College, Brisbane. -- 5 Jul 1913, University Hall (organised by Faculty of Arts). -- 16 May 1914, University Hall (organised by Faculties of Science and Engineering). -- 10 Jun 1914, UQSU. -- 25 Jun 1914, St John’s College, Brisbane. -- 25 Jun 1914, St John’s College, Brisbane. -- 3 Jul 1914, St Mary’s Hall, Women’s College. -- 17 Oct 1914, Juvenile Ball in aid of Red Cross Fund by Miss St. Ledger’s pupils, Centennial Hall. -- Undated, Unknown.

Fisher, Walde Gerard, 1894-1918

Job A43 Geology Annex, University of Queensland [Unbuilt]

The Geology Annex was submitted with the proposals for the Chemistry Annex and the Western Arts Building to the Australian Universities Commission (A.U.C.) in 1965, and rejected. It was to be situated behind the exiting Geology building, along Circular Drive (now named Staff House Road) between the Physics Annex and the bookshop. It was designed with basement, ground and first to fifth floors. It was resubmitted to the A.U.C. in 1966 and rejected again. This file comprises 16 plans for the proposed geology annex, including pilot plans, elevation, perspective views, floor plans for each level, as well a master planning conception drawing, massing considerations drawing and sketches of Geology annex view from Lake, the North East and from within the court (or intimate space as referred to on one of the concept drawings). One pilot plan dated March 1965.

Proposed Western Arts Building, University of Queensland [Unbuilt]

The Western Arts Building was designed to be geometrically related to the existing surrounding buildings forming a visual relation across Mill Road. It was to sit back from the western end of Main Building (Forgan Smith), linked by a cloister. The pilot plan for the proposed Western Arts Building designed by Birrell was submitted to the Australian Universities Commission (A.U.C.) in 1965 and rejected. Birrell's design was a break from the original design by Hennessy and Hennessy who were eventually commissioned as architects for the Western Arts building (Mitchie Building) on 16 March 1967.

This file consists of 35 plans for proposed New Western Arts building on the St. Lucia campus. Includes: site plans and presentation sketches for floor plans and perspectives.

South eastern region of Chemistry Building, University of Queensland [Unbuilt]

The proposed Chemistry Annex was to be situated along Circular Drive (now Staff House Road) sitting in a small vacant piece of land adjacent to two wings of the Chemistry building, beside the bookshop, about where the current Global Change Institute sits. These three plans are of the existing chemistry building and are dated, 3rd, 5th and 7th October 1964.

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