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Expo-Aborigine. Melbourne, 1967, 6 p. folded.

Letter and accompanying brochure for Expo-Aborigine. This was a project formed by a committee of the Blackburn branch of the Aborigines' Advancement League (Victoria) aimed at informing the general public on the Aborigines and the issues which surround them. It took the form of an exhibition held in the Lower Melbourne Town Hall on April 14 to 15 1967. This item consists of a one page letter signed by the convenor Rev. R.l.G. Croxford and the accompanying 6 page folded brochure.

Aborigines Advancement League (Victoria)

Should a Queensland Aborigine still beg for his own wages?, October 1970

In October 1970, the FCAATSI decided if the Commonwealth Banking Corporation did not dissociate itself from the Trust Fund system in Queensland they would transfer their business to another bank and called for others to do the same by filling in their details on the leaflet and / or making a donation. In Queensland an assisted Australian Aboriginal may have all or part of their wages be paid into a "trust fund" and was only available upon request to a district officer of the Department of Aboriginal and Island Affairs.

Memorandum to the General Assembly of the United Nations relating to racism and racial discrimination in Australia

This memorandum to the United Nations from the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders was an invitation to the United Nations to visit Australia and participate in the examination of racism and racial discrimination in Australia. It was prepared by a sub-committee consisting of Faith Bandler, John S. Baker and Dr Barry Christophers.

Report on the 16th Conference of the FCAATSI

This typed report from 1973 consists of a report from: the 16th Conference of the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders of an extract from a speech by Mr R. Finney, Solicitor for Aborigines & Islanders from the Legal Aid Service; and the keynote address called 'Smash the act' given by Mrs P. Miller of the Council for Aboriginal Rights (Victoria).

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