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James Birrell Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings by James Birrell from his time as a student at Melbourne University, as a fourth year student in 1950 and fifth year in 1951. Drawings from work with the Commonwealth Department of Works in Melbourne (1948-1951, and 1954), Canberra (1952-1953); and Darwin (1954-1955). Drawings of buildings designed by Birrell while employed as an Architect in charge of the drawing office at the Brisbane City Council (1955-1961). Drawings designed by Birrell while employed as the University Architect for the University of Queensland (1 July 1961 to approx. 30 March 1966). Drawings done for buildings which were private commissions (1948-1966). Drawings while practicing in his firm, James Birrell and Partners (1966-1970) as well as drawings for buildings that were not built.

From his book A life in Architecture : Beyond the ugliness, James Birrell notes on pages 71-72 "The University was vested as property of the State Government and came under the control of the Co-Ordinator General of Public Works. The university was thus a tenant of the Co-Ordinator General who had control over all work".

Birrell, James, 1928-

Scorer and Scorer Architectural Drawings

This subseries has drawings by the firm Scorer and Scorer prior to James Birrell purchasing the firm in 1966 after Fred Scorer died from injuries in a car crash.

Scorer and Scorer

Correspondence : Business, Professional and Personal

Correspondence (incoming and outgoing) related to various building works designed by James Birrell as University Architect for the University of Queensland, and by his firm James Birrell and Partners. All of the building works are for the University of Queensland in the 1960s. Correspondence was housed in large binders that have been decanted into folders This correspondence has been arranged by the job when known and can span several years. Personal and business correspondence is included in this series.

Photographs of architectural works by Birrell

13 large mounted photographs:
[Item 1] 'Annerley Municipal Library, 1955';
[Item 2] 'Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery Aspley, 1959';
[Item 3] 'Toowong Municipal Library, 1958';
[Item 4] 'Centenary Pools [Centenary Pool], 1959';
[Item 5] 'Wickham terrace car park, 1960';
[Item 6] 'Staff House, University of Queensland, 1964';
[Item 7] 'Union College, University of Queensland, 1966';
[Item 8] 'J D Story Administration building, 1967';
[Item 9] J D Story Administration building, undated;
[Item 10] J D Story Administration building stairs, with David Knell written in ink on bottom right hand corner, undated;
[Item 11] 'Proposed Dental School', undated;
[Item 12] Model of unidentified building, undated;
[Item 13] Unidentified building, undated.

2 photographs, unmounted:
[Item 14 ] University of Queensland, St Lucia, aerial view, undated; and
[Item 15] 'University of Queensland, St Lucia, aerial view showing projects for 1964-66 triennium'.

Research relating to Walter Burley Griffin

Correspondence, research material, prints, photographs, slides and negatives relating to the biography of Walter Burley Griffin that was written by James Birrell. The book was published in 1964 by University of Queensland Press.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Town planning and Architectural Reports

Architectural and town planning reports:
[Item 1] James Birrell, 'New University Institution for Mount Gravatt Site Plan Report', March 1966 ;
[Item 2] James Birrell, 'Beaudesert Shire: Research Report and Preliminary Strategic Plan', February 1974 ;
[Item 3] James Birrell, 'Boonah Shire: Research Report and Strategic Plan', August 1974 ;
[Item 4] James Birrell, 'Great Keppel Island Resort', December 1974 ;
[Item 5] James Birrell and Partners, 'Miriam Vale: Report on Objections', February 1977.

[Item 6] James Birrell and Partners, 'A Report on the Redevelopment of the Existing Port Moresby Central Business District', October 1971] ;
[Item 7] James Birrell and Partners, 'Papua New Guinea Institute of Technology Master Plan Report', July 1972 ;
[Item 8] James Birrell and Partners, 'Report on Proposed Development Bank Headquarters at Waigani', February 1974 ;
[Item 9] James Birrell and Partners, 'Report on the Proposed Office Building of the Papua New Guinea Development Bank at the New Town Centre at Waigani', Port Moresby, nd ;
[Item 10] James Birrell and Partners, 'Report upon the Plan for Madang Town Centre Development', nd ;
[Item 11] James Birrell and Partners, 'Port Moresby Town Centre at Waigani, Volume 1: Design', nd ;
[Item 12] James Birrell and Partners, 'Port Moresby Town Centre at Waigani, Volume 2: Administration', nd ;
[Item 13] James Birrell and Partners, 'Report, Coral Sea Hotel for Steamships Trading Co Ltd', nd ;
[Item 14] James Birrell, 'Livingston Shire: Research Report and Strategic Plan', April, 1974 ;
[Item 15] James Birrell, 'Livingston Shire: The Shire and a Strategic Plan, Town Planning Recommendations', May 1974 ;
[Item 16] James Birrell and Partners, 'Policy Plan, Livingstone Shire Council', February 1978 [amendments inserted] ;
[Item 17] James Birrell and Partners, 'Policy Plan, Shire of Livingstone', May 1978 ;

[Item 18] James Birrell, 'New Shire Chambers for Maroochy Shire Council', May 1975 ;
[Item 19] Department of Works Queensland and James Birrell and Partners, 'Sunshine Coast College of Technical and Further Education, Master Plan Report', May 1978 ;
[Item 20] James Birrell and Partners, 'Shire of Maroochy, Initial Policy Plan Report', January 1979 ;
[Item 21] Gameglen and James Birrell and Partners, 'Noosa National Park Carparking Proposal', April 1987 ;
[Item 22] James Birrell et al., 'Proposed Group Title Subdivision at Pilchers Gap, Sunshine Beach for Chatport Pty Ltd', nd
[Item 23] James Birrell and Partners, 'Feasibility Study, Central Sunshine Coast Turf Racing Club', nd ;
[Item 24] James Birrell and Mack and Partners, '38 Unit Development, Memorial Avenue, Maroochydore', nd ;
[Item 25] James Birrell and Partners, 'Beachfront Towers', nd ;
[Item 26] James Birrell, 'Gateway to the Tropical North for Lahania Pty Ltd', Maroochydore, Qld, nd ;
[Item 27] James Birrell et al., 'Oxford Heights, New Town', November 1975 ;
[Item 28] James Birrell and Partners, 'Isis Shire: A Strategic Plan', November 1976 ;
[Item 29] James Birrell and Partners, 'Mitchell Town Plan', nd ;
[Item 30] James Birrell and Partners, 'Surfers Paradise Re-Development Scheme for the Chamber of Commerce', Brisbane, nd ;
[Item 31] James Birrell and Partners, 'Porta Pacifica, Marina City', nd.

Correspondence, Personal.

Correspondence from friends and family of Daphne Mayo including her parents, Bill and Lila Mayo, Lloyd Rees, some with or by his wife, Majorie Rees; Vida Lahey; Edith Lahey; Dr Christine Rivett; Walter Taylor; Nell Mary Lette Hubble; Mim Shaw; and Ina Rivers. General correspondence includes letters from government departments, the Society of Artists, exhibition organisers, galleries, lawyers, dentists, real estate agents, and others.

Correspondence, Outgoing

Draft letters, handwritten on note paper, scraps of paper, and envelopes relating to personal, business and professional activities.

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