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Birrell, James, 1928- Subseries
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Student work of James Birrell

Student work of James Birrell while studying at Melbourne University , as a fourth year student in 1950 and fifth year in 1951. Includes: Living quarters for old people ; Lighthouse and coastguard station ; St Judes Church of England, Carlton, Victoria ; Multistory city building ; Factory Unit ; Dairy buildings on a farm at Nar Nar Goon ; Streatham District Hospital ; City Bus Terminal ; Collins Street premises for a diamond dealer ; Road sign at the Haymarket ; Post office building, North Essendon ; Tomorrows house ; Open air theatre ; Himalayan trade bridge ; Sketchbook of notable architecture in Britain and France.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Geology Annexe, Chemistry Annexe and Western Arts Building [Unbuilt]

The Geology Annex, the Chemistry Annexe and the Western Arts Building were part of a master planning concept. They shared the structural and construction concept developed by Birrell and Antony Tod (structural engineer). None of the proposals were built.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Job A2 Main Library alterations, University of Queensland

Main Library was part of the Great Court buildings designed by Hennessy and Hennessy in 1935-1936. It consisted of two floors with a glass ceiling in the light well in the centre. Main Building was designed to be extended with an additional three floors, with high ceilings and a large light well in the centre. When the Library had insufficient space for students and books it was decided to go ahead with the extension of three more floors, as specified by Hennessy and Hennessy. Birrell proposed five additional floors instead of the three, the installation of passenger lifts, fluorescent lighting, and air-conditioning. Birrell was responsible for the internal arrangement and finishes. This file comprises 15 plans for alterations and additions to Main Library. Includes: sketch of lower ground floor (now Level 1), working drawings for 1st to 5th floors (now Level 3 to Level 7), stair details and compactus shelving.

Main Library was later known as Undergraduate Library; with the construction of Central Library in 1971 its name was changed to Duhig Building; and later, around 2000, to Duhig Tower.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Job A1 Renovations to Main Building, University of Queensland

10 plans, ink line drawings on tracing paper, for renovations to Main Building (now known as Forgan Smith Building). Stage 1 comprises 5 drawings for the Law and the Thomas Thatcher Memorial Libraries with drawing numbers A1/54 to A1/58, dated Aug to Sep 1965. The Thatcher Library, established in 1948, provided services for distance education and closed in 1993. Stage 2 comprises 3 drawings for the area between the Library and Arts entrance with drawing numbers A1/59 to A1/61. There is a plan for the Language laboratory which has no job number or details in title block. The final plan is Job A1/32 Proposed mezzanine floor to printery (Library basement): Architectural plan, ink line drawing on tracing paper, 38 x 70 cm; title block has University Architect J.P. Birrell; Job/drawing number A1/32; no date.

The Shapcott press was on the lower ground floor of Main Library. During the extension to Main Library there was discussion that the printery could be housed on the bottom floor of the Main Building. This last plan seems to reflect that idea. When Main Library was extended the Printery was moved to the Industrial Centre Building, located on the corner of Services Road and Hood Street.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Agriculture and Entomology Building, University of Queensland

The Co-Ordinator General of State Works originally gave the commission for the University of Queensland Agriculture and Entomology Building (known as Hartley Teakle Building) to Fred Scorer of the firm Scorer and Scorer on 17 March 1966. After Fred Scorer's untimely death in 1966, James Birrell purchased the Scorer and Scorer firm as part of setting up his own practice. He resigned as University Architect in late March 1966. The Co-Ordinator General approved Birrell taking over the commission for the Agriculture and Entomology Building. James Birrell and Partners were the architects for the building. The site chosen for the building was to the north-west of the Great Court on the western side of Mill road. The glass houses and veterinary buildings were built. Mayne Hall, now the UQ Art Museum and the Biological Science Library and Refect were not yet built. Front Drive still ran along the front of Main Building (now Forgan Smith).

The Agriculture and Entomology Building was designed to follow the site contours, was a 'c-shaped plan' and was designed to be built in three separate stages. Each stage was designed to be complete within themselves. Stage 1 was completed in February 1969; Stage 2 in May 1970; and Stage 3 in December 1970.

The subseries consists of plans for the Agriculture and Entomology Building, Stages 1-3, on the University of Queensland St. Lucia campus. It contains preliminary drawings by James Birrell as the University Architect and Master plans by Scorer and Scorer. Stage 1 : Job B7. Stage 2 : Job B7A; Stage 3 : Job B7B. Includes: site plan, floor plans, drainage plans, elevations, sections, roof details, site works, sun control details, window details, stair details, furniture details, seminar rooms, teaching rooms, administrative rooms, staff room details, student rooms, door schedules, perspectives, preliminary plans. Engineering plans Job 3092, 3378, 3398. Electrical engineer Job 1217. Mechanical engineer Job 2040.

James Birrell and Partners

Job U Goondiwindi Clinical Centre, University of Queensland

13 plans for the Goondiwindi Clinical Centre. The Pastoral Veterinary Centre of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies, University of Queensland, at Goondiwindi opened in 1965 and closed 31 December 2011. Plans comprise:
[Item1] Job no. U Working drawings for the Pastoral Clinical Centre Goondiwindi; 1 volume of 8 plans stapled together; the first seven drawings are for Job no. U with sheets numbered sequentially from 6 to 12; dated Oct and Nov 1964; the final plan is from Consulting engineers Dardno and Davies, job/drawing number 2-629B; Oct 1964.
[Item 2] Job no. U/14 Veterinary Pastoral Centre at Goondiwindi for the Department of Clinical Studies - First laboratory block; 10 Dec 1965.
[Item 3] Drawing no. 1041 University of Queensland Pastoral Clinical Centre Goondiwindi Electrical installation, contractor is H. Platt & Associates (Consulting Engineering), dated 6 Nov 1964.
[Item 4] Drawing no. AB6033/B1 University of Queensland Qld Pastoral Clinical Centre - G'Windi. Air conditioning system, contractor is Andrew Barton & Co. Pty Ltd, dated 2 Jun 1965.
[Items 5-6] Drawings by Cardno and Davies (Consulting engineers) for the Goondiwindi Clinical Centre, dated 29 Oct 1964.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Commonwealth. Department of Works

Birrell worked for the Commonwealth Works Department in Melbourne, Canberra and Darwin. There are 25 jobs represented in this subseries.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Student Union Precinct, University of Queensland

There are two architectural drawings, ink on paper, with the title The Union which may form part of the pilot plans for an extension to The Union Building which Birrell designed in 1962. There are 14 drawings for the Master Planning Report upon the Student Union Precinct University of Queensland, which was produced by Birrell and assistant architect Richard Stringer. This report was submitted to the Buildings and Grounds Committee in March 1966. 12 of these 14 drawings have the University of Queensland title block with J.P. Birrell as University Architect. Included with these drawings, which form part of the master plan for the precinct, are several designs for a Union Theatre. There are two pencil drawings related to the Union Theatre, without title, date, or creators. All plans are undated.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Job A41 Boatshed, University of Queensland

The Boat Club of the University of Queensland was established in 1911. Referred to as a shed in the working drawings, Birrell designed a simple building to function as an amenities building for The Boat Club. These plans were designed for submission to the Australian Universities Commission in 1965. It is located between Sir William Macgregor Drive and the Brisbane River. It is now called the Eric Freeman Boathouse. Eric Freeman, attained a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Queensland and was a valued member of the Varsity Eight (rowing) from 1921 to 1924. This file includes:
[Item 1] Boat garage sketch plan (May 1964).
[Item 2] Portal frame diagram (29 Feb 1966).
[Item 3] Job no. A41 Boat Shed Working Drawings; 8 architectural drawings; stapled together; numbered sequentially A41/1 to A41/7, with A41/5A; dated Nov 1965; drawn by J. Kershaw; University Architect is J.P. Birrell.

Birrell, James, 1928-

Brisbane City Council. Department of Planning and Building.

James Birrell was the Architect in Charge of the Architectural Branch in the Brisbane City Council from 1955 to 1961. His work with the council includes the multi-storey car park at 136 Wickham Terrace in Brisbane (added to Queensland Heritage Register on 13 Jan 1955 as the Brisbane City Council Carpark), the former Toowong Library (added to Queensland Heritage Register on 28 Aug 1988) and the Centenary Pool Complex at Spring Hill (added to Queensland Heritage Register on 5 Nov 1996).
[Item 1] 'Chermside Library' ; Sketch plan ; ink line drawing with colour on paper ; Oct 1955 ; 38 x 64 cm (previously numbered A5.01).

[Item 2] 'Chermside Civic Centre : view of hall from Hall Street' ; ink line drawing on paper ; undated ; 32 x 48 cm (previously numbered A5.02).

[Item 3] 'Chermside Civic Centre' ; Elevations, cross section ; ink line drawing on paper ; Oct 1957 ; 21 x 34 cm (previously numbered A5.03).

[Item 4] 'New Farm Power House Amenities & Office block : sketch' ; View from north, First Floor Plan, Ground Floor plan; ink line drawing on paper ; 24 Nov 1955 ; 44 x 66 cm (previously numbered A5.04).

[Item 5] 'New Farm Power House Office & Amenity block : working drawing' ; Elevations, First Floor Plan, Ground Floor plan, Foundation plan ; ink line drawing on paper ; Dec 1955 ; 62 x 95 cm (previously numbered A5.05).

[Item 6] 'Public conveniences West End : sketch plan ; Perspective, Site plan ; ink line drawing on paper ; Dec 1955 ; 38 x 44 cm (previously numbered A5.06).

[Item 7] 'Counter etc. Adelaide St. Foyer City Hall : sketch plan' ; ink line drawing with colour on paper ; Jan. 1955? ; 51 x 69 cm (previously numbered A5.07).

[Item 8] 'Entrance Feature Albert Park : conversion of A.R.P. shelter : sketch' ; ink line drawing on paper ; Feb 1956 ; 41 x 42 cm (previously numbered A5.08).

[Item 9] 'Manly Baths : proposed spectator stand : sketch plan' ; ink line drawing on paper ; 4 Apr 1956 ; 37 x 86 cm (previously numbered A5.09).

[Item 10] 'Administration Office, Works deport & conveniences, Wynnum : Sketch plan' ; ink line drawing on paper ; May 1956 ; 58 x 103 cm (previously numbered A5.10).

[Item 11] 'Administration Office, Works deport & conveniences, Wynnum : Sketch plan' ; ink line drawing on paper ; 4 Jul 1953? ; 51 x 72 cm (previously numbered A5.11).

[Item 12] 'Aspley Cemetery : Office - staff & public amenities : working drawing' ; ink line drawing on paper ; Feb 1959 ; 49 x 79 cm (previously numbered A5.12).

[Item 13] 'Langlands Park Swimming Pools Caretakers flat and stores : sketch plan' ; ink line drawing on paper ; Apr 1959 ; 39 x 56 cm (previously numbered A5.13).

[Item 14] 'Sewerage Maintenance Depot Graham St Milton : working drawing' ; ink line drawing on paper; Aug 1959 ; 53 x 78 cm (previously numbered A5.14).

[Item 15] 'Breakfast Ck Pumping Station : working drawings' ; Elevation, Plans, Sections, Site plan ; ink line drawing on paper; Jul 1959 ; 52 x 78 cm (previously numbered A5.15).

[Item 16] 'Sketch from Wickham Terrace' ; 1 bound presentation volume (11 architectural drawings) ; ink line drawings with colour on paper ; held together with metal paper binders ; 6 Oct 1959 ; 45 x 74 cm ; (previously numbered A5.16-A5.27, with title page having a number).

[Item 17] ' Annerly [sic] District Municipal Library' ; Perspective ; ink line drawing on paper ; undated ; 43 x 74 cm (previously numbered A5.28).

[Item 18] 'Annerley District Municipal Library' ; Perspective ; ink line drawing on paper ; undated ; 21 x 34 cm (previously numbered A5.29).

[Item 19] 'Fortitude Valley : Gallery sketch plans' ; Plan at street level, Plan of seating & upper concourse ; ink line drawing on paper ; undated ; 64 x 101 cm (previously numbered A5.30).

[Item 20] 'Cross section thro [sic] galleries etc.' for a pool facility ; ink line drawing on paper ; undated ; 21 x 51 cm (previously numbered A5.31).

[Item 21] Ground floor, Mezzanine for a pool facility ; ink line drawing with colour on tracing paper ; untitled ; undated ; 47 x 76 cm (previously numbered A5.32).

[Item 22] Section, for a pool facility ; ink line drawing with colour on tracing paper ; untitled ; undated ; 50 x 76 cm (previously numbered A5.33).

[Item 23] Perspective for a pool facility ; ink line drawing with colour on tracing paper ; amendments in pen on front of plan ; untitled ; undated ; 54 x 75 cm ; (previously numbered A5.34).

[Item 24] 'Centenary Pool Victoria Park : roof deck details' ; ink line drawing on paper ; Aug 1958 ; 70 x 103 cm (previously numbered A5.35).

[Item 25] Job no. HB/4/8 'Dunlop Park Swimming Pools : working drawings bath-house' ; ink line drawing on paper ; Apr 1960 ; 76 x 133 cm (previously numbered A5.82).

[Item 26] 'Standard dressing shed : working drawing' ; ink line drawing on paper ; 6 Apr 1960 ; 51 x 77 cm (no prior numbering).

[Item 27] 'Standard dressing shed : details' ; ink line drawing on paper ; 3 May 1960 ; 51 x 77 cm (no prior numbering).

[Item 28] 'Standard dressing shed : details' ; ink line drawing on paper ; 14 Apr 1960 ; 51 x 77 cm (no prior numbering).

[Item 29] One volume, previously held together with paper binders, with two jobs ; 16 architectural drawings (previously 17). Job no. B13.1 Dunlop Park Swimming Pools : architectural drawings schedule: ink line drawings on paper ; creators are J.P. Birrell (Architect in Charge, BCC Dept of Planning & Building), Macdonald Wagner & Priddle (Engineers), H.A. Mitchell & Son (Qty Surveyors) ; sheets numbered B.13.1/1 to B13.1/12 ; Mar-May 1960 ; 76 x 133 cm (previously numbered A5.84-A5.96 and A5.101). Drawing no. 3006 Dunlop Park Swimming Pool - Corinda, Sewage Treatment Works ; ink line drawings on paper ; 67 x 99 cm (previously numbered A5.97-A5.100).

[Item 30] Job no. T.6.2 Bus Body Workshop, Department of Transport Coronation Drive Milton : Schedule of Architectural and Engineering Drawings : working drawings ; 1 volume (13 architectural drawings) ; sequentially numbered T.6.2/1 to T.6.2/12 with extra drawing for Drawing no. W2352/5 'Drainage layout' inserted ; ink line drawings on paper ; Dec 1960 to Jan 1961 ; 70 x 100 cm (previously numbered A5.102-A5.115). [Building demolished]

[Item 31] Job no. BH/1/67 Wickham Terrace Car Park : Details of prefabricated copper plumbing; BCC Dept of Planning & Building in title block ; ink line drawing on paper ; 14 Oct 1960 ; 71 x 126 cm (previously numbered A5.83?).

[Item 32] Job no. 1111 Brisbane City Council - Multi Storey Car Park - Wickham Terrace - Brisbane. Structural details ; by Macdonald, Wagner & Priddle (Consulting Civil Engineers) ; 1 volume (45 drawings) previously bound together ; sheets numbered sequentially 1111/1 to 1111/47 with numbers 29-30, 34, 40 missing and the last two sheets are missing the right hand corner ; from sheet number 45 onwards pages are badly torn and missing sections along the right hand edge ; ink line drawings on paper ; Dec 1959 to Feb 1960 ; 69 x 97 cm (previously numbered A5.36-A5.81).

Birrell, James, 1928-

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