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Trotter, Stephen R. Series
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Sisalcraft travelling scholarship

2 albums of 1052 35mm colour slides taken by Stephen Trotter during his Sisalcraft travelling scholarship.

Album 1: Singapore (31 slides), Kuala Lumpur (41 slides), Hong Kong (40 slides), Bangkok (22 slides), India (83 slides), Agra (9 slides), Tehran and Istanbul (32 slides), Athens (29 slides), Rome and Milan (43 slides), Venice and Switzerland (44 slides), Hamburg and Copenhagen (28 slides), Malmo and Paris (34 slides), London and Fareham (38 slides), Salisbury to Wells (18 slides), Stratford-upon-Avon and Coventry (3 slides), Wells to Maryport, West England, Eireland (30 slides), Scotland (27 slides).

Album 2: Oxford and Cambridge (22 slides), Madrid and Toledo (33 slides), Lisbon (43 slides), New York (29 slides), Miami (5 slides), Kingston (3 slides), Caracus (35 slides), Brasilia (11 slides), Rio (4 slides), Sao Paulo (25 slides), Lima (13 slides), Mexico (33 slides), USA (23 slides), Los Angeles (19 slides), San Francisco (11 slides), Honolulu (3 slides), Tahiti (8 slides), Unidentified (180 slides).

Trotter, Stephen R.

Murray Island trip

Photographs taken by Stephen Trotter on a trip to Murray Island, in eastern Torres Strait, between Cape York Peninsula and Papua New Guinea.

Trotter, Stephen R.

Australian architecture

Photographs taken by Stephen Trotter of examples of Australian architecture. Includes churches, houses and regional Queensland hotels.

Trotter, Stephen R.

Braybrook homes

Photographs taken by Stephen Trotter of houses in the suburb of Braybrook, 10km west of Melbourne.

Trotter, Stephen R.

Good houses of Australia

Photographs taken by Stephen Trotter as examples of Australian housing. Including: Tent house, Mt.Isa; Indooroopilly House, by Hayes & Scott; St.Lucia house, by Eddie Hayes; Clayfield house, by Robin Dodds; typical tropical style houses in Brisbane.

Trotter, Stephen R.

Cities in the Sun manuscript

Manuscript book of paste-ups for Cities in the Sun, which was published as a book in 1963. This was the result of the Sisalcraft travelling scholarship in 1962, in which Trotter used to spend three months in subtropical regions of the world to develop knowledge relevant for Brisbane architecture and climate.

Trotter, Stephen R.