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Harry Throssell Papers
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Harry Throssell Papers

  • UQFL645
  • Collection
  • 1963-2016

Papers relating to Harry Throssell's teaching, writing and advocacy work in Queensland including reports, articles, letters and art work by Throssell.

Throssell, Harold

'Somerville. Mental Health Federation. 27A'

The Mental Health Federation of Queensland, of which Harry Throssell was the spokesperson, advocated for changes to the Mental Health Act on 1962, Section 27A of the Prison's Act and the Mental Health Amendment Act 130B legislation. The Federation was concerned about security patients being held in hospital beyond the term of their prison sentence. This file includes: notes on the Somerville [Summerville?] inquiry accompanied by a handwritten note from Ro [Roisin Goss, nee Hirschfeld?] to Throssell; newspaper cuttings; a typescript page of proposed changes to legislation by the Mental Health Federation of Queensland; and a handwritten note from Marg [Margaret O'Donnell?] to Throssell; a form letter written by L. Macdonald and M. O'Donnell accompanied by a report titled 'Section 27A. Prisons Act'. Written on cover of original folder 'Somerville. Mental Health Federation. 27A'.

' Karrala. 1967. May. Jun. Sept. Karrala House'

Karrala House formed part of the female ward of the Ipswich Mental Hospital accommodating 'wayward' and 'delinquent' girls. It was run by the Queensland State Government from 1963 to 1971 when it closed. This file contains: correspondence including carbon copies of letters to the editor of the Courier Mail from Harry Throssell; newspaper cuttings from May to December 1967; typescript copy of a 'Submission in relation to Karrala House' from the Council of Social Service Queensland, Child Welfare Standing Committe, May 1967; typescript copy of 'Some notes on Karrala House' by the Council of Social Service Queensland, Child Welfare Standing Committee, with handwritten inscription on last page 'HT Lecturer in Social Work, U. of Q. [9 Feb 1967]'. Written on cover of original folder ' Karrala. 1967. May. Jun. Sept. Karrala House'

University of Queensland academic work

Harry Throssell worked for the University of Queensland as a Lecturer in Social Work from 1966 to 1974. This file includes: a letter signed by Harold Throssell, Elizabeth Timms, and Laurie Hayes of the Select Committee on Deserted Wives to the President and Members of the Executive Committee of the Council of Social Services of Queensland, 12 Apr 1967; a carbon copy typescript of the Select Committee on Deserted Wives report with handwritten emendations, April 1967; ‘Deserted wives in Queensland’, 1967’; two poems by Clare Dunne; double-sided leaflet 'A Call for action at the University of Queensland' (regarding the state of emergency declared by the Queensland Government related to the Springbok tour in 1971 with the names of university staff (over 200 staff supported militant action), ending with it will be issued to the workers' rally at 9.30am and at 1pm the students and staff will march from St. Lucia), 1971; copy of a conference proceedings from "Seminar on Family Social Services', 1967?; pamphlet 'Strategy for left action' by Dan O'Neill, 1969; report by Edna Chamberlain, Roisin Hirschfeld and Jill Brown 'Some problems associated with research among urban Aboriginals', July 1973; List by publications by H. Throssell, 1969.

Writings on social policy and welfare

Articles, published and unpublished, written by Throssell from 1976 to 1969 and undated. Includes: 'Number 86 - Alternative to psychiatry'; 'Add to Darwin cyclone', 1975; 'Darwin article', May 1975; 'Darwin - City at a standstill', 1975; 'Darwinians fear wet season', 1975; 'Brisbane flood', 1974; 'The state of welfare', 1973; 'An experimental teaching method', 1969; 'The modern aged', undated; 'Child torture prison', undated; 'The state of s.w.', undated; 'Technetronic social work, undated; 'Saint marching in wrong direction', undated; 'Deserted wives', undated; and notes for 'Social working', undated.

Client report

This file has clinical notes for a woman of a child presenting to a psychiatric social worker [Harry Throssell?] and her account of her family experiences while her child was in therapy. [Archivist is unsure if this is a fictional or true account]

Fictional works

'Spike and God' manuscript: notes, partial drafts, synopsis, and correspondence related to Spike and God', 1997.


Personal and professional correspondence, incoming and outgoing; postcard; and greeting cards.

Biographical and personal papers

Newspaper cutting from 1976 when Throssell set up in private practice as a social worker; page with editing and writing experience listed; curriculum vitae; newspaper cutting from The Southport Sun where Throssell is the chief of staff; front page of The Gold Coast Sun, with handwritten note at top of page 'The property of Harry Throssell' and signed by several people, 6 Aug 1988.

'Drawings of folk'

Folder with title 'Drawings of folk' which includes several drawings of Harry Throssell and a photograph of Throssell taken for The Southport Sun, 1987.

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