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Jackie Huggins Collection
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Jackie Huggins Collection

  • UQFL468
  • Collection
  • 1968-1999

Manuscripts, correspondence, minutes, newspaper cuttings, ephemera, and photocopies from published items relating to Queensland Indigenous politics, campaigns and organisations. There is material about the Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School in Brisbane; One People of Australia League; and accounts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders events and activities around the 1982 Commonwealth Games and Musgrave Park in the 1980s.

Huggins, Jackie

Writings and manuscripts

This series is comprised of unpublished and published writings; some are drafts; some may have been later published; most are written by people other than Jackie Huggins.

Notes on Jim Hamilton

Two typescript accounts about Jim Hamilton.

Typescript, 3 leaves (on the back of unrelated printout), with handwritten emendations, undated. At the top of the first page handwritten note: 'at the opening of the "Jim Hamilton" room at OPAL (early 1970s). Most likely written by Muriel Langford. Accompanied by double sided typescript speaking notes on lightweight card, summarising the typescript.

Typescript, 1 leaf (on the back of unrelated printout), with handwritten emedations in blue pen, undated. At the top, in pencil, is 'Pam'.

Langford, Muriel E., 1913-2003

Why and how OPAL began and how it worked

Three typescript drafts about One People of Australia League (OPAL), written by Muriel Langford. These expand on the untitled manuscript about how OPAL began but with more information about Muriel's personal experiences in India and when she arrived in Australia and greater detail about how OPAL began and what it did.

Many of the pages in the first draft are on the back of other material; some pages have been pasted or sticky taped together; has no title, 23 leaves in length; undated; accompanied by a short summary, perhaps for a speech.

The second draft is on continuous computer paper and has the title 'Why and how OPAL began, and how it worked'; has handwritten emendations; 28 leaves, numbered; on the last page handwritten in blue pen is 'Copyright ME Langford, 1989 and'.

The third draft is on continuous computer paper and has the title 'Why and how OPAL began, and how it worked'; has handwritten note on the first page 'Draft Reminiscences. E & OE!! Copyright' ; 28 leaves, numbered; on the last page handwritten note 'PO [?] Muriel Langford. Copyright'.

Langford, Muriel E., 1913-2003

'Bringing them home - the stolen generation : Auntie Beryl's dreaming'

Two typescript drafts, 3 leaves each, with handwritten emendations. Both drafts are printed on the back of scrap/recycled paper. Undated but based on events in 1998.

First draft has the title 'Bringing them home - the stolen generation : Auntie Beryl's dreaming'; handwritten emendations in blue pen; 3 leaves; giving an account of the march in February 1998 of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, from Musgrave Park to the Brisbane city centre. The second draft has the title 'Auntie Beryl's dreaming', 3 leaves; with some corrections and written at the top is 'Full original'.

Huggins, Jackie

Different cultures but one people : Meriba Kaimel - unity

Typescript draft, 3 leaves, giving an account of the Annual Dance Festival held on Thursday Island and education in the Torres Strait Islands; author unknown; undated by most likely 1993'; handwritten notes on the reverse of the last page, some in shorthand, possibly by Jackie Huggins. Photocopy of the 3 leaf draft with a map of the canoe trading routes in the Torees Strait Islands.

Huggins, Jackie

Survival Celebrations at Musgrave Park

Carbon copy typescript draft, 2 leaves, handwritten emendations, possibly written by Muriel Langford about Survival Celebrations in Musgrave Park, including the construction of the tent city, and marching to Expo 88. Accompanied by a typescript note about the equipment and food requirements for Musgrave Park, on the inside part of a seasonal card; and a typescript item for a newsletter about the arrangement for the Cultural Survival Gathering in Musgrave Park which has a handwritten line at the top 'To Duncan for newsletter'.

Langford, Muriel E., 1913-2003

Story of Double Island Point

Four typescript drafts and a photocopy of one of the drafts, undated. It is the story of how Double Island Point was created.

The first draft: 2 leaves, printed on continuous computer paper, with the title 'Children! for your safety : Listen to your parents!'. It begins 'This is a story told to us by Uncle Willie, or Geerbaugh, as he was named by his people ... it is called - The Story of Double Island Point'.

The second draft: 2 leaves, printed on continuous computer paper, with the title 'Double Island Point'. It begins: 'Uncle Willie MacKenzie's story at the camp for the Murri and white kids'.

The third draft: 3 leaves, two copies of page 1, printed on continuous computer paper, untitled. It begins 'Story told by Uncle Willie MacKenzie - Geerbaugh - to the children at the Murri and White Kids' camp'. There is a photocopy of the two page draft attached.

The fourth draft is typed on the typed on the back of two A3 pieces of paper that have research material that appears to have been used in the writing of the book on cane growers by Muriel Langford. It is 3 pages in length. It has many handwritten emendations. It begins 'Before white people came to this beautiful country the Aboriginal people roamed over all of it.'


Gainbee Rock

Four typescript drafts and one photocopy of the story 'Gainbee Rock' by Sylvia Cairns.

Cairns, Sylvia

Group identity and urban Aboriginies

Copy of a typescript paper titled 'Group identity and urban Aborigines', 9 leaves of text and 2 leaves of bibliography, undated. Based on dates of references, most likely written in the early 1970s. On first page, written in green pen 'Return to M E Langford' [Muriel Langford] and in pencil 'I think this is by Ann Eckermann' [Anne-Katrin Eckermann?].

Eckermann, Anne-Katrin

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