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John Pearn Papers
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John Pearn Papers

  • UQFL266
  • Collection
  • 1956-2019

Material relating to the medical career and research of Professor John Pearn. Includes speeches, papers, photographs, medals, curriculum vitae, menus, programmes and other ephemera marking special events.

Pearn, John


Ephemera such as menus, programmes, and tributes related to events related to University of Queensland or other organisations.

University of Queensland events, 1982 to 2014.

Ephemera such as menus, programmes, and tributes related to University of Queensland events.
Folder 1 includes:
• Programme for the unveiling of the portrait of Professor John Tyndale Rendle-Short, Foundation Professor in Child Health, University of Queensland, 25 Oct 1982 [F2353]
• Memorial obituary for Ronald Boscott [F2403 [1]]
• Order of Service: Ronald Joseph Boscott, Memorial Service, 19 May 1983, Christ Church, St Lucia [F2403 [2]]
• Faculty Dinner menu on the occasion of the retirement of Professor John Rendle-Short, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland, 15 Jun 1984 [F2257]
• ‘‘Flying Doctors”: some vignettes of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and of aviation medicine’, on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the foundation of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, The Marks-Hirschfeld Museum of Medical History, 5 Nov 1993 [program]
• Medical Graduation Dinner programme/menu 1994
• Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland, Golden Jubilee Reunion of the Medical Graduation Class of 1944, 11 June 1994
• Programme: Unveiling of the Statue of Hippocrates, a gift of Mr Angelo Efstathis, CBE, The Medical School, University of Queensland, 30 July 1996
• Programme: ‘The unveiling of the statue of Hippocrates: a pageant of music’, The War Memorial Lawn, The Medical School, Brisbane, 30 July 1996
• The John Thomson Oration 1997, Major General W.B. James, 22 July 1997 [programme]
• Tea...overlooking the Statue of Hippocrates on the occasion of the visit of Lindsey Peguas, Alumnus of the Medical School, Mayne Medical School, Herston, Brisbane, 12 Aug 1997 [programme]
• The University of Queensland Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, ‘A University Dinner in Honour of Associate Professor John C Vance on the occasion of his retirement’, 26 Aug 1997 [menu/programme]
• Presentation of Rare Books: The Works of Ramon y Cajal by Dr Geoffrey Kenny to the Otto Hirschfeld Library of the History of Medicine, 3 Oct 1997 [programme]
• ‘The Patron’s Breakfast: A Collegiate Hour, overlooking Brisbane’, with Professor John and Mrs Vena Pearn, Patron, University of Queensland Medical Society, The Summit Restaurant, Mount Coot-tha, 4 Oct 1997 [menu/programme]
• Queensland University Regiment 50th Anniversary Parade, 9 May 1998
• University dinner to honour Professor Tatyana Sorokina, Professor of the History of Medicine, People’s Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, on the occasion of her invited visit to Brisbane, University of Queensland, 26 May 1998
• University dinner to honour Dr. Simon Churchill Latham on the occasion of his retirement and also Mrs Gemma Latham, University of Queensland, 22 Jul 1998
• University dinner in honour of Associate Professor J F Leditschke on the occasion of his retirement, University of Queensland, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, 1 Oct 1998
• M. B., B. S. Graduation Dinner 1998
• The John Thomson Oration 1998, Major General J.N. Pearn, 10 November 1998 [programme]
• ‘Lunch for graduates of 50 or more years standing’, University of Queensland, 17 Jul 1999
• ‘60 years of the Medical School, 1939-1999’, Marks-Hirschfeld Museum of Medical History and The Medical Alumni of the Alumni Association, 25 Aug 1999
• Book Launch: Of heart and mind: a biography of James Owen Pearn (1904-1965) by John Pearn, University of Queensland, School of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, 6 Sept 1999
• Tribute Farewell to Prof Bryan Campbell on the occasion of his retirement, Mayne Medical School, University of Queensland, 31 Jan 2000
• University Dinner in honour of Dr W R McWhirter on the occasion of his retirement, Staff & Graduates Club, University of Queensland, 7 Mar 2001
• The Century of Federation: A Medical Perspective’, Marks-Hirschfeld Museum of Medical History, 19 Mar 2001 [invitation]
• Anzac Tribute, 24 Apr 2001
• ‘The Radiance of Hippocrates’, a lighting-up ceremony to celebrate the illumination of the Statue of Hippocrates, 30 May 2001
• ‘The Cutting Edge: Recent Advances in Medicine’, Marks-Hirschfeld Museum of Medical History, 18 Aug 2001
• ‘Aviation Medicine and History’, Mayne Medical School, 29 Aug 2001
• Book Launch Invitation: John Pearn, A Doctor in the Garden, 25 Sep 2001
• Physiotherapy in Queensland’, 29 Jan 2002 [programme]
• ‘A Lunar Man: A bicentenary audit of Erasmus Darwin 1731-1802’, invitation from the Marks-Hirschfeld Museum of Medical History, 17 Nov 2002
• ‘The Centenary of the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, 1903-2003’, 8 May 2003
• ‘Unveiling of the Photographic Portrait of Associate Professor John Frederick Leditschke, AMKSTJ’, The Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Queensland, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, 9 Oct 2003
• ‘Tribute to Seven Members of the General Staff of the Department of ‘Paediatrics and Child Health University of Queensland and The Royal Children’s Hospital Brisbane, Unveiling of Photographic Portraits’, 15 Dec 2003
• ‘Tribute Luncheon to honour Professor Geoffrey Cleghorn’, 26 Mar 2004
• Programme for presentation at Customs House to John Pearn as Alumnus of the Year, 24 Oct 2004. (NB. Accompanying photograph in Series E: Photographs)
• The Unveiling of the David Henderson Portrait of Professor John Pearn, July 2006
• University of Queensland Medical Society ANZAC tribute service 24 April 2008
• Queensland University Regiment 2DIV Handover Dinning in Night Anzac Officers Mess Gallipoli Barracks, 28 Jun 2008
• The John Thomson Oration program 25 November 2008 Air Commodore Hugh Bartholomeusz RFD “Tissue Reconstruction – A Timeless art” [programme]
• Festschrit Seminar to honour Associate Professor James Nixon AM 28 Nov 2008
• The Inaugural UQMS Presidents Reunion 2009
• University of Queensland Medical Society ANZAC tribute service 24 April 2009
• Queensland University Regiment Officers Mess Regimental Dinner 61st Birthday Celebration 9 May 2009
• The John Thomson Oration program 25 October 2011 (Colonel) Professor Peter Warfe CSC “The Development of Military Preventive Medicine” [programme]
• Tribute Breakfast for Associate Professor Mark Coulthard 28 October 2011
• University of Queensland School of Medicine Student Honours & Awards Evening, 15 December 2011 Program
• Graduation Ball 2011 Programme
• 2012 ANZAC Tribute Service
• The J Fred Leditschke medal of distinction 5 December 2012
• University of Queensland Medical Society Graduation Ball 7 December 2012
• White Coat Christmas 16 December 2012?
• The Queensland Medical Orchestra – A Merry Medicinal Christmas 20 December 2013
• The Queensland Medical Orchestra and Choir Virtuosis 6 July 2014
• Tribute Lunch In honour of Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Cleghorn, 7 February 2014.
• The John Thomson Oration program 28 October 2014, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Reade
• The Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health, The University of Queensland at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Clinical Service, Teaching and Research, John Pearn and Mark Coulthard, 2014.

Non University of Queensland events, 1993 to 2009.

Ephemera such as menus, programmes, and tributes related to events.
Folder 2 includes:
• Noosa District Heritage Symposium, 30 Oct 1993
• AMA Queensland Centenary Celebrations, ‘Milestones in Medicine’, 7 May 1994 [brochures, menu, registration form, opening ceremony, seating, programme, music score. Medal has been moved to Realia Series.]
• St Andrew’s Day Dinner programme, The Society of St Andrew of Scotland (Queensland), 30 November 1994
• ‘Using the hospital’s ethics committee: a case presentation’, Weekly P/G case presentation meeting, Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, 12 Jul 1995
• The Society of St Andrew of Scotland (Queensland) 15th Annual Dinner program, 2 Nov 1996
• ‘Seeing the forest through the trees’, Ipswich Hospital Conference 1998
• ‘Health and medicine: the Irish heritage’, Queensland Irish Association Centenary Dinner, 22 Apr 1998
• Australian Medical Association (NSW) 1999 Oration and Presentation of Awards, University of Sydney, 26 Jun 1999
• Australian Health Ethics Committee Program, NHMRC Workshop Brisbane, 26 Aug [1999?]
• Royal Brisbane Hospital Research Foundation: luncheon programme: 1 Nov 1999
• ‘Broad outreach: a tribute to the contributions to military health and malaria prevention by Major J E R (“Jock”) Clarke MBE’, Army Malaria Institute, Gallipoli Barracks, 29 Nov 1999
• 16th Annual Tess Brophy Lecture, St Joseph’s College, 9 Nov 2000
• Defence Health Services Queensland, Consultant’s Dinner, 31 Mar 2001
• Queensland Branch of Australian Medical Association, Presidential Inauguration and Annual AMA Awards, 1 Jun 2000
• Dinner to honour Brigadier Paul Alexander 28 Feb 2004
• ‘AMAQ Presidential Inauguration’, 4 Jun 2004
• Royal Historical Society of Queensland Annual Clem Lack Oration 16 Aug 2007 [invitation]
• The Australian Numismatic society QLD Branch annual dinner 3 Nov 2007, Programme & menu.
• Scouts Australia Centenary Dinner The Year of the Scout 1 May 2008 [programme and menu]
• St John Ambulance Queensland Tribute Luncheon 2 March 2009
• Royal Children’s Hospital School Community Official 90th Anniversary Ceremony 15 Sept 2009 [invitation and programme]

Speeches and papers, 2010 to 2016

4 speeches: 'The Human Spirit' by Georgia White Jun 2010 ; 'Diseases Come and Go' by John Pearn 4 Jul 2015 ; 'Hammurabi’s Code: Primary datum in the conjoined professions of Medicine and Law' by John Pearn 19 Apr 2016 ; and “Safety Promotion-A Late Specialty” The 2016 Kenneth Jamieson Oration 13 Sep 2016.

Speeches and papers, 1979 to 2016

Copies of speeches authored or co-authored by John Pearn:
National Symposium – Head Injuries : Handbook and Abstracts’, 26-27 Apr 1979, Sydney. Annotations.
• ‘Human Genetics Society of Australasia : Genetics in the 1980s : Scientific Programme and abstracts’, 22-24 Jun 1980, Brisbane.
• ‘On site resuscitation after drowning and near-drowning’ by John Pearn, James Nixon and Graham Morrow, presented at First International Conference on First Aid, Jun 1979, Norway.
• ‘Australasian and New Zealand Association for Medical Education’, 7th, 22-25 Aug 1979, Brisbane. Annotations.
• ‘A nexus for life : children’s health and education’ by John Pearn, 15 Aorta Conference, 2-6 Oct 2006, Brisbane. Includes Powerpoint slides.
• Powerpoint slides 'Surgeons as advocates fo children with physical disabilities' by John Pearn, May 2009.
• ‘A doctor and the community’ by John Pearn, 9 Jul 2009
• Powerpoint slides for ‘On “Officinallis”’
• ‘Firsts’ by John Pearn, 2 Jul 2015
• ‘Safety Promotion – a late specialty : the 2016 Kenneth Jamieson Oration’ by John Pearn, 13 Sep 2016.
• ‘The Fabrica : De humani corporis fabrica libri septem of Andreas Vesalius’ by John Pearn, 14 Sep 2016.
• ‘The amity : His Majesty’s Colonial Brig : her role in the European Foundation of Queensland’ by John Pearn, 29 Sep 2016.
• ‘Harm free healthcare – towards utopia : clinical governance and the healthcare chain’ by John Pearn, The Langford Oration 2016, 13 Oct 2016.
• ‘Pioneers in the pool : gender equality, women’s swimming and lifesaving’ by John Pearn, 28 Oct 2016.
• ‘Randomisation : art and science’ by John Pearn and Amanda Smith, 3 Nov 2016.

Professional documents, correspondence, 1997 to 2016

[Item 1] Printout of the The London Gazette, Tuesday 6th February 1996 where John Hemsley Pearn is named as being conferred the appointment as Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem.
[Item 2] Letter from Professor John Pearn to Mr N. W. McCaughey regarding the Medical Training Programme for the March of the "Dungarees" in April 1998., 22 Aug 1997
[Item 3] Attached to the letter is a summary of self preparation for medical and fitness requirements for the March.
[Item 4] Promotional flyer from journal Doctor Q with a speaker profile John Pearn at the 2005 AMA Queensland Conference.
[item 5] List of Life Governors and Life Members, which lists John Pearn for 2004-05, from the Royal Life Saving Society Queensland Annual Report, 2006.
[Item 6] St John Ambulance Australia, Queensland History and Heritage Committee Report 2007, listing John Pearn as Consultant to the Committee
[Item 7] Notes relating to the presentation of a ceramic flask to John Pearn, Oxford, 2012
[Item 8] Letter to the Fryer Librarian, Simon Farley, which accompanied Commemorative medal for World Congress of Medical Librarianship from 2009, 15 Sep 2016.
[Item 9] Flyer for the Surgeon General, presented to Major General John Pearn, Surgeon General of the Australian Defence Force, 1998-2000.
[Item 10] Letterhead for Colonel John Pearn, AM, RFD.

Pearn Numismatic Collection papers

Letter with details of the collection written by John Pearn, 18 Mar 2019. Certificates of Authenticity for 13 medals; information on the John White and Congress Medals are included. There is no certificate or information sheet for the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Centenary Medallion.


Two videocassettes. [Item 1] Professor John Rendle-Short interviewed by Professor Fred Leditschke in 1986; and [Item 2] Memorial Service for Dr Robert Endean on 15 Oct 1997. All were colleagues of John Pearn.

Rendle-Short, John

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