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Correspondence, Lloyd Rees

There are 96 letters and 10 postcards dating from 3 Aug 1919 to 22 Oct 1977, but also including many undated letters and some fragments.

Lloyd Rees and Daphne Mayo knew each other from their studies at the Brisbane Technical College. Rees and Mayo corresponded before Mayo left for London. When Mayo left on the ship, the Ormonde in Sydney in 1920, Rees was there to farewell her. They continued to correspond while Mayo was overseas and became engaged, by mail, in 1922. At this time Rees was living in Paramatta at a guest house called 'Bondo'. This address appears in several of his letters to Mayo. After their engagement, Mayo asked Rees to join her in England. Rees wrote several letters to Mayo while onboard the Esperance Bay. During their time in London and later in Italy they would spend their days pursuing their own studies and interests. Mayo gave Rees the nickname "Georgie". Many of his letters are addressed to "Mary" (his nickname for her) and signed "Georgie". In 1923 Daphne Mayo won the Rome Prize, a travelling scholarship to Rome, and the Royal Academy School of Art gold medal for sculpture. Despite Mayo offering to pay for Rees to stay on and travel with her, at her expense, Rees returned home to Australia, arriving in March 1925. Not long after his return, Mayo's brother Richard Mayo died. Before she returned to Australia, Mayo broke off her engagement to Rees via mail. After a short time in Sydney, she returned to live in Brisbane. They continued to write to each other for years to come. There is also some correspondence from Marjorie Rees, nee Pollard, who married Lloyd Rees in 1931.

There are some small drawings by Rees: Folder 1 - One letter from 6 May 1923 has a hand drawn stamp by Rees; Letter from 27 Jul 1923 has two b&w photographs and a sprig of wattle (or some other plant) -- Folder 2 - Undated letter with hand drawn colour picture of his "garret" at 'Bondo'.

Rees, Lloyd Frederic, 1895-1988

Correspondence, Vida Lahey

99 letters (includes postcards and letter cards and 14 incomplete notes/letters) from Vida Lahey to Daphne Mayo. The dated correspondence dates from 13 Oct 1929 to 2 Apr 1968, however most correspondence is undated, is of a personal nature and relates to their friendship. Most of the letters are addressed from 97 St Lucia Road (now Sir Fred Schonell Drive), St. Lucia.

Four letters to Vida Lahey are also included in this file.

Lahey, Vida, 1882-1968

Correspondence, Personal, 1930 to 1939

Letters, telegrams and postcards sent to Daphne Mayo between 7 Jan 1930 and 28 Dec 1939. Not all years have correspondence.
1930 - 19 letters and 3 telegrams. Correspondents include: Wal (Walter Taylor) (4 letters); 'Golly' (Nell Mary Lette Hubble) (5 letters); Ina (Selina) Rivers; Kathleen ; Rose; Frank; and several letters of congratulation.
1931- 8 letters and 2 telegrams. Correspondents include: Everilda Birch; Wal (Walter Taylor) (3 letters); 'Golly' (Nell Mary Lette Hubble); Ina Rivers; and Bertha Hubble (about the death of Nell Hubble).
1933 - 3 letters and 1 postcard. Correspondents include Aunt Rose; and Wal (Walter Taylor) (2 letters, one of which proposes marriage and Daphne has a draft response to him on the back of the letter).
1934 - 4 letters and 1 letter card.
1935 - 3 letters.
1937 - 3 letters.
1938 - 2 postcards, 1 telegram.
1939 - 7 letters. Correspondents include: Auntie Daisy; Rosie.

Correspondence, Personal, undated, incomplete, fragments

Two folders of undated letters, incomplete letters and letter fragments and 1 folder of postcards and cards. Correspondents include: Dr Christine Rivett, Kathleen, Mim Shaw, Godfrey Rivers (1 letters), Ina Rivers, Leonard Shillams.

Correspondence, General, 1914 to 1929

Correspondence from 9 Jul 1914 to 28 Jun 1929. Correspondents include: Wattle Day League (9 Jul 1914); Lewis McDonald (20 May 1919); Charles Venden Rees; Royal Academy of Arts; British School at Rome; William Moore; Royal Queensland Art Society.

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