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Whiting, Robert Selmon

  • AU QU
  • Person
  • 1855-1929

Pastoralist, Solicitor. Born in Melbourne 16 August 1955. Died 17 June 1929. Member of legal firm Whiting and Byrne, William Street, Melbourne. In partnership with Rupert Clarke, owned Isis Downs Station in Queensland.

Queensland Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders

  • AU QU
  • Corporate body
  • 1958?-1976?

The Queensland United Council for Aboriginal Welfare representative, Joe McGinness, attended the first conference in Adelaide in 1958 that gave rise to the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. Joe McGinness was also secretary of the Cairns Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement League. It was Ada Bromham who unified Queensland social activists to form the Queensland Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (QCAATSI). Daisy Marchisotti was heavily involved in this organisation together with Indigenous political activist Odgeroo Noonuccal, who was the Queensland State Secretary in the 1960s. QCAATSI acted as the state branch for the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islands (FCAATSI). The main objectives were: to work for complete social, political, legal and economic equality for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders; to seek the integration of Aborigine's and Torres Strait Islanders within the community while preserving valuable aspects of their culture; to provide various services to encourage self-reliance and economic independence among Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. In 1961 a group of members considered to be less inclined with political activism split to form One People of Australia League (OPAL). By 1975 the Council was effectively defunct

Publicists - Colin Bennett, Manfred Cross, Bob Cochrane, H. Gurnett, Muriel Langford, L.G. McBride, Daisy Marchisotti, Royce Perkins, J. Sweet, Kath Walker.

Brown, Mary Zillah, 1893-1966

  • AU QU
  • Person
  • 1893-1966

Mary Zillah Hayes was one of Father Edward Leo Hayes' sisters. Her first husband was Louis Augustine Murnane, grandfather of Brian Murnane. Her daughter Jean Marie Brown is from her second marriage to Ambrose Oliver Brown.

O'Brien, D. A. (Daniel Augustine)

  • AU NLA 35902006
  • Person
  • 1882-1965

O'Brien was an explorer and historian. From 1941-1965 he was the Honorary Director and General Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland.

Rothwell's of Brisbane

  • AU QU
  • Corporate body
  • 1909 - 1987

Rothwell's was a menswear store and tailoring service that promoted itself as regalia makers.

Murnane, Brian, 1953 -

  • AU QU
  • Person
  • 1953 -

Brian Murnane is the great nephew of Father Edward Leo Hayes. He is the grandson of Father Hayes' sister, Mary.

Taylor family

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  • Family
  • 1851-1943?

Taylor Family members: William Taylor, married Sarah Moore on 11 November 1851 in Leicester, England. Sarah Taylor, born in 1832? and died on 7 July 1905 at "Glencore", Merival Street, South Brisbane. William Taylor (born ca. 1839) was a school teacher at Belmont, Queensland. He died on 27 August 1910, and resided at Christie Street off Vulture Street, buried at Toowong Cemetery. William and Sarah Taylor arrived in Brisbane, Queensland on 22 February 1875.

Their children were all born in Leicester, England:
William (1851-1874);
Mark (1852 to 24 June 1917, died at Brisbane, married Ellen Wetherage James on 14 May 1877 in Brisbane, had a son Harold Vernon Taylor);
William (1856 to ?);
James (1858 to 1893);
John (1859 to 20 October 1902);
Mary (1861 to 24 July 1921, married 9 July 1878 at Pimpama);
Thomas (born ca. 1863, died on 10 Jun 1911 in Queensland);
Margaret (ca. 1866 - 1943, in 1887 married Robert Hamilton Gillies at Brisbane, had a son Robert Taylor Gillies on 18 January 1889;
Catherine (ca. 1868, died 10 June 1913 at Brisbane, married Alfred Wheeler);
Paul (born ca. 1870, died 28 August 1875 at Brisbane);
Wilberforce Lauterer Oldfield (1873-1943, joined the Australian Imperial Force at age 43 on 27 September 1916, died 30 March 1943).

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