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4BW (Radio station : Brisbane, Qld.)

  • Corporate body

4BW (Radio station : Brisbane, Qld) (1975-).
Objectives - To establish a Women's Access Radio Station in Brisbane.
Publicists - Sue Alton, Barbara Bowers, Marie Cuvet, Win Egan, Margaret Evans, Val French, Pam Gorring, Gaby Horan, Prima McLellan, Liz Passmore, Janine Walker.
Note: Formed largely by Women's Electoral Lobby. The initial application for an AM license failed but Radio 4BW broadcasts through Radio 4EB. A further license application is expected.

4ZZZ (Radio Station : Brisbane, Qld.)

  • Corporate body

4ZZZ (1975-).
4ZZ began transmission on 8th December 1975 as the first FM community broadcaster in Brisbane transmitting in stereo it later bacame 4ZZZ because of government legislation.
On 14 December 1988, 4ZZZ was taken off air and forcibly evicted from its University of Queensland premises by the then UQ Union ALSF and Young Nationals student union executive. While university students rallied to support the station, 4ZZZ moved to alternative premises on Coronation Drive in the suburb of Toowong. In 1992 the station moved premises to the former Communist Party Headquarters on St Paul's Terrace, Fortitude Valley. 4ZZZ is currently broadcasting from 264 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley.

A Room

  • Corporate body

The "A Room" was a seven-member exhibiting cartel, during a six month period in 1984. During this time, one four week group exhibition and seven three week solo exhibitions were held at 446 George Street, Brisbane, Queensland.

A. & K. Henderson

  • AU NLA 60598055
  • Corporate body
  • 1905-1921

Melbourne-based Anketell Matthew Henderson (1853-1923) began his independent architectural practice in 1878. In 1905 his son, Kingley Anketell Henderson (1883-1942) joined him in partnership forming A. & K. Henderson. In 1921 the firm became A & K Henderson, Alsop & Martin.

A. Sparkes Pty. Ltd.

  • AU QU
  • Corporate body
  • ca. 1880-ca. 1969

A. Sparkes Pty. Ltd. registered as a Joint Stock Company (certificate of registration no 73 of 1922). The company owned Manumbar Station via Kinkombi, Kilkivan from the 1880s; and a number of butcher shops in Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill, and Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley up to the 1960s.


  • Corporate body

ABSCHOL was the Aboriginal Affairs Department of the National Union of Australian University Students. Its activities became wider than its stated objectives especially when the Australian Government began a secondary school scholarships scheme. The national Australian Union of Students (the continuation of N.U.A.U.S.) dropped the name ABSCHOL in favour of "Race Relations Department". The University of Queensland group retained the name ABSCHOL. Its activities emphasized close links with the Brisbane black community. It became inoperative in the late seventies. Since 1981 attempts have been made to revive it.
Objectives - To promote and aid higher education, including secondary, technical and tertiary education, for Aborigines; to inform university students and the community about the problems faced by Aborigines in furthering their education; to give scholarships to eligible students.

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