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Alternative Rhodesia Information Centre

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Alternative Rhodesia Information Centre.
Objectives: Primarily an educational body, with emphasis on sponsoring tours by black African speakers in order to spread the facts about black oppression in Zimbabwe.

Amalgamated Engineering Union (Australia)

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Amalgamated Engineering Union (Australian Section) (1920-1972). Formerly the Amalgamated Society of Engineers (1852-1920). Became the Amalgamated Metal Workers Union (1972-1976).
Objectives - The control of industry in the interest of the community; the organization of all eligible workers and the amalgamation of all unions in the industry to obtain just hours, wages and conditions; the settling of disputes between members and employees by collective bargaining and agreement, withdrawal of labor or otherwise; the provision of benefits to members; the issuing of publications to further the objects of the Union and of unionism; the extension of co-operative production to assist in altering the competitive system of industry for a co-operative system; the combination with other associations in the interests of labor and unionism and any other purpose or participation to further those interests. The Amalgamated Society of Engineers was part of an international union, as was the Amalgamated Engineering Union until 1968 when, as a prelude to eventual amalgamation with two other metal unions in 1972, it severed its links with the parent British union.

Alliance for the Defence of Academic Freedom

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Alliance for the Defence of Academic Freedom (1969-1971).
Objectives - To unite all individuals and groups subscribing to the principle of academic freedom in a vocal and intelligent manner against the forces of irrationality and violence.

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