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4BW (Radio station : Brisbane, Qld.)

  • Corporate body

4BW (Radio station : Brisbane, Qld) (1975-).
Objectives - To establish a Women's Access Radio Station in Brisbane.
Publicists - Sue Alton, Barbara Bowers, Marie Cuvet, Win Egan, Margaret Evans, Val French, Pam Gorring, Gaby Horan, Prima McLellan, Liz Passmore, Janine Walker.
Note: Formed largely by Women's Electoral Lobby. The initial application for an AM license failed but Radio 4BW broadcasts through Radio 4EB. A further license application is expected.

Abortion Law Reform Association (Qld.)

  • Corporate body

Abortion Law Reform Association (Qld)) (1971-1972). Became Children by Choice Association.
Objectives - To reform laws which make abortion a criminal offence; to establish family planning clinics; to liberalise provisions regarding contraceptives.
Publicists - Liz Pasmore, Meridyth Sauer, Trevor Sauer.
Notes: The Association was formed as a result of public meetings held by the Humanist Society of Queensland (at the instigation of the New South Wales Abortion Law Reform Association). An initial meeting in November 1970 led to the inauguration of the Association in April 1971.

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